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  1. Hi! I'm winging it here. I'm pretty sure someone with George's expertise can put it together properly, but I came up with some ideas and know the wordings need to be changed etc .... I just want something to emphasize always looking ones best (hair, makeup, nails, well groomed, and presentable always) because first impressions matter and self love is the key. That can be another one . "I love myself so much. I am always well groomed and looking neat". Well something like that. I'm just brainstorming here to help with some new ideas. LOL. Also it doesn't have to be called D
  2. Hi could you create some type of subliminal that will help attract the perfect musicians/bandmates with the same artistic goals and genre tastes. It is so hard meeting and connecting to people and finding people who take things seriously, that are truly dedicated and you can actually get along with. Thank you!
  3. Could you make a video for waist training ? To be consistent, motivated, and disciplined in using a corset or any type of vest, ab belt, and any other names there are for it out there. They are so uncomfortable, but the truth is they seem to work and help reduce belly fat and help mold the waist and abdomen to create and help maintain a smaller mid section and create the "perfect hour glass body". Thanks!
  4. Hi can we get an upgraded version for drinking water? I just found the water power subliminal and read the affirmations. I think it needs some more emphasis. Thank you for your attention!
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