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  1. Man, I love this guy. This is another dude you should follow. Super super down to earth, and he's one of the best hustlers I've come across, super motivated and on purpose. Def. subscribe for entrepreneurial advice and any motivation. Like you watch 1 video of this dude every morning you will be on point for the rest of the day.
  2. I feel it's more the shift in seasons. I was extremely passive in the first three weeks of September. The body took some time to readjust to end of summer time to cold drabby winter, I'd imagine. However, after that I started making progress again. From every famous Youtube persona I've subscribed to, though, there's generally something along the lines of - "We go through periods of expansion and contraction." I think it's necessary to be aware of what you're feeling inside and if you're burning out. That being said you can't totally take time off. All you can do is strategically slow down, think back to how your progress has been and what you could do differently for some time (or hell even watch a movie or something. Most of us forget to like, enjoy our journey), and then get back into it. Do the best you can, and don't let external factors get into your head. At the end of the day, the most successful ones have hustled daily. Through sicknesses, bad weather, what not.
  3. I think every little boy dreams it at some point. Be it superhero or a really cool job like a Pilot going on supersonic airplanes. Most of motivation might really just come down to that, actually. Somewhere deep inside the inner child goes MAN, it's great that the LoA is real, but can I do THAT? Does that Batman villain exist in this world? Can I have my own batcave without being born into riches? We say we want money, etc. but the real purpose I'd think is to live the most interesting life possible, and money is like a means to that end.
  4. http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Healing Bro we could be in Marvel's next edition. I'll be Bullseye and You be the Bodybuilder guy w/unexpected Healing Powers! (Don't mind me. I've always had this crazy dream that some day I'd be a Comic book character.)
  5. My Actions Suck. This is another important breakthrough I had. What happens when you listen to subliminals, is you put them on, you receive favorable manifestations and then you keep going and trying out different tracks. Something felt off about everything lately, because while things happened, they never lead to true success. I decided to check out blind spots and went through everyone else's journal as well. I also went through journeys and successes of famous personalities. Then I realized something. My actions suck. Now what do I mean by that? Let's say for example, a guy with no subliminals, who doesn't even know all this exists, goes about the process of achieving success in his dating life. He does a combination of all of this: Hundreds upon Hundreds of Approaches. Action-Feedback-Adjustment. That is, based on the feedback given, he adjusts his style. Changes his Wardrobe Gets into Dancing Gets into Improv Learns how to make even the most mundane, dull topics super exciting. Figures out how to build an interesting lifestyle. ... but taking all the necessary actions to maximize doesn't occur to the ones listening to these tracks. Should I tell what's happening to the average guy? Listens. Goes, Checks for Reactions (OMG SHE LIKES ME) Listens again. ... Changes track. Listens again. GOOD REACTION. Changes track. In the meantime nothing has changed about the guy in a lasting way. It's the same guy. Same guy, and he's done all of this, and it's... the same guy. Finally he gets it, and makes a couple completely botched approaches. When the approaches don't work... he doesn't adjust. Instead! He goes to listen to another track where girls fall for him. Visualizes intensely. Goes next day out. Sees the girl, YES, GOOD REACTION. Finally he decides... well, dancing. Let's get into dancing. Shows up to Dance. Isn't super into it. In the meantime, the guy with no subliminals has made infinite progress along the road and lived through a solid journey. Subliminal Guy vs Perfect Action Guy. It's pretty obvious who won. What does this mean? Change in strategy? Probably, Yes. From now on, 1. Perfect Action First. 2. Subliminal Second. So how close was I to perfect action this whole time? Yes, but do you know how slowly they occurred? Essentially what I would've written down with a few weeks of the dating process might just've taken me several months! Why? The ego. The ego got in the way, and even I didn't know it. Truth is, there are guys that are plenty successful without even knowing what the heck hypnosis is! Now you see how your mind can trick you. There really isn't any cutting corners. This applies to all areas of your life as well, not just dating. Whatever your goal is - ask yourself if things are changing in a lasting way. If they aren't, all the subs have done is worked on strengthening your ego instead of building about lasting change. Rock out - Light.
  6. Lol, No no no no. The intent of my post wasn't to make you feel like you lacked something, etc. Everyone's doing their best. I was mostly checking for blind spots, mostly because everyone that's listening to Hypnosis including myself seems to have them. I think the mind gets overly warped with one sense of reality and if anything confuses us and makes us more miserable if left unchecked. If anything it has a tendency to compartmentalize and block out pieces of information that could actually be helpful. I also wondered for a while why all sorts of Sex-type hypnosis make people miserable, unless they get it... and when they get it, it seems to be never satisfying. It demands more. And more. And more. Like a black hole. Get what I mean?
  7. What kind of goals have you set for yourself? Curious.
  8. I gotta say, looking back and forth through your journal, I would say the Kundalini Awakening you had only lasted a moment, and then you shifted back to older patterns. So what may have happened is that you got a taste of it, but not the real thing, because you didn't completely destroy the patterns that were holding you down (and sex King's affirmations may have worsened that). If you were to go back to that, I'd think you pour visualize golden colored energy flooding your energy body, and w/intent you awaken in a way that actually lasts. Wouldn't say I am awakened but making significant progress that way.
  9. What precisely are you trying to do? Something like this requires a very high degree of visualization skill.
  10. I actually don't think your brain has all the secrets within it. If anything from what I've observed it molds according to your intention. Let's say you practice approaching girls consistently for a year, analyze your mistakes, counter, and keep going, you'll get your results. However, it wasn't in the brain the entire time, it was in the action-feedback-adjustment process.
  11. Go to where Korean women hangout, and you will find Korean women. Koreatown, maybe. If you aren't gonna take the actions, you'll get these type of results.
  12. Lol. Well, I shouldn't be laughing. But the last Jerry post on seduction stuff really felt like he did something akin to this. My thing is I just wanna have a real conversation. Dude, like I could act too charismatic, or too attractive, etc. etc. but fact is most of us are just human beings on our life journey. LIke why don't you just wanna hang out? Like why are both sides programmed in such ways to force each other to be completely artificial? I know the techniques to dominate people now, but holy shit I am looking for something real and not turning you into my slave! I obv. don't wanna manipulate, or dominate, or any of that. It's a good thing I have picked activism as my part time job... some day I am gonna be in a position to do something about this.
  13. Sooo Superhero Update. So what was it... 8 months ago, I started calling myself Bullseye. Made sense back then. Now I feel like I am living life like Jason Bourne. Jason Bourne: "I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab or the gray truck outside" That's the essence of IA. Awareness. Sheer awareness. I would hear this often from a Buddhist Monk, but never understood the essence of it. Now I see why CIA Agents are able to do the unthinkable. Every single detail, all the time, is recorded. Stored. I journal it down now, they almost put it in their mindspace. The sheer detail of life is all captured, analyzed, and by doing that from a distance, they become by far the smartest socialites on the planet, and in general the greatest survivors ever seen. The more detail, the more awareness, the more awareness... the more superhuman you'll feel. The importance of paying attention to all the details? You will not miss a thing, you'll see through people, you'll see through motives, you'll see through the way the world operates, and best of all you'll figure out how to best use this knowledge to your advantage. They're aware of everything going on around them. Awareness. This is the key word. The more I train this muscle, the more I see it. It doesn't matter in what area of life we're on about. Dating Relationships Career Sports Anything at all comes down to this. Journal and journal with great detail. Really mold your mind into pure awareness, and you'll see the difference. I feel like figuring this out has been a big turning point in my journey. Knock life out - Light.
  14. You can do it for a thousand days. Let's say you have an affirmation that says you sleep with women all the time. For the most part, you'll find yourself irritated, because you have no idea what to do with situations you will attract. You can get off something lucky, sure, but nothing that lasts... because you simply don't know what to do in the situation. It's like getting hired for a high paying job and not having any of the qualifications required to be there. You won't last very long. Imagine getting the perfect reaction you want. purely by the energy you're projecting.. and being mostly clueless. Worse, your subconscious might make you dream you screwed a woman as a way of making that affirmation come true. Don't jump to the end because it won't last. Take it step by step by step, because that's the only way to make things last. I am saving you a year, possibly more... do it this way, it's guaranteed to last. And lastly, have some sort of willpower ritual by the side to keep your mind and thoughts under control, or they'll get out of hand very quickly.
  15. Eh. I've been through this thought line when I began my journey as well. Really, the only thing that is POWERFUL is the actions you take, the decisions you make, and the experiences you live out as a result of them. Whatever subs you can mismash and combine to get you out there and going is the sub that will generate long term results. It doesn't matter if you slash 1000 voices together. I Have tried this - it really doesn't.... your mind's very good at convincing it does, though, and it will force you to spend infinite time on that magic pill to protect its ego. It's also great at making your life hell, that is why people have picked solving one area at a time. So I saw your goal is to build a harem. The most powerful thing you could do, that will actually last, forever, is you go out, approach some 10-20 women, and journal down what you could improve on. And after that, listen to your affirmations, rinse, repeat, for at least a full year. So If I use your affirmations right away, and say I have this, and that, and this, and that... your mind will take you there, but unfortunately, if you have no experiences, it'll crumble, 'cause in reality you have no idea how you would go about doing that. There's no process mindset in those affirmations. So you'll get a smile from the girl, invitation to approach, etc. you may even have one good interaction due to a temporary boost in confidence, but you take it off and realize you don't have it the following day. It was a temporary pill. You didn't work through whatever your real anxieties may have been and put it away forever. And then your mind goes WELL WHAT NOW, I don't have THIS PART HANDLED, and I STILL NEED A WELL PAYING JOB. Life has too many complexities and nuances and detail for you to handle all at once. You need concrete solutions that last, and not instant gratification. Plan out your life strategy now, listen to hypnosis that forces you to take the right actions, build the right habits, and then get moving.
  16. You also need videos like this every now and then. Pure Motivation in the morning.
  17. Generally it's tough to pick, esp. if you have multiple areas of your life you need to take care of. I'd generally focus on the basics first - do i have a steady source of income, a roof on top of my head, etc. and then move to the other parts you need to take care of. Have some sort of a priority list and pick dates where you'd focus on each point to handle that area of your life.
  18. Sense of Humor. Brings them back down to earth... and if they continue, anyone watching the conversation will know that the narcissist is embarrassing themselves.
  19. Short video on Affiliate Marketing. I like this as side income as well, and not as a career.
  20. You think you can get a makeout before asking the number? Keep changing your style until it works. Write down what you did, change behaviors/habits, and counterattack. Flaw with Hypnosis is we care too much about checking what happened and if our Hypnosis worked. Sometimes you just gotta keep taking action.
  21. If only being direct worked, LOL. You want to transition naturally into a phone number, where it seems like OH YEAH, well obviously we need to exchange phone numbers, instead of going in direct. Build a connection first. Think strategy, or you'll keep falling.
  22. This channel - Charisma on Command, is full of excellent videos on great chrismatic figures. I liked this one particularly well - because I feel most of the ones here don't express themselves fully. If you've been on the path to self-dev, you realize after a while the various complexities of our reality. Anyway, felt like I should share it in a forum like this. - Light
  23. Though on the friends matter, I gotta say it's pretty incredible to watch you and Jerry still here after... been what? 1 year + ? That indicates to me that you've set yourself apart from the crowd, just in terms of how dedicated you're to improving your life. There were many who came and went through these forums, but you two are stickin' it out through all of life's challenges. Also, we should get some sort of competition going with the IA (friendly).
  24. What IA exercises are your favorite? I need to do more of the imagery one. I think it's more the approach to life, as I have thought of it. There is an approach to life that is passive, an approach that is aggressive, an approach that is aggressive some parts and passive in others. A firm approach, playful approach, friendly approach, etc. There's no one answer that works for everything, and they're mostly habits built over time. I think the toughest part is finding a style that A) fits in perfectly with YOU and B ) works to get what it is you're looking for. The Abe Lincoln approach works best for any sort of group setting/presentations. It's easy to draw people in to what you're saying, but not so much in CHAOS, such as a bar setting or dance or club, etc. where you have to be high energy and bouncing around. Again, like I said, it's context dependent. No one way for everything. Yeah, I haven't made many that stayed around either. They all scattered. What happens is when you get together with a personal dev. group you have so many possibilities, but people don't persist on the journey. Maybe they don't believe in themselves? I am not certain what the precise issue is, but most people just choose to scatter, abandon, and let the reality of life get in the way. I think initially what happened is I thought I would be this completely different guy two years later ( I am pretty sure it's been 2 years since I began this journey), but outside of maybe added confidence and life lessons, I really am not. I am starting to think maybe I didn't make things more conducive to lasting growth. What I find interesting is I don't want to retire at 30 anymore. I think in the beginning everyone's dream is freedom, or acting, until you realize that may not actually fulfill you! So you're left with uhhh- then what does? The journey can be one heck of a confusing road once you have all these possibilities open up in front of you, and you realize you don't actually know yourself as well as you once thought you did.
  25. I haven't read your entire journal yet, but couple thoughts. - I could really use motivation doing my IA work. I think seeing you do it would kickstart that. ARGH. - You seem to place a little too much importance on book reviews. These days, the authors themselves pay for people to post 5 star reviews, Haha. - Charisma is so easy, but at the same time so difficult. It requires consistent action to be charismatic. Smile, inquire, be friendly, congruent actions, etc. Obv. theres the Abraham Lincoln type charisma, which is more my thing, where you just sort of sit there and people are drawn to my energy (as this requires very little work). - Did you make friends that lasted? - Did you attain the goal you set w/each hypnosis? Or doing it just for experiences? - I have never felt more free than I did with fearless. Thing is, I want to naturally get to that state, because the moment I took it off, it started disappearing. - Going off my last point, do you think you've had permanent changes within you, without having to listen to hypnosis?
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