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  1. I have stumbled into that MindPersuasion subliminal affirmations mp3 and I said to myself: hmmm, this is something that I could improve. So I wrote down on my to do list: Add this mp3 into my mobile phone playlist. I feel silly to confess but the task did remain on my list for a whole week before I actually take care of it. Needless to say that I need to listen it once in a while... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2BJPbcuV5I
  2. btw, that reminds me Speed Seduction. I did find the concept really interesting but I have never been able to integrate the skill to actually use it naturally. If you stop a woman in a grocery to start telling a story with hypnotic language to practice this craft and you are not well calibrated, it has the potential to make you look like a weirdo. It is probably more appropriate to use for later during a date... but I'm speculating about what the product is about... Long time ago, I started reading The Structure of Magic II and I got stuck at the very begining when the authors give t
  3. Very nice product cover! I like it very much. I consider myself a prospect of this new product as I have been introduced to George's work through Manifest Women program. Here is a question that I have regarding this new program. What does it bring on top of the already excellent program Manifest Women program which promise to make you be able to seduce almost any woman you want? I need to confess that I haven't reached that level of mastery despite having experienced massive positive change in my results so I would be interested in this new product if this question is answe
  4. Quick question about this one. Can it speed up and amplify the results obtained from all your other products?
  5. ok. That is what I thought and I bought the full system even before receiving the answer Something that I love and I recommend anyone doing the experiment if you have doubts that the subliminals work. When I bought the system, it was really late so I had not really time to start reading the manual. So I just started the play the 256 voices tracks and I went to bed. Now understand this: If you have never listened to the 256 voices track, you cannot consciously understand a word of what is said. So the morning after. I had no idea what affirmations that I have exposed my subcons
  6. oh btw, here is a pic of me with a big Internet celebrity that I met at my summit!
  7. thank you for your recommendation George. I'm currently looking at its Amazon page. How does the book relates with the program of the same name? Is it an introductionary subset or does both products complement each other well?
  8. The summit starting this friday at San Diego will be full of potential affiliates for my business. Beside having a good time and learning from the speakers talk, which MindPersuasion product should I look next to optimise my business success? I currently have Manifest Women and reading Frame Control...
  9. I'm assuming that you are listening the 256V versions. Here is what I do. First, I use VLC player. This is a great free open source multimedia player. You can create a playlist, create a loop and have enough tracks to keep your subconscious mind busy all night. So I launch my playlist. I first start the listening with my headphones for some time. I cannot tell how long, I just drift but at some point, I feel the urge to remove the headphones. I unplug them and continue my listening on the speakers while I sleep. I cannot tell where I saw George say it but he says that it is ok to
  10. I just bought George excellent book Frame control on Amazon at $2.95. This gives a totally new light to the Manifest Women Frame Domination audio track...
  11. Athena, that is very interesting insight. Yes this is what they teach women but imho, this is a HUGE mistake. I know no man that wouldn't like a girl even more (wow I just reread and that looks like a weird double negation. I hope it is clear...) after having first night sex with an awesome girl. In fact, I think that in order to have a passionate relation, it NEEDS to start passionately. Upholding sex for months, I think this is unnatural and usually leads to disappointment as the woman doing it has artificially increased her value but the balloon will burst any moment. In
  12. This is so beautifully said that I think I will need to relisten the tracks again later today! Thx for sharing your amazing insight
  13. This one as the product name suggest is more a guided hypnosis session than a subliminal affirmations programming. That thing is very effective. First of all, at the first listening, I have totally zoned out when George first count from 1 to 5 to go into a deep trance state to only get out of it only when he counts back from 1 to 5 to exit from that state. This was not my first recorded hypnosis product but it is actually the first one succeeding to hypnose me. This is quite a feat because something that the hypnotist hasn't with a recording, it is the patient state feedback. After
  14. I listen 4VGs tracks while driving or about any time when I can set myself into a bubble with a pair of earbuds. I also listen to the 256 voices track at bedtime. Very rarely, I have 10 minutes free to relax and listen to the 4VT tracks. I'm already experiencing plenty of positive changes in my life so I know the programming is working. Should I continue as is or would it be preferable that I force myself schedule 10 minutes breaks to listen to the 4VT tracks as well? P.S.: AbundanceOfWomen,FrameControl,WomenSeduceYou (Manifest Women) + Instant Alpha Hypnosis = very Interesting
  15. That is very nice to know that pure subs files can be mixed with any music. I use music to pump my state of mind. It seems to me that very positive and very energetic state of mind + subs mix may do outstanding results!
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