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  1. Some tracks I listen to have too much activity going on and it is hard to sleep while listening to it. What are your favorites that are still easy to listen to for light sleepers?
  2. Cool thanks. I saw lanos experience above. For you, any particularly interesting experiences either in the way you feel or how women are responding to you, or the way you are acting/speaking?
  3. I tried to contact George about this but have not heard back: Is it ok to listen to the subliminals while you are doing work (for example: computer programming)? Or should you be laying down with no distractions whatsoever (in the same manner you would if you were doing conscious hypnosis tracks)?
  4. Do you have a link to this one? Is there a free version of it?
  5. When I go to the mindpersuasion site I see a large list of subliminal audios. Where are the videos? Are they at cost or free? Are they subliminal?
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