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    My journey towards making 100K a month | Journal

    Hey marvelous, well I noticed that when I listen to the 100K a month subliminal I hear about many contest, usually on the radio. You be surprised how much money radio stations give away per week. Sometimes its 500, 1000, and even concert tickets. But I never call in though. One day I will. Well recently I saw on social about a dream job to travel and make 10K a month, and it seems legit. Let's see what happens I notice that the 100K subliminal does bring more ideas of wealth.
  2. So this is my journey towards making 100k a month. Although I'm definitely not there yet, I'm happy that I found this site through youtube, and I wish to bring you all along my journey. So let's get it started. I'll be telling you all my experiences with all of the subliminals. Week of (Oct 22-30) 2017 Lotto Subliminal Money magnet - Attract riches and prosperity. 100K - a month subliminal After a week of listening to the lottery subliminal, I played the lotto on my birthday, and surprisingly my numbers came really close. I didn't win, but I'm really excited w/ my results, because I've never gotten that close with picking numbers. That''s another goal of mines. Here's my process, so every night I visualized my number's being picked on tv over and over, until I felt good about my visualization, and carried that feeling throughout my day. After a week of listening to money magnet attract riches and prosperity, I notice more luxury cars all around me. I see Mercedes, BMW'S, lambhorginis, and other high priced vehicle's that are stunning to see. Attract Elite women - Nothing to report. November 2 , 2017 I went to a dealership and I got a chance to look at some really nice cars. I never knew how nice Lexus dealerships were. I felt like I belonged there for some reason, and it felt great. I will keep you all updated.