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  1. Hi, Hopefully this is the right section to post this in but if not please let me know! (Great article above by the way!) I am a student at university who changed courses and it was a terrible decision because I thought it would give me more employment options. Not only am I performing significantly poorer at my new course, but the other students are really bitchy whereas the other class was lovely. It will significantly impact my time at university. I have tried to persuade the head of department to let me change back but to no avail. I'm a gifted student and am willing to sit all essays and exams retro-actively (and if I fail then they don't have to let me back onto that course). I understand why they don't want to do this as it sets a bad precedent for other students, but I really need them to make an exception in my case as I've been suicidal about leaving such a great group of people for such a ***** one and it will affect the next 3 years of my life. Any techniques/tricks? Thanks so much!
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