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  1. - Lost 100 bucks. Haha. This was, though, not from a stock investment. It was from educational material. Beware the guys out there that sell educational material and financial advise in general. There are tons of frauds out there. - Also spent another 150 bucks on educational material that did not appeal to me. I suppose I need to look harder for my own niche, as conventional forms of trading won't appeal to me. At least this guy isn't a fraud. Gotta slow down and not jump into things. But Light, Did ya not look at the reviews? Oh, I did. I checked out 5 different sites and he had GREAT REVIEWS! So what's going on? Affiliate Marketing. Through this scheme, people will rave on and on about your products and publish new sites, create new articles, etc. to sell a product that they have never tested. In short, the Con Artist has bought all the reviews and you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to be judge. If you want real reviews, you will have to dig deep. So buyer beware. Even the ones that present themselves as celebrities have tons of loopholes. TONS. Finding good advice for investing - be it bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. does not come by easy. It's good that I haven't lost much more. Lessons learned.
  2. It is very common to visualize success in personal dev. circles, but visualizing the causes of failure? Not so much. Your days will fly by, and you will make progress, perhaps, but not as much as progress as you could have after doing this exercise.Life essentially comes down to habit, done day in and day out. What habits are holding you back? Sit down, breathe deeply, focus on that question: What habits do I have now that can cause failure? Visualize yourself FAILING. YOU HAVE FAILED. YOU DID NOT MAKE IT. Why? Why did this happen? When you do so, your subconscious will automatically present you with visuals, imagery, of everything that you need to change about yourself in order to lead you towards surefire success. This is a very helpful exercise. Even if you are aware of the things that are holding you back at present, chances are... you haven't made the changes. Over time, this can lead to disaster. Once you know what's holding you back, eliminate all that you can... and if they have got to stay, be well aware of your own weaknesses, and adjust your goals accordingly. - Light
  3. Investing and IA - Alright, so far I have signed up for 3 different stock education types. How legitimate are they, I'll figure it out later. 150 dollars invested into this so far. - I have somewhat of a plot for the book, and am gathering up imagery. This is fun as it means browsing a whole lot of great pictures, but I have my keyboard ready for the right ones. - I have also started to look into Real Estate/Land as a source of investment. Not too deep into it, but will take a look. Entrepreneurial Thoughts - It bothers me that there is no outdoor fitness place. WHY NOT? Listen, at the end of the day, the toughest men in our nation are the Marines, or the NAVY Seals. How often are these men in air conditioned lifting rooms? Not very often. This is a thought down the line - to build a fitness Mecca outdoors. Crossfit is the only one who has legitimately pulled this through, but they cost 120 bucks a month, and it's surprising they have as many subscribers as they do. - Who supplies these fitness centers with whole healthy food? I am certain "raw organic farms" would rake in some serious $$$. Bullseye/Psychic Sense Training - The problem with Psychics is there is no system that gets you genuine results. For a Psychic to be great, the Psychic has to be BULLSEYE. For the Psychic to be bullseye, the Psychic has to be precise and accurate. So I am working on devicing one that consistently gets me results. To be a great investor, you have, to some degree, have that "knowing". This "knowing", and getting it down to a very precise and accurate art is what makes a great Investor. Accuracy + Precision = BULLSEYE. I am turning myself into a superhero (or Anti-Hero, or SuperVillain), if you will. Catch y'all later - Light.
  4. Me: It's fine. I think I can make 6 figures side money off the Stock Market. Mom: Haha. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Brother: Lol, look at this jokester. See now, I actually have my competitive spirit very much alive. You throw an open challenge and laugh at me like this, I will do everything in my power to prove you wrong. So here goes. I now plan on making at the very least in the millions out of the Stock Market. That's at least 10x times more than I spoke of, and it should shut them up permanently. Now making money isn't just about making money for me. I would like to purchase some land and start my own Business, but I will need to save up a fair amount for my entrepreneurial ventures - both for and nonprofit. That, and I have always had the dream of launching my Author Brand and being a worldwide bestseller. I might scavenge for and find additional sources of income as I go along. So, here goes my to do list. - Train Psychic Senses to Predict Stock Market with BULLSEYE accuracy and precision. - Sign up for Stock Market Education. I will scavenge out the legitimate guys from the frauds here. - Look into future possible Entrepreneurial Ventures even as I dive into the Stock Market. - Social Media Presence. I will have to establish my Brand Name bit by bit, so looking forward to this. Might need a very specific strategy. For now, I'll sign up to the major social media sites. The more people that know you, the wealthier you are. - Start Writing. If I can write 1000 words a day, I will have a novel in 2-3 months. If i can make that 2000... I will have it done very fast. - I am using Novel Writing also as a way to train intelligence as well, so my hobby now has an added benefit. George Hutton's IA program had an easy way to train your intelligence. Pick an image, and describe it with as much detail as possible. The better you get, the more your intelligence grows. Now I am a fan of the Horror/Psycho Thriller genre, so I suppose my insights will be interesting as I write along. Ha. 1 image per chapter, most likely. Max 2. Feel free to post any questions/comments etc. Until next time - Light.
  5. Learn Dancing. Maybe it's costing you an extra 30 bucks a month, or 40 to learn dancing and go to dance classes weekly. It doesn't matter. Trust me on one thing. The moment you say you're into Dancing, women will LOVE IT. You can literally just take the girl by the hand to the dance floor and she'll love it. Women at my work space find me interesting only because I mentioned this. "OH, THIS IS SO MUCH FUN" will be the girl's response, and a halfway decent dancer can get away with everything. You don't have to be an expert, you just need a couple moves up your belt and the woman is yours. What's more, you'll have others naturally curious about you. Makes your dating life a whole lot easier. Dancing is one of those KEY traits that every woman desires in a man. In addition to this, during hte dance process you'll learn the Art of "Letting Go', which men find so difficult to master. This is one hobby you got to have if you're serious about getting good with women. Now go dance away - Light.
  6. Sure. Inigo Swann was said to have run into one while grocery shopping. All kinds of otherworldly beings exist, including Reptilians, but human beings have the ability to protect themselves from these creatures. It's only the Government that fears these things due to their own lack of spiritual/psychic prowess. You or anyone that's been around these corners should've come across the knowledge on how to protect yourself.
  7. I feel the one mistake these types of sites make is assuming humans are computers in any way shape or form. These are merely machines that human beings built for convenience. Human Beings are Magicians, more creators. They create worlds at will. My understanding still is that the newborn child is perfect. And from there society starts compiling poop into the newborn's intelligence. I guess I am asking the question that all society just sort of assumes to be true - would a newborn child raised in the forests and wilds eventually turn into a human being with low level intelligence? I am questioning the basic premise. How is that possible? If society is the one who programs it, then a child raised with no programming would have supreme potential! Food for thought.
  8. Man I feel you. Life just piles up on you sometimes. I know I will make it, but there's highs and lows, and I am on a low now too. I'll probably start my journal soon enough on finances.
  9. Got a boring life? Want to figure it all out? Need a book to tell you about it? Here it is! Level up your life! This is what I'd call a personal development classic. I read this and was almost instantly rejuvenated. This book has outlined how a nerd gamer went from being addicted to a Computer Game to leading an awesome adventurous lifestyle. It's written by the founder of NerdFitness.com, and it's amazing. There isn't necessarily anything new offered in this book, but the way he has put together all personal development material in one book is brilliant. He used to be a gamer and he's written this book in that format. I.e. Life is a game, you're the Hero, and now we're taking over. I would recommend this to just about any guy on his lifestyle development journey. So 5 Stars from me. Great Work. One of this dude's goal is to make NerdFitness.com a 100 Million Dollar company, and I sincerely hope he makes it.
  10. What you're looking for is just the self-control part, not actually destroying the feeling. The Sacral Chakra also gives you a whole lot of energy. All you need to do is keep it in check through Willpower, not destroy or repress it. I'd be careful with the wording of your affirmations.
  11. What exactly is Love Power? New product?
  12. Girls will help you. This is a new concept to many. But seriously, you don't have to have it all figured out.So long as you're there, and you have the intention, they'll help you out. Trust them with it. They'll tell you how it is they have fun. They'll take you clubbing. They'll hook you up with their cute friends (or hit on you themselves).They'll help you out with everything. Guys, Get this: If women sense that you love women and that you are trustworthy, they'll go out of their way to help you out. It's like living in a different reality. Where men and women are friends in this game of attraction. Don't be afraid of the "friend zone" nonsense, because women want to help you get good at this. It's in their best interest if all men turn into their DREAM MAN. Mind = Blown. We are not at war, but we're doing this together. Do not, and I repeat, do not be afraid of having female friends. The friend zone only exists for men that aren't willing to change, and aren't willing to develop themselves. You are not one of them. Have a nice day
  13. Curious - how are you paying the bills/supporting yourself with inconsistent income, or are you living with your family?
  14. The one thing that's come to me for guys that want to get the top women, the women that have a lot more to them than just going to some nightclub venue, is your geographic space. On this entire map, where are you? Where is your day to day life going? If your goal is to meet an attractive AND wealthy woman, are you in the geographic area to do so? Do you have the same sorts of hobbies, activities, etc. to accomplish your mission? Let's say in your day to day life you go to a Gym, head to work, come back, watch TV, go to the gym, hang out with your buds. Is that enough to meet the women of your dreams? What do you gotta change in your daily activities to be there? Now if you're say, close to Los Angeles, you have your geographic space down. If you're in the middle of the Arizona desert, you might have to look into moving around to achieve your ends. Where you go in your daily life is vital to attractive high quality women. And that doesn't apply just for women - it also applies for the people you run into. Your chances of success are just that much higher if you just happen to bump into an executive, a famed writer, etc. down the street rather than your average 9-5er whose happy with his basics. If you want to meet the next Natalie Portman, you have to figure out a way to be where you'd find this type of girl. Hope y'all had a great new year. I had a surefire blast visiting my hometown in India. Now, back to Los Angles, set to conquer the planet. - Light.
  15. Light

    A free world.

    I will play the Divine here. "Okay, son, you have good intentions. Now get to work!" At the end of the day, the CEO of Monsanto has put in countless hours to ruin our beautiful planet. It;s only once we put in the work can we even dream of saving it.
  16. I figured out the issue. it's the image problem. Essentially what happens is your subconscious clings to an identity. For example, if I am influential I cannot be a CEO because this is attributed to salesmen or CIA operatives, so in that manner it limits your intelligence. However, the issue if you're into personal development, is that we all have to take care of all areas of our lives and build a persona that can take care of it all and not just our sales skill. So it is permanent. However, when people switch around hypnosis tracks, the subconscious is unable to build a unified coherent self image around that, which in turn creates this impermanence.
  17. So too often once you get into LoA or Hypntherapy or any of these create your dream reality things. There's usually the question DO I JUST LET GO. DO I SURRENDER. OR DO I CONQUER. I have an easy solution. Se your perfect dream reality, and the universe will answer. Your life will slowly begin changing. HOWEVER, you will not have your dream life if your personality has changed. So have both .You will need to have the mentality of the conqueror AND you will have to set the intention to receive from the universe. It is the principle of two trains colliding. What happens? BOOM. EXPLOSION. DEATH. YOU HAVE DIED. THE OLD YOU IS GONE. BIG. BANG. And there you have it, your new reality is here in a BANG. Isn't the world just beautiful? It really is. Have a nice day.
  18. Light

    know thy self.

    It most likely won't, as technology is somewhat limited. The best conclusions typically come without it, on your own. At most you would use the computer to run a certain sound, such as AUM, but that's about it. The main issue being the vibration of the speaker impacts you a little too much. As it's not literally an angel speaking through the video, it won't do you as much good in terms of far insight.
  19. So what does a guy want out of women, anyway? Sex is a bit low. Obviously it's a part of a relationship, but really, life isn't interesting if it were JUST THAT. You'd need more. Obviously, this doesn't make sense to your average Youtube drone commenter (no offense to anyone reading this, I was there once), but that's that. I think I want a story. Like if I got married and looked back at my lovers, they will look like characters from a storyline. All fascinating in their own ways. So I am not exactly targeting models, because I need a little intelligence.. or at the very least I need the woman to have a passion or some sort of ambition in life. Something higher she lives for. This makes her interesting. Otherwise, model types with no brains are a dime a dozen. Really, though, from women - MAKE MY LOVE LIFE INTERESTING. DO NOT BORE ME. And that's that. I will have to decide where I go, because it's not really me as much anymore. I need to know the right types of women, so I doubt I'll be targeting bars. We'll see. Maybe I'll add a couple hobbies that are more feminine, like dance. Meeting the right kinds of women is important to me.
  20. I will chronicle everything down here. This is both for me to learn more about the opposite sex and enjoy myself in the process. Oh, and to be more attractive than Gerardo. The only rule I have is this: I will leave every woman happy and fulfilled when she's with me. There will be not a single woman who complaints because she was dating me or had something going with me. In this way, I am not collecting any bad karma. If this makes me less effective, than so be it. And of course, I will report everything down, even my fails, so that all of you learn from my experiences. The intent here is to live every single dream I have ever had regarding women. Period. Only in this manner will I have lived a full love life. Right now I am killing all fear with women. Expressing my true self fully. Thank You. Both men and women are free to comment.
  21. I might create one myself. Actually... let's compete. Edit: Posted my own. Now, let's fight brotha.
  22. Now, to preface this. There is no such thing as an unattractive woman, because unattractive women are simply those that have been programmed to believe in this. So do not label me things because of this title. I love women. I am only helping my brothers out. I have noticed this a lot on the forums, so felt it necessary to share my experience running the handsome hypnosis a long time back. The only women that will come to you in this state will be unhealthy, old, highly highly insecure, etc. These types will always be women that you will not want to date. Why is this so? Because people naturally gravitate towards what it is they lack in their lives. If that is beauty, then so be it. In this state, then, you will only attractive women that believe they are not beautiful and crave this in their lives. It would be like the fantasy of the woman who writes 50 shades of grey - would you want to date a woman like that? THE WAY YOU LOOK RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE SO MONEY. Women are overwhelmingly attracted to your personality and the collective emotions they feel when they're around you. Work primarily on this, your communication style, how you dress, etc. Now, there is nothing wrong with being handsome, but if you're doing this for women... it's completely unnecessary. You do not have to look like a male supermodel whatsoever. Be enjoyable to be around and you'll get them naturally.
  23. Light

    know thy self.

    I have been to other forums where they speak of different realms of beings. The Sanctuary of Kin might enlighten you on these things. But there are worlds that look completely fantasy-like. This would mean there is no such thing as fiction. Even a fiction author is LITERALLY channeling stories from other realms that actually do exist on the etheric planes of being. At present, I am trying to figure out how these types of realms materialize into reality. Objects, buildings, even races and species of beings. The biggest possibility. the largest grandest possibility I have realized is that everything that we have dreamt about can actually be real. This is what you are creators generally means. If there is a God, then we as God's children would have Goldy abilities. I started the Society of Co-creation for that purpose, even if Skye's been busy lately. Through collective thought, we can literally materialize into reality these realms that seem entirely fictional. OBJECTS, BUILDINGS. SPECIES> RACES. THEY COULD ALL BE ON THIS PLANET. ALL THAT WE HAVE DREAMT OF IN SUPERPOWER WIKIS. I would like further knowledge of this materialization. I know sound has a lot to do with it. But how does sound create these types of situations is the big question. Can I release sound waves with that intent to create these situations and conditions? I do not understand what multidimensionality is. Can you expand on this further? I know we have multidimensional personalities, but what does it mean to lead a multidimensional existence precisely?
  24. Light

    know thy self.

    The Creation myths are fairly accurate. It's just written often in riddles and poetry.
  25. Light

    know thy self.

    400,000 seems off. It's been 2500 years at most since the occultists banded together to create programming. Before that there was paradise.
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