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  1. 5/5 If you're on the path to mastering anything in life at all - this is the book to read. It talks about the entire process, and how enjoyable it can be, from different points of view. Charles Darwin, Einstein, Mozart, etc. are all historical figures deeply examined within this book. If you're on your journey to mastering something and feeling a bit lost - great book to pick up and view things from the eyes of a Master Craftsman.
  2. I wanted to add to Jerry's post. Generally you have your basic needs - Food, Shelter, a Partner. Once these are taken care of, what would you do with your life? This decision comes from a space of pure freedom, so it's best you ask yourself that. For many that's saving the world in whatever way they can. It sounds like humans have high moral values, etc. but in reality every species that we consider to be less evolved engages in communities where everyone plays a part to help each other out and create something beautiful. Find something higher, and you will sustain yourself during the journey. I also suggest that you read Mastery, by Robert Greene.
  3. I think you're asking what sustains the motivation during the journey? Generally, the motivation cannot be those that you have listed. There is something deeper driving them. It can be a very strong emotion, deep inside of you. This is why I posted some Napoleon Hill quotes a couple weeks ago on how important a woman's love was for a man, and how the man performed or produced at a much greater level when that was driving him. The man will do everything he can to impress the woman he loves. When it was just sex, man wasn't nearly as motivated. The perfect example I have is with my part-time job. I needed to make some extra stable money. I switched through a couple jobs, and had many more interviews. Nothing to be rang right, until I decided to join a political campaign. What were they talking about? Well, attempting to push California in the right direction, and being in the middle of all that was exciting for me, personally. Protecting the environment? Lowering taxes? Adding funds to the police department to fight drug cartels and gang violence? etc. there were causes I cared about. While the other part-time jobs might have paid more, you don't need to tell me twice to help out a candidate who's genuinely trying his best to make these things work. Deep inside, I was infuriated on the way things were running in my state. For me, it was a sense of purpose. Retiring at 30 would not give me the satisfaction than making a big difference for my state, I know this now. My financial freedom is still important so I am still engaged in the StockMarket, Real Estate,etc. but neither has given me the satisfaction that working in a campaign part-time has. There was a girl I knew, who was on a weight loss journey for THREE YEARS. THREE YEARS. She lost almost 70 lbs. What sustained her? All her life she was treated a certain way, and she wanted to show off her 10/10 personality/looks in front of those that looked down on her, etc. She would lose faith in herself, but I provided her emotional support during those times (this, by the way, is why groups of supportive friends are VERY IMPORTANT). Whatever it is, you will have to look inside yourself, see how much you truly care about something, and then go for that. When this happens, you will automatically sustain yourself during the journey. Have you not found people with a sense of purpose to be more attractive? The purpose can be love, the purpose can be making your voice heard, etc.
  4. Light

    Any Advice?

    Thanks to both for your advice. I will mull on this.
  5. Light

    Any Advice?

    I am feeling stuck. I don't know how I ended up here. I am really not interested in the whole dating process, and I don't know what's wrong with me. I have approached girls, but there's no motivation to keep doing it. That being said, I feel empty inside so I feel like I should keep doing this. The issue is, I suppose, I feel no connection to women on a deep enough level to date them. I don't really want to be around for just sex, I want like real genuine connections - and right now it feels like I am around for just that - physical experiences and nothing beyond that. The alternative I am left with is regularly going to bars, and hoping that I eventually run into someone - but again, I am not the kind to enjoy the loud music in a bar... I would be there to approach and sex... and just that. Quite frankly, the only real connection I found was with a woman almost twice my age, and it'd be uncomfortable for both of us to date. I don't know what's wrong with my thought train? Maybe I don't know how to have fun the way women do? Maybe I am unbalanced? Where and How do I find a real connection? Any feedback or advice would be nice. Both genders are welcome.
  6. Not an issue of overcome, but strengthening. That's what partnerships are for.
  7. Part-Time Job. I am a proponent of this, even if you're an Entrepreneur. I will list some of the benefits here. - Know what makes a successful business. - Know your own flaws (constructive criticism) - Learn to work in teams - Be grounded in reality - Be in touch with how the average citizen is thinking. - If anything, observing how everyone else is in the world motivates you to work HARDER to achieve your dreams. It could be just a couple days a week to bring in a couple hundred extra bucks. Don't matter. I figure to be working around 25 hrs a week part-time and it's entirely worth it in terms of personal growth. I'd advice people on their journeys to give this a shot. Look for a suitable industry or line of work, and dive right in.
  8. LMAO. Agree 100%. We actually need to strategize. And think. And make sure everything fits in perfectly.
  9. It figures... just found out music directly affects your subtle body.
  10. If you have multiple interests, maybe you can figure out a way to combine them. If you read my wealth journal now, I am in multiple areas to make it financially. You don't have to be specialized and you can be more of a renaissance woman. Maybe you can be a Coach (there's a ton of these out there and I recommend picking a specialization), Teacher, Singer and Web Designer at the same time. Sounds like a lot but if you can schedule your day fine it'll work out and you'll draw from multiple areas financially for a colorful life. I wanted to note with your singing is that you can straight up start a Youtube Channel for that. You don't need super luck in this day and age to get discovered. I am 100% with you on groups. Groups working together can help a lot, as everyone holds each other accountable and you're motivated to work automatically. Also, with the relationships you build in these groups, your life becomes far more fulfilling. Whatever you decide to do, ensure you're in it for the long haul. I can be doing this all day long. If no one were looking, I'd automatically be doing this anyway. etc. I think you already know how you want to go about it. I would get away from the computer for a thinking trip for some time, and journal down your thoughts. It'll come to you.
  11. You need to decide what your life ambition is - i.e. related to your career. I've watched the secret about 3 years ago and been on my wealth building journey for around 6 months now. Some things I've learned: - No easy way out is worth it. - Your dream requires sacrifices - Anything worth it will take time. Years, possibly. The big weakness of the LoA community by far is refusing to acknowledge objective reality. What I mean by objective reality is the place where this world is in RIGHT NOW. So the fact still is, STEM professionals get paid more. If you want to live your dream job - the fact still is, it's gotta provide service that everyone on the planet wants. The only way to be financially secure, objectively, is either A) STEM or B ) You're a master at your craft. So you might go take the B ) route, because this route can be more magical. I'd pick a craft you genuinely love, and spend hours on it consistently for a few years. It's going to take years, regardless of what you think now. The craft could be web design, jewlery design, whatever you want. It can be artistic or technical. However, you'll have to train yourself to mastery. The things you have listed, you can be great it... Sales, for example. I am doing a part-time sales job at present. So you could be in your teaching or sales job, and then spend a couple hours daily on your craft - and extended hours on the weekends. Once you're a master craftsmen, you'll automatically make money. Automatically. Yes, you might have to spend time on marketing, but not as much as you think. An amazing product will sell regardless. One more thing - don't compare. Just don't compare yourself to others. Your life is your life, theirs is theirs. This is where all the mistakes in society happen - envy. People get envious of a certain person's lifestyles, follow that route, and wonder why they didn't find happiness. I in fact did this mistake earlier in my journey - wanted to be an actor, but now I realize I just wanted that rich actor lifestyle, and wasn't super into the craft of acting itself. Also, you don't know everything they go through - the idea you posted there about it being easy for them is an exaggeration. Always. We exaggerate how others have it easy. Final thing I wanted to note is ENERGY. When you do what you love, you will automatically have the energy to do it daily. Time WILL fly when you do what you love. I have noticed this along my journey as well. So ensure that whatever craft you DO end up picking, you can fall in love with doing this craft for years to come, and a lifetime quite possibly. One last thing - when you look at a craft and go I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY LONG - you've got what it is you can spend the next few years on.
  12. With all due respect for the LoA community - and I found "the secret" about 3 years ago, it's not grounded enough in reality - what I mean is there's a subjective reality and an objective. The objective reality are facts about the world we live and operate in right now. The Secret will talk about the end results, but not the practical toil that got them there. Will Smith will readily talk about the LoA, but on the flip side he will also talk about his INSANE work ethic. This is why I am advocating this method - positive thinking that is not grounded in reality will almost certainly lead to a disaster.
  13. http://selfdefinition.org/celibacy/quotes/napoleon-hill-sex-transmutation-part-1.htm Couple quotes from this chapter of Napoleon Hill. He lists several examples. GEORGE WASHINGTON NAPOLEON BONAPARTE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ABRAHAM LINCOLN RALPH WALDO EMERSON ROBERT BURNS THOMAS JEFFERSON ELBERT HUBBARD ELBERT H. GARY OSCAR WILDE WOODROW WILSON JOHN H. PATTERSON ANDREW JACKSON ENRICO CARUSO "Sex, alone, is a mighty urge to action, but its forces are like a cyclone - they are often uncontrollable. When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgment, and balance." I have noticed that a fair amount of entrepreneurs are monogamous as well. In fact, the only successful entrepreneur who isn't monogamous is a dating coach. i.e. his work literally involves advertising how good he's as a playboy. Any aspiring entrepreneur or ambitious man ends up making this sacrifice, IMO. It seems that developing a bond w/one woman leads to far greater success, while the opposite or setting aside your partner for wasting your seed with the game leads to far less success. Thoughts on this? I see no way of escaping the natural order of monogamy. Especially w/the last quote I posted. Being in love w/multiple women would take significant time and energy, so this pretty much points to a one way lifestyle on the dating realm. I also feel all Youtube LoA type stuff missed the point w/sex, because unless mixed with love the whole energy of sex was uncontrollable.
  14. You really ought to have a dream journal to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. These things are generally more complex than just going along for a ride, from my personal experience.
  15. So my real estate training begins in a couple weeks... and today my fortune cookie said this: "You will do better in Real Estate than in Stocks." Now... what are the chances that this fortune cookie lands in my hand at this point in my life? Life is Magic. Take Care - Light.
  16. Sometimes all you gotta do is... Just. Show. Up.
  17. Thought I'd post this guy up. His channel offers enormous value, esp. some of the more recent videos. If you're going the business/entrepreneurial route, he talks about all the right mindsets to have. Becker himself makes about 400k per month, I believe, so he's credible and been through both the best and worst of things.
  18. Profits: ???? Lost count, seriously. Not because I am making a lot, only because I am all over the place. Audio/Meditation: Combining a lot of stuff. What's different now is that I am not passive. I am not sitting there, but instead actively focusing in the whole time. I can tell this is different. I also have to add the benefit of straight up no technology meditation. No computer aids, nothing. Just sit there, and breathe. This builds a discipline of its own. What I've been up doing: Stocks - I've adopted a long term strategy so that I don't have to put in work daily. Real Estate - Joined a Club of Investors Writing - Book or Blog? Perhaps both. Researching E-Businesses/Contemplating taking Jerry's help for one. Thinking if a Youtube Channel is worth my time invested. Applying to one part time job. The guaranteed income will feed me while I figure stuff out. Kuber Meditation - This is very specific, as he's the God Of Wealth in the Yogic tradition (and has the most popular Youtube wealth audio ). Peope have used this successfully for short term benefits, but I would like to find out if I can reap long term benefits of immense wealth by daily focused work. --- I think the shocker to me was not too long ago when I watched a millionaire's interview and learned he had 7 different sources of income. 7. Hence my decision to diversify my wealth. I love how incredibly humbling and adventurous this journey is so far. At this point, I am waking up just with a pure curiosity as to where is my life going? I felt I could plan everything perfectly when I started off, but now it's clear that the one trait I will need moving forward is : Adaptability. If you can adapt to the toughest of situations and the biggest of problems, you will make it through life, guaranteed.
  19. Can we get one specifically for wealth? We have about 3 on relationships but none for wealth!
  20. Now that I think of it, we could attempt this as a side hustle soon enough. Millionaires are said to have multiple sources of income The best part is we can actually release books to make women beautiful (affirmations, weight training, etc), so it doesn't have to be restricted to just men. It could make for killer sales.
  21. I don't have deleting ability, Lol. Whatever you were about to say, though, it won't change what a guy has to deal with, at the end of the day. Someday maybe we should start a dating company. Jerry found Athena's Light, Inc.
  22. I agree w/most of what you said. The worst part is women are turning into a commodity because of our system. I increasingly watch Youtube videos where easy clickbait is just having a pretty face by your side. And that woman can be doing nothing. Nothing at all. Like a barbie doll. And even worse is this system creates harems and abundant cheating (for the sake of having the Alpha), which means most men are left masturbating to their computer screens. This is disastrous for America and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
  23. I feel a lot of guys have this, especially because women society defines as being attractive often act like (or are told to act like) b*tches. Generally what happens is when a girl turns you away, guys actually experience emotional pain and suppress it. This turns guys into very heavy manipulators. They will use Psychic Seduction, Manifestation Magic, etc. However, the truth is there is a very deep and intense fear of being emotionally hurt repeatedly. Generally guys are told that this means you are not manly enough. However, EVERY guy experiences this. The thing about emotional pain is, it can be in many ways worse than physical pain. It can scar you in ways and impose belief systems that simply isn't true. The worst part is, if repeated enough, it kills your Confidence in that area of your life. For this reason it's necessary to have some sort of emotional trauma healing system by your side at all times, be it through meditation, NLP, etc. I can't emphasize this enough, because looking back now I feel this has completely changed men in whole for the worst. The cycle goes something like. You approach, fail, approach, fail, manipulate, not fail as bad, use various manipulation techniques, get it in, repeat, psychologically figure them out, and then the worst part is, once you figure it out, you look down upon women as a whole, as retaliation. They hurt me before, so now why shouldn't I? Who cares? They're all b*tches anyway. This becomes a very common way of thinking, and it's your past emotional pain speaking, not actually you. So a word of caution and advice to guys that are working on their dating skills - don't let your past emotional pain change who you are as a human being.
  24. It's imaginary. Your belief systems, etc. have been done a certain way so you're fighting yourself. Conscious vs Subconscious. There actually are outside entities (I don't feel qualified to talk about this as I am not aware of how exactly this works, but I am now 100% certain), that can pry on your energy when you're asleep. I'd do a Shielding meditation before bedtime, to block off any possible attacks. Anyway, there's nothing exterior that can truly stop you so long as you're focused on your purpose, so I wouldn't worry or be scared of anything.
  25. It never occurred to me to make it within reach, so to speak. I set the goal to have a castle, and on one day, I drive in the middle of Los Angeles, and in a fairly normal residential area... I find what? Your average home, designed like a medieval castle! I felt it would be pretty damned cool to ride a batmobile, and not too long after that, I run into a Slingshot, right outside the local restaurant. Not quite a batmobile, but it certainly had the feel, esp. at night. You just wanna take it out for a great ride. Human beings will always aspire for more. That's not going to change. Only thing to be aware of, is, big goals require big sacrifices. If you ain't ready to make em, it's not going to happen.
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