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  1. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!! Happy Belated, George!! May your new year bring you blessings beyond!! In my defense, you missed my birthday, too, yeah... I am older than you, by perhaps a few years But it's cool that we share the day, that is if you were born on the 16th of September...
  2. P.S. EVERYTHING is sentient, isn't that just the COOLEST THING EVER!?!?!! :D
  3. I exist because I AM. I BE. As to why I am here on this planet, at this time, I feel that I do have a purpose. Am I fooling myself?? I have no idea, only the 'future' will show me. But I can say that when I was a wee small girl (a long, long time ago I knew that I was born here and now for a Higher Purpose. Back then I called it "on a mission for God", now I realize that it is more truthful to say "I AM here to assist in the raising of a planet and all thereon into a Higher Frequency, freeing all from this crazy prison it has become". Or, words to that intent. Do I get frustrated an
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