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  1. I've been there. The temptation is this: Well, there's this new thing that can get me everything I want! So If I listen to 10000 bucks an hour, even if I fall short, I will be making a lot! I can escape the system! Beat the system even! Once people start the process, this is the way of thinking. Eventually it evolves to a more rational understanding of things: Well, I CAN make money, yes. But it'd mean I am putting all nighters in, I am putting a whole lot of work, The understanding that Warren Buffet earned 99% of his wealth after the age of 50!, etc. Once people realize this, all they do is get to work. Generally the best sort of hypnosis is motivating you daily, and re-affirming that this is an adventure, a journey, and that you'll have to keep at it to attain your dream life. It all comes down to putting in work, day in, day out, and enjoying the journey.
  2. Gotta hand it to you. You got some balls to live through all of this and make it. #Respect
  3. From what I've read even after trained extremely well, it's said to be right about 75% of the time, so I wouldn't beat up myself if you were off the mark every now and then. Edit: Also, sometimes, what you're counting as intuition is merely logical action. For example, if you're not meeting enough women, you decide to join a dance club, etc.
  4. I'll list my viewpoint here as I put a lot of work into Intuition earlier this year. The largest problem with intuition is, there's no system. You can't device a system out of a "knowing", so to speak. I would invest in the Stock Market, but I would always use intuition as the last weapon and not the first one. The system or model or indicators I would see were far more reliable than Intuition. On the other hand, I vividly remember playing a basketball game not too long ago, and out of nowhere, I knew going to this one spot to shoot it would be "just right". Last shot of the game, high pressure, and swish, I nailed it. Notice that I didn't typically shoot from that spot before, so it's not a habit. How did I know? So this is the strength of intuition, and its weakness as well. It operates as an invisible knowing inside your head, and this knowing is more of an X factor on your side rather than the system itself. So with the basketball analogy, I would build my basketball game around good reliable moves, and every once in a while listen to that voice in my head, rather than rolling with intuition all the time. My fundamentals, the way I play, etc. is the system. The way that something extra happens (the epic flashy pass, the WOAH game winning play, etc. ) in the flow is intuition.
  5. I can tell you're a lot better as a public speaker, now. There's an entirely different vibe about you. I'd also suggest you straight up take live videos if you can, just you walking around or out in nature, etc. Face to face builds more personal connection.
  6. You went all the way? Serious props. What did you understand about visualizing?
  7. The only way you prove that theory is right or wrong is, yourself. You have an impossible dream, and you shoot in that direction like it's possible. I am Batman. That's my dream. or Whatever your impossible dream is. Like Elon Musk went - "Eh, I don't think we should leave it up to the Gov to figure out Mars. I will start a company to create settlements on Mars " You get the idea. I really like this theory, but not enough people have dared dream the impossible. If you restrict yourself to say, Love and Money (which are two very real needs, no doubt), humanity can't really evolve to this phase as our basic needs aren't even taken care of.
  8. I view it as somewhat of an adventure. I even have a Google Docs page where I have created a point system and I add points daily to various areas of my lie based on good performance/habits/actions - like a personal rating system you would find in a game. So I play basketball, I add 1. I play basketball really well, I add 2. I astound myself in basketball, I add 3. And from this sense I try to get the max out of life. After every achievement, you add significantly more points to your document. You update it daily, it will be pretty eye opening to see how you're improving across the course of a full year even if there are an infinite number of moments where you feel down, frustrated, etc. I wonder if some day I just sort of tune everything up to infinity and say I am not separate from God, Lol.
  9. Profits: $ 2300 Holy shit, life has been hell so far. It's been 3 months, and with the growth pace being so slow, it's been even more hellish. Patience is easy when there's something come in. Right now you're up 2300 dollars in about 3 months, and you find yourself in this situation. Every night is a beatdown. I'm not sleeping much, every other day. I sort of am losing track of time. I can only have faith and stick through with the process. One thing I'll say to those that feel it's going real slow, esp. on the financial end: Don't beat yourself up, it won't help. Just know it'll take time. Every video out there tempts us by showing the end result, but fact is, there's a lot of work, and patience involved. Especially Patience. Imagine an advertisement, where, instead of showing the player making the shot... you simply show the player in the practice arena, missing a thousand shots, because that's what it takes to get there? Pushing through that phase. The phase where clank after clank happens. Alright, that's about it for now - I know something big will happen, even from an ability perspective. I can sense it, but it's yet to be materialized. Rock it out - Light.
  10. ... I suppose you can make LSD inducing waves in your hypno videos from now on.
  11. Thought this through, after a while. Now it seems very obvious. In the past, before the tech era began, we were all parts of this... community. You would say Hi to the shopkeeper, ride bikes, go with your family to picnics, fairs, etc. However, now, that era is gone. You see a girl, and you're forced to deliver a sales pitch to keep her coming back. Back in the day, you would just know the girl by seeing her over and over again as a part of your community. The town or city you lived in would be more than enough to fulfill your love life. Now, we all need to be salesmen. In reality, you're probably just not meeting enough women in your day to day life because society is structured in an entirely different way. You may already be a natural and not realize it, because you have been that out of touch with the opposite sex. The solution? Restructure your life. Dance, Yoga, Psychology, Cooking, Fitness, Music, Concerts - these are all good places to find women. If there aren't any nearby where you live, maybe make your own It doesn't have to be a bar where you are forced to instantly build a sexual connection. You can have this be a lifestyle. Realize this - if everyday, after 5 PM, you end up seeing women as a part of your lifestyle, your skills will naturally improve. Naturally. Don't blame yourself, the times have changed, and we need to adapt. I assure you, instead of setting up a pickup time (you still can, and probably should), if you build a lifestyle around things that women gravitate to anyway, this stuff will end up coming to you a lot faster. So to reiterate, the problem may not be so much modern men themselves - the problem may very well be that technology has taken over. As always, debates and opinions are welcome. Wish y'all a fulfilling life - Light.
  12. I wouldn't worry about God much. If God's planned something for you, it'll be thrown at you on your journey. That's just faith, because that's how God works. Kundalini I abandoned after about 2 months of experimenting. It was too intense for someone leading a mainstream lifestyle. However, I didn't drop Spirit all together. I do still meditate, do my research, etc. Spirit is important for personal development and Kundalini is one (but too intense) of a way of taking care of it. You'll have to look into something else that can work out for you. Seduction gets better with daily practice, essentially. You keep at it daily, you'll develop your own method without ever feeling like a dick, sinful, etc. It's like the Magic Johnson way that Hutton talks about. You can be a good guy and still have pleasure. TL;DR Take up some practice of meditation daily, practice seduction daily, God will take you places and perfect you if that's the plan.
  13. We are music. Yogis invented mantras for this specific reason - Repeat the right mantra and you'd see a desire fulfilled. Be this superpower, money, love, life, or self-realization. A song sung with a very pure and angelic voice can raise everyone's consciousness and usher us into a Golden Era. Essentially mainstream consciousness needs a musical revolution, and from there everything could trickle down the right way.
  14. Reading through your post, I feel at this point you're relying excessively on luck. You can def. make some extra money from tax returns etc. but it's not exactly a good base for financial security. Generally the problem with people relying on LoA is they completely forget it still operates on logical laws. I.e. If you had an additional teaching certification or degree, you would have a higher paying teaching career. Or if you wanted to go elsewhere and pick some other route, you would still need all the training required for it. Chances are your dream career will need you to put in work before you get to a stable level. But if you're not putting in the work and still want as much money as you seem to aspire towards, you'll be relying on the lottery. I'll say right away though. The satisfaction received from putting the work in rightfully having returns later is unmatched. Heck, you'll respect yourself more. I am feeling this through trading stocks and looking into investments daily. It's quite a struggle as I push my psychic skill further and further, but the journey is a whole lot of fun, too and I know once I hit my stride I'll have deserved the money.
  15. Climbing back, slowly but surely. Snail Pace. Currently using a form of Dream Precognition, to retrieve market info from my dream state. In addition to this, keeping on training my psychic ability. It's quite a bit better, but this time the approach is slow and methodical. I am afraid to screw up, but that's likely a good thing as I dive back into it. Writing Finally started my novel. This promises to be fun, as I use Imagery to my advantage. Just another day in the journey. I know I have grown quite a bit Psychically, but it's difficult to straight up measure progress like this. I might've get a part time job to keep me afloat until I get my investments down to a precise art. There's a ton of escapist energy I am fighting through. It's very easy to just get into my car and have a long drive, right about now. It's a fleeting impulse that I imagine I will get through once this weekend is gone and I am fully back into the game.
  16. I thought you'd give me a debate or something. I know you were thinking something
  17. I was just some nerdy guy that got jealous of other guys getting it on with good looking women at my college. So when I found hypnosis it was like a heaven sent. I would just listen to something, and draw up conclusions. After a while I realized how psychological everything really was. The enormous sexual pressure has turned men and women into enemies instead of friends. Nothing good really comes out of any of this. Everyone's fighting through this delusion. - Some women purposely act sexual to increase their value - Some women purposely destroy the sexual boundary in order to increase value - Others purposely act like bitches because that might make them cooler - If a girl is straightforward, she's a slut because of how direct she is. Women don't have it easy at all, but guys can't see this, because - - Guys have to get it on with someone. Pressure too high. - Guys that have been turned down are frustrated. Remember that guy in the news that took out a gun and started shooting women? Yeah, this is how frustrated a LOT of men are today. - Pressure to be Alpha Male causes men to take all kinds of mindbogglingly stupid actions. Oh, and I will say it, and I will say it 10 times over. A man absolutely cannot see clearly if he's driven by sex. I've been there, and I know what it's like. It's impossible to expect this from guys.
  18. Gonna say something crazy, here:. What I've realized is that guys don't want sex in reality It's just a pressure to prove their manliness by screwing a woman. The "desire" for sex is completely psychological In reality, here's the natural process You say Hi/Hello, You get to know someone, if you like 'em, you go for it. Natural process. However, it's turned into You are a guy, you get as much sex as possible. You are a woman, you resist, because that's your role in society. If this pressure didn't exist this wouldn't be an issue at all. Anyway, you'll just have to learn to say no in a way that doesn't cause the guy to lose confidence or get into a self defeating spiral. Write down a statement from the space of your heart to turn down a person. This, and be firm, so that your decision is clear and you can't flip flop (or the guy will keep pushing it).
  19. Profits: 7000 Loss: 7000 Audio: Third Eye Results: ZERO. Whoops. I SCREWED UP. I was up 7k for the year, looking good until BOOM, 3 bad investments in a row wiped me out for the year. That's a good 7 weeks of focus gone to waste, all because I got overconfident after my upward spiral. The ups and downs happen on the journey, so I am glad it came before my positive spiral went too far. Posted this about a week late as I had to overcome the disappointment. Fair bit of Advice to everyone, even if it seems like common sense now: Save up. The moment you make money, put some aside for savings. You could screw up - because any worthwhile journey is like that. When life hits you hard... you gotta have some kinda backup, or you might just end up with NOTHING like me. It takes a lot to make money, but not very long to blow it up. Anyway, obviously I am not giving up. This has just made me a heck of a lot more determined to bounce back, and bounce back good. My biggest challenge right now is balance: Balancing all the psychic ability of the Third Eye with Analysis to make the perfect decisions every damned time.The 6th sense by definition is like a Quantum Leap, a knowing - - the question is how accurate is it? The Analysis, while more accurate, doesn't produce similar results. Therefore, a balance is necessary.
  20. Quick Update: Standing at 2600 dollars up till now from Stock Gains. It's a decent enough start on the journey. Lessons learned: - Generally my Psychic/6th Sense alone isn't enough. This is to be combined with key information. - The good news is knowledge can be gained on the fly, as you go. Everyday you learn something new. Keep updating your knowledge. - The most difficult part is to combine them all into one decision making method that works every time. Analysis and Psychic ability are like the Yin and Yang. Perfectly harmonize them and you have some serious wealth coming your way. . Audio: 3rd Eye. Careful, kids. Light's watching you with that All-Seeing Eye.
  21. Listen, guys. I AM GREAT. I AM AWESOME. I AM SO AMAZING, etc. are all great affirmations, but the real superaffirmation is ITS OKAY IF I SCREW UP. Why? This enables you to take action, and the fear of failure that so bogs us down is once and for all eliminated. 'Cause it's okay to screw up. It's a part of the process. Every other affirmation that makes you feel better might draw looks from other people, but this is where life is really at. You screw up, you learn, you screw up, you learn, and you finally figure it out. Nothing's going to change the fact that you'll screw up somewhere down the line, as it's a part of the natural process. So, allow yourself to screw up. It's the only way you will have the guts to take action and grow in life. Now go conquer the world, by allowing yourself to screw up. - Light.
  22. - Made about 700 bucks through trading so far. It's been a couple weeks and obviously I can't live off of this money, but it's a start. And it's chaos. My first 700. It's worth celebrating. - Have my novel's plot down. Def. going on a writing marathon very soon. This is how I feel right now. Like I am steering a ship through the storm with absolute faith in my own ability and nothing more. It was not too long ago where I read an interesting fact about the Solar Plexus, where your gut is located. This part of your body has 3 times more neurons than your brain itself! Imagine that for a second. This whole time we've been emphasizing maximizing our brains... and yet the part of the body that's the smartest? It's where our gut it. Our self-worth. Self-esteem. Confidence. Willpower. This is worth 3 times more than our brain itself! Next time you doubt your intelligence, know that so long as you have the guts to get through the storm, the journey, you got what it takes. Ships are safe in their harbor, but that's now what they're built for now... are they? Have a nice day - Light.
  23. ... This is pretty funny for some reason. Does this mean I can flip around any girl rejecting me so that she keeps coming back? Haha... I would have a lot of fun with this technique. Is it some kinda product? P.S. This chatroom of yours have a lot of girls? Never tried online dating. Any recommendations?
  24. Be careful with the sex stuff. The moment your penis starts ruling your mind, you begin losing clarity, focus and overall intelligence. You gotta control that with your will or it'll screw you over. Age old wisdom.
  25. Thanks. I needed that. I am having an AHHHHH moment. Not the AHHHHH where you get something, but the AHHHH where holy shit, WHERE IS THIS GOING? I will tell you something, though: Life is at its best this way, you're on the wildest ride of your life - think like from an adventurer's perspective - Scooby Doo, Indiana Jones, I don't care... and if you don't make it, it's over. You're finished. When you face, react to, and get stronger in these types of situations, you can't be beat. You're like an elite, trained, survivor. Life's just like a wild jungle when you take the route of uncertainty. If you make it, you become the King, and your ROAR. You know that Alpha, Omega, whatever it is that guys try their hardest to be - take the route of uncertainty, and that feeling, that sensation, that part of you will rise to the occasion. Here's hopin' y'all become Kings someday - Light.
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