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  1. I listen to audios about relationship but the audios related to activating kundalini also open that channel, that sensitivity in me, I think the senses become so intense that those of us who are sensitive capture these paranormal presences, lately it does not happen to me often but when it has happened if I feel very strong energy.
  2. Hi, can I hear every audio referring to the chakras in the same way I hear other subliminals before sleeping ??? for example the third eye chakra already lying down before sleep, I do not know if these audios are in theta ?? thanks
  3. hi! did you talk about spiritual encounters?? something very curious happens to me at night, in my room suddenly to sleep, I hear some audio, someone claps! I feel presence, or I move my body to wake up ... I do not know if the subliminal slabs open some channel or dimension that makes us more perceptive to those situations, what is it that is cut with what I tell you? I do not feel scared, quite rich and if I have not seen myself in my room ... once I felt like he sat on the edge of my bed and just watched me.... It could be? or is my crazy mind?, i need to know if someone has gone thro
  4. Of course it's not placebo ... it's a fact that things happen to me until the same day I start listening to the audio, BUT, if you do not trust what you hear and the affirmations nothing will happen, try and visualize
  5. thanks let me know if some tip work for you
  6. Yes, I will try to focus thanks!
  7. Hi, I started listening to the subliminal "Raining Men" less than a week ago ... Can someone tell me if it's just to find sexual partners ??? I am a woman who equal and call attention to my stature, the way I fix, like and not beautiful but I am striking .... but these days listening to the audio usually two hours a day, one when working and the other time when sleeping ... but today it was very surprising what is happening ... It's 6:00 pm and there are already three proposals, one from a friend who wants to spend a weekend with me maybe just like friends but the proposal soudns rare... ,
  8. ok, here I go, I'm new to subliminal audios, but I like them and now I think it's hard for me to get to sleep if I do not lull an audio of this type ... Audio exboyfriendback definitely works, revived peronajes of which I no longer remembered their existence, and not only boyfriends also suitors of some time in my life .. People from the past returned that you mean? is this real?? to be exact 5 people, I repeat not all were boyfriends were only candidates to be boyfriends .... the person for whom I decided to start hearing the subliminal did not show signs of life, even with everything and
  9. Last night I heard the audio for the first time the exboy friend back subliminal..... and to my surprise today when I awoke I received a call from my ex-husband ... we lately have very little communication, except to send me a joke ...... And he told me I'll call you later and the truth surprises me the speed in reactions of people like the one that was important for me ..Maybe I expected some reaction from some ex but he was like omg I´ll continue whit results soon
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