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  1. it works for initial attraction, they will come to you etc but what you'll do afterwards is another story
  2. i wonder if con-artists & scammers use this one...and what are the indicators to know that the recipient/victim is ready for manipulation....hmmm
  3. good job george! really love this one...goosebumps !
  4. Regarding Paypal: i wanted to get paid via paypal too but i live in one of those countries listed → Can I get paid via PayPal? No If you live in: The United Kingdom The United States Canada Australia The answer is NO. You can only be paid via direct deposit. Yes If you live outside of the countries above, yes. You can only be paid out via PayPal. Can I be paid via Payoneer instead? No. Wire transfer?
  5. hey doodes, Manifest Women makes things easier! but don't get caught up in one single girl... i think that's the problem, when you are fixated with just one girl...the truth is girls will drop you like a hot potato if they feel that she's your only source of happiness. I used to do well with girls & had high quality women who treated me like a king. interesting fact though is all of them were Europeans, one Italian, One German and a very sweet Danish girl however things changed after having a toxic relationship with this Irish girl and cohabiting with her for al
  6. cool yes i understand. I think i just hold back for taking the plunge for closing if i feel that she's not head over heels about me. i don't know why...possibly fear of rejection or fear of not being smothered and having to to do most of the work. (i had good girls back then) but hey i bought your Manifest Women a couple of months back and it does wonders every time i use it even just for one day (girls are checking me out & smiling at me more) . I feel that i gotta have to try using it more frequently for consecutive days to improve my risk-taking be
  7. if you can give an example in a dialog form that would be awesome.. cheers
  8. hey George! can you please give a hypothetical example for Step 6 & 7? I couldn't seem to grasp it. what is the anchor? how would i use it in the conversation? and how do then I transfer it to self point? is Self-pointing a gesture in which you use you position your hands to your chest? sorry i just can't picture or imagine exactly what's going on in step 6 & 7... thank you so much in advance
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