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  1. Okay, damn. I'll hand it to you, that was awesome. I thought I was alone in my viewpoints about Self-Help. The truth is. - People don't want to put in the work for the goals they've set for themselves - They get addicted to affirmations because it gives them the temporary high of compliments without the actual work, the actual discomfort, the actual pain, etc. - If I had a guess on how many people that found the Self-Help stuff actually saw their dreams through - I suspect it was a very low percentage. Some settled for what they called "Happiness", which was actually a far lesser version of the life they really wanted for themselves. I dig Will Smith, Jim Carrey etc. all LoA icons - but man, if the Self-Help community realized what they've been through, they wouldn't bother at all. Visualization was the beginning for sure, but the actual work, pain, effort, etc. was something else. Like get this for a second - There were people who learned everything and began reaffirming themselves to get stuff for free 24/7, win the lottery, etc. I get it, I want a good time too but DAMN. Really? It's not my intention to judge, but it tells everyone a good bit about the mentality of the people that were attracted to the LoA stuff. Anyway, you're well on your way to real growth with that realization. I don't think many in the LoA community will embrace this type of talk because the Motivational industry and positive energy acts as a huge feel good pill of its own. I want to scream my opinions to the LoA community but I would rather be successful myself first before doing anything of that sort. And I don't think people realize the simple fact that - There is beauty in the struggle! Have you EVER watched a movie where EVERYTHING goes right? How BORING would that be? Life may have been naturally designed like an adventure, but there is an abundance of human beings now that have got it all wrong. That was a refreshing read all in all. - Light
  2. Hey Loozid! We're def. alike - at least in terms of our interests and how we approach the world. I haven't posted in your journal yet. I intend to fix that. I have a feel as to where you're at right now. I really want to tell you more, but I want to see how you evolve. And I love fantasy and imagination. I really do. What happened to me on my journey was I felt like I got a message from the universe that my dreams are out there, not necessarily in the book itself. i.e. If I wanted, I can live a lifestyle like a Superhero would. How would that happen? No idea, and I am still on my journey. Or I could someday live in a castle. Or someday have a life that only someone could dream of. Anytime I had something that seemed impossible, there was a case that appeared in front of me that sounded like a possibility. And a lot of my motivation to write was imagining that life. Whether it be a guy combating evil, stuck in an apocalypse, etc. Whatever it may be, it was the idea of imagining a character in a really, really interesting situation. I essentially felt like I was using fantasy novel writing as an escape, when an amazing work ethic could land me that lifestyle in itself. Now I get it. There won't be any elves I see (barring genetic experiments). There won't be a Zombie Apocalypse (but it's a great idea for an amusement park), etc. But really, that's why I didn't pursue fantasy writing as seriously as I could have. I want to see how much it is I can get out of real life before I move on to fantasy writing. I've seen DIY Rocket Launchers Bow and Arrows Homes that look like ancient castles (and don't necessarily cost much either) A car befitting Batman Companies that more or less look like something you would read about in Marvel A woman that looks and sounds like someone straight out of my dreams The one thing I am looking for is a great great lifestyle. Life is an adventure, but I haven't found THAT feeling. I want to know how far can I push it and make the imaginary real? You know, where you wake up excited every day. Like damn, I wonder what's going to happen today? Like really, give me THAT life. I found it back in my initial days of hypnosis, but the flame isn't as bright as it used to be, as I am putting in the work now and walking the walk. I want that spark to reignite my passion for life in itself. Thanks for the Youtube link either way - I'll check that out. And good luck with your musical endeavor - Light.
  3. The Law of 3 This is the one thing I needed everyone here to know. I have seen it over. and over. and over. again. To the point where I feel this is some sort of a mystical/scientific I don't know what law. After 3 years, something will click. I will repeat. After 3 years, something will click. Sports - A great number of breakouts will happen in the 4th season. Mentors - everyone says the same damned thing - it took me around 3 years, I struggled, I figured it out. Any skill at all - 3 years of struggle... and then CLICK. I saw this last in the interview of the Alibaba Founder, and at that point I figured I need to let everyone know about this. It's not a damned coincidence anymore. It's Law. It's a message from something higher. Go back in your life, go back 3 years. Think 3. Think 3 again, think 3 again... 3. 6. 9. Every 3 years, something changes. I know this sounds vague, but there's something very real to this law. I've heard it been said SO. MANY. TIMES. that I really feel I ought to tell everyone about. I have no right to give up until 2018 is done and 2019 has come - when 2019 comes, I will look at Success or Failure and progression. Remember guys - if you started learning any skill - piano, basketball, art, coding, real estate, sales, etc. whatever it is you're passionate about. You will give it 3 years of your best work. If you will take 3 years to build the right character to succeed, then it will take 6 years - 3 year mindset training, 3 year all out skill training. Apply the Law of 3. No exceptions. If you start something in January 1, 2017, you'll put down the date of January 1, 2020 on your calendar - until this date, you have no right to say I've failed. That is all. It sounds crazy, but it's very real. I know I am not dreaming this and I am onto something with this law. Right now I expect to make an average of 2500 per month. This is no doubt a discouraging number, and note that 2017 there will be even more dark times ahead - until I realize I am playing a long term game, and there's a law of how long this game will have to take. Let's check this total when 2018 is winding down and 2019 comes. Something tells me that'll be the breakout time of my wealth journey. And on that note, Happy New Year to everyone.
  4. That is fascinating. I am trying to finish my 3rd Eye process, and I've seen some interesting visions myself - nothing that drastic, though. On another level maybe it's symbolism. Humanity dying spiritually and undergoing a transformation - however if you felt bad about the dream, it might be something more than that. I've read so many conspiracy theories, but I don't know what to believe and what to not. I figured once my third eye was wide open I would figure some stuff out myself.
  5. I had no idea you had 11k subscribers. That's pretty impressive. I feel you should figure out brainwave frequencies. How they work, etc. Like what does 11.9 HZ really mean? etc. And by experimenting with those frequencies you can create sounds that alter mind body and soul. There's a bunch of videos on Youtube that deal with frequencies. Maybe y'all can collab. Like this dude does frequencies for body parts or that The real key I feel is imagination - and there's a lot of people that are in charge of building our world lack this. I feel like people have put down a lot of their dreams into the "fantasy" category. When more of those dreams become real and people start chasing those dreams the world will be A) Chaos and More interesting than any video game.
  6. What George said. Daily focus is effortless w/journaling.
  7. 1. The brain COMPARTMENTALIZES I can't emphasize this enough. Let me list a whole bunch of great traits to have here. Humility Kindness Empathy Compassion Courage Boldness Adventurous Leading Killer Instinct Proactive Disciplined Good Instincts Intuition Assertive Calm Alert Expressive Creative Patience Focus Persistence Work Ethic .... need. I. Go. On? Our problem is that we think there's this ONE TRAIT that will bring us success, when in reality it's just doing our best. When you chase something, some of these traits will pop up from within you automatically. Why? Because you're chasing after something. Whatever that may be. The girl, the job, the college, the business, the product, the sales pitch, whatever it is. The traits will come and you will figure it out. So don't hypnotize yourself for any single trait. Visualize yourself instead turning into your best possible self. I visualize myself being Superhuman. Work on improving everyday. All these HUNDREDS of traits, will NOT come over night - and depending on the person you ARE, you may not need to use them all the time. 2. And closely related... you're confused because of the Image. Banish the wrong images. Image. Image. Image. It's everywhere. Seriously. You're being BOMBARDED every single second of your life. Advertising dollars spent over and over to make you buy their product. I won't get into too much detail of this, as if you're on MindP, you're aware of this happening. Now what's the problem with this? It's simple. You're confused because of THAT advertising. You don't know what it is you want because of that. You have an image in your mind of what success looks like. You think you can't be compassionate and an Alpha Male at the same time. You think you can't be genuinely good to the girl and date her at the same time. You think Influencing people and success go hand in hand. You think Love is BS. You think you can't have Killer Instinct and have empathy at the same time. TWO OPPOSITES ()@*%$@()%!!!! I've noticed people doing this too often. A Dancer and a Lifter at the same time? HUH? DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!(#%* You might've read about the above and identified with some of that. The fact is we all have a mix of the good and the bad. You will have to decide for yourself what your approach to life is, and based on that, you will meet your potential. Successful people give advice based on what has worked for them, but they don't know you personally. The truth is: Your greatest success tomorrow could be in doing someone no one has yet done, and for that, you'll have to be aware of what you believe, and what you don't believe. Be aware of yourself. Is this okay to believe? Is this not okay to believe? Is this me? Can I personally be successful trying this method out? You could look at something, a piece of work, and then reject it right away because you believe it's leading to the wrong things. Not true. That person is on his or her own journey and learning things that might not have occurred to you. Ask, Ask, Ask. A large portion of this is pure self-discovery. It really is. And that's the beauty of it. We're all making great music, but it's different kind of music. These two things came to mind right away, as stuff I was missing. Maybe one last post before the New Year's. Rock out - Light.
  8. Alright guys, My first year is coming to a close. I don't know how much I've made exactly this year, mostly because this real estate deal is pending, but we'll see. I'll post up everything I've learned so far. 1. Ground Yourself... You ARE making progress! I can't state the importance of grounding. There will be times in your journey where you really just want to give up, but when you look back... you've made progress. In secret. But how! How does this happen! If you look back to who you are now, compared to who you were maybe 1 year ago, or two years ago, it won't be a debate. You will know you've made progress. But what happens in the moment? You stumble, you forget. Do you have a goal? A vision to where you want to be? Maybe an idea of what your dream life could look like? Good... visualize and that, and then KNOW. THIS. What matters is your next step. And that's it. What matters is your next step. And that's it. What matters is your next step. And that's it. And that's it. I did that 3 times on purpose. Write it on a wall, memorize it, hold that close to your heart. You can't avoid the bad days, and that's perfectly fine - because you're secretly making progress. If you started your sales pitch today and you blew it. The next day you started your sales pitch, you blew it. A week later, you started your sales pitch, and some good stuff came out. Two weeks later, you had a GREAT CONVERSATION, but the client decided to not buy. Oh crap, I failed. I didn't make the sale. No. But you made PROGRESS and that is INDISPUTABLE! Be PATIENT with yourself. What matters is you're doing your BEST. If you DID your BEST, you will make progress. 2. But why is this important to know? Because that is part of the reason you BURN. OUT. No joke. I used to wonder why I burned out so often. It was because even without knowing it, my focus was on result result result. And guess what? Your mind is working overtime on that result result result and confused as to why there's no progress progress progress when in reality you're making progress, and then, inevitably... Burnout happens. And you feel miserable. Even something as your work ethic, has to be cultivated over time. If you're lazy now, chances are you won't have a monster work ethic overnight. And that leads to my next point. 3. Screw Instant Gratification. Screw it. Trust me. You have time.Instant Gratification is like going for the McDonald's Burger. Fast food and gets it done. But do you want that, or do you want a well cooked meal prepared with much care? What is better for your body? I think we both know the answer. Prepare long term goals and stick to it, no matter what. 4. What is your Why? Prioritize your Why. And it's never Money. Your why is why you're even on this journey. I've networked with people and watched countless videos on this topic - but your why is always something that doesn't have to do with the money itself. You want the Money so that you can have your dream dating life. You want the money so that people will finally recognize you and praise you. You want the money so that you can help other people grow and develop. Money is a means to an end - the end is your happiness. What is your happiness? Now it's perfectly possible that you want many, many, things for your happiness, so list them. List what you want for your happiness in life from maybe 1-5. or 1-10. - and then see how far it goes. Then make sure you fulfill your Top 3, or Top 5 things. How many is it that your life can fit? Decide upon that. And be HONEST with yourself. If it's your dream girl/guy, it's just THAT. 5. Your Big Why will decide your lifestyle. If your big why for example is finding your dream girl/guy, and for many it can be just that, then you'll have to maximize your personal development skill. If your big why is fame and recognition, then you'll have to prioritize training your craft relentlessly. One need not replace the other, but priorities are important. Don't be ultra concerned of being a millionaire in 3-5 years if your biggest priority is your significant other. You can take it a little slower, reach a financial milestone that's somewhat lower, and have both financial security and a life that would attract your special other. 6. Pacing and Burnouts I covered some of this earlier with the step by step process, but pacing can be tricky. I would keep track of your patterns (How do you feel when you sleep 6 hours? 8 hours? etc. Are you a morning person? etc. ) I have a period everyday I call downtime. Downtime is strictly for doing something I would enjoy and that's it. Reading a Good Book Writing (Only if you enjoy writing) Poetry ( same as above) Music Dance History Channel Nature Channel Sci Fi Psychic Stuff Archery Surfing Mountain Climbing Step out of comfort zone (purely for enjoyment) Doesn't matter, do something daily. Appease your heart. If you can create something in your downtime, such as a poetry blog, even better. This I guarantee will keep your refreshed. Children always have great energy, and this will reconnect you with that part of yourself. Now you might be in a profession that's already connected to your heart and you do that for your everyday craft - in which case you'd have to pick something different and outside your comfort zone. By doing this daily you'll be just fine. In fact, chances are you'll have enough energy to work on your life all 7 days a week ( I actually am able to do this now). Strangely enough, this is my downtime for today. I naturally enjoy writing, and I am delivering this post on the forums. 7. Give. I think this is one lesson that's really important for any LoA person. So many of us are focused on asking. I want to be a great musician, I want my perfect lover, I want my dream car, etc. Be more focused on giving, and more of what you want will come to you. If there's an old woman that needs help, assist her for no cost. If there's something you can do but the other person can't, lend them a helping hand. If someone wants help with figuring out dating, help them in any way you can. When you go out of your way to help, people remember. This is really related to finances, it really is. It's not a karmic spiritual cliche - it's the truth. When you offer something of value without expecting anything in return, and you do it repeatedly, the universe offers something back - a Thank You. That Thank You could come in many ways. My Real Estate coach works with me at ANY GIVEN TIME. ANY GIVEN TIME. I texted her questions on Thanksgiving, and she texted me back right away answering my questions. On Thanksgiving when everyone's off. Why? Because I helped her out of a tough situation with a homeowner for nothing. If there are people needing assistance, just give it. Give as much as you can. You'll earn respect, love, gratitude, and maybe, just maybe, someday it'll come back to you. In this age of Social Media, you never know what your next act of kindness can lead to. Alright, that's it for now. Post Comments, tell me if you agree/disagree. Ask Questions, whatever comes to you, ask away. Crazy Talk - This post might've a part 2 on a later date. We'll see. Thanks. - Light
  9. You know what, I think I *might* 've found a solution to why these constant burnouts happen to us, but I don't have a large enough sample size yet to have figured it out. I'll post it up if/when I do.
  10. You'll see that I changed my journal's title to "Lifestyle", and that video is the key reason to why. It changed my perspective in many ways. And now... action time. P.S. Super short post, I know. I'll tell you what though. Look forward to my end of the year post. This is my first year on my wealth journey and I'll post up absolutely everything I've learned. There's a megapost coming up in December.
  11. So I ran across this. Felt it might help - And since you were a teacher you might like it. A good teacher can make a good real estate professional, no doubt about it. It looks like you've got both actually - NLP information and Teacher experience. If you study for the loan exam, you'll have specialized knowledge as well. It might just be the career for you.
  12. Oh it's changed with spouse because this was taken in 2001. It can be a boyfriend, I am sure. The vast majority of successful millionaires are still committed to a girlfriend or married. There's some type of commitment. In Real Estate, my work got a lot easier when I started to work with a stay at home mom to handle my phone calls, etc. The male-female supportive dynamic is the best compliment to make things work. Notice that it says "Supportive" spouse, though. If you have a boyfriend or husband that doesn't contribute, it won't do you any good. This book actually has multiple chapters dedicated to what questions you should ask your spouse before going with it. Now the issue really is it's in rank order. Which means... having a supportive spouse is somehow important than having a career you love. This is what I found crazy. Hmm. Getting along with people might be as simple as dealing with conflicting personalities within your own business. Most millionaires are working with others, and if you can't deal with conflicts, you can't run a successful business. It's negotiation skill, which is closely related to sales skill but not quite... as Integrity is still the surprise #1. (And really, face it, there's a good amount of sales skill that's just making the product look better than it really is). I think at the end of the day it makes your business operate in harmony, like a family working together, which is what's making it work. I agree with Connections and people making things easier for you. It happens.
  13. This is straight from the Millionaire Mind, by Thomas J. Stanley, which is quite literally a gigantic study/survey done of countless Millionaires. When asked about all the factors that contribute directly to their economic success, here are the most common answers in rank order. 1. Being Honest with People #1 (tie) - Being well disciplined #3 - Getting along with People #4 - Having a supportive spouse #5 - Working harder than most people #6 - Loving my career/business #7 - Having strong leadership qualities #8 - Having a competitive personality #9 - Being well organized #10 - Having an ability to sell my ideas/products #10 (tie) - Making wise investments Right off the bat I'll say #1 is shocking. The perception that rich people often get there through manipulation etc. is thrown right out the window. Integrity is #1! Discipline, yes, sure. Getting along well with people. I can see that. Having a supportive spouse... is as high as #4. That is pretty crazy. I can see now why most of us get irritated along the journey when our dating lives don't work out. Working Hard, #5. Yep. If you can outhustle people you win the day, which in fact is higher than loving your career itself! Leadership, Competitive Personality, Being Organized, Salesmanship and Making good investments round it off. Thoughts? Surprises? By the way, Luck ranks at #27, which is pretty much close to dead last.
  14. There's no weekday in this method. Or weekend. You do it all the time. Repeatedly. If its; a holiday, you do. If you're feeling, you do. (I get it, you want a break. doesn't mean 8 hours. Maybe you want to do only 3. But you do SOMETHING). It's 2 AM, you're wide awake, you do. By sheer repitition, you will your visualization/dream into the world. In fact, you may already have done things this way and achieved something, even if it's not financial. For example, you were thinking of love everyday, and now you've been on many dates and met a variety of different guys from many walks of life. Maybe you don't have your happiness just yet, but it's one example. All the time. All the time.
  15. This is actually pretty crazy because I started studying for my Loan Officer exam this past week, Haha. I don't know how it's in the UK, but it's super useful here. Whenever a homeowner starts complaining about banks and what they do, etc. I feel like I know a heck of a lot more now in terms of busting out all the suspect acts the bank carries out for profit. The banking institution generates the greatest conspiracy theories ever because they've been caught multiple times for fraud acts, etc.because it's in their best interest to take in as much profit from the homeowner as possible. The bank owns the earth itself. You cannot buy a house without a taking a loan from the infinite money supply that a bank has. Therefore this is a good certification to have and with this power you can help Homeowners out significantly. Now I don't know how you'll balance this with your teaching? What are your teaching goals and how much time will that take? How much time will your relationship take? And can you put in time on real estate even if you want to do it part time and do it consistently enough to make profits? But you've said job? Or do you plan on abandoning teaching completely in favor of real estate? Real Estate is massive in terms of possibilities. You can have apartments, homes, condos, land and even go commercial and hit office spaces, hotels, malls, etc. Within Real Estate you'll have to pick a specialty, like this loan exam you're speaking of. If you want to do this the challenge will be Time Management and figuring out if this makes sense with your goals in life. The certification/licensing process itself is valuable. And if you do decide to commit to the Real Estate industry in UK let me know. Maybe someday years from now I'll expand internationally and we can partner up on deals.
  16. I have seen a lot of examples of these and believe this has major power. You don't take a single day off of a craft and do it daily. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. For years at a time. And doing it at that high frequency guarantees your success. This is interesting to me - as it seems to be the best way towards guaranteed achievement. Be it singing, gym, business, whatever it is you do. Sustained commitment for years. Daily. Your craft becomes like a religion for you.
  17. Light


    This is an immensely useful technique. Along your entrepreneurship journey you'll likely find yourself studying some material - and this is the most effective way to make sure that material sticks with you. A great teacher is the best student! Simple yet effective.
  18. Okay, you need to decide on several things, really commit, and keep at it. Any time I didn't commit to something, I got nowhere. I feel like this may be an issue for you - and if you're looking for romance you gotta learn to commit to yourself first. ----- So in my opinion ( There may be more, I'll list a few ) : What's attractive is: Physical Aspect or Wardrobe Energy Social Prowess Professional Prowess Purpose You can fling the order around all you want, but in some order that's attractive. Your body - have you played sports, been to the gym, etc? You have to keep in great shape especially if you're getting up there in age as you claim. Commit to this. If you're serious, commit to some kind of routine here. Wardrobe - I said OR wardrobe. It's rare to find people have both together barring celebrity status. You could have both, no doubt about it. You'll have to decide and prioritize. Your profession - The Real Estate Millionaires in my industry can get a date with a classy woman, just by their professional prowess - they're at the top, in news articles, magazines, etc.. You gotta know this guy. There's social prowess - like being part of a club and the most social person about. You can even be into social media and have your own site. Facebook? Many ways to go about this, especially today. There's energy - some people give off such great energy you want to be around them all the time. Some people come across as hot purely by energy, as well. This sounds easy but it's really just as difficult as building yourself up in the gym, as you constantly have to be in a certain great mood, give off great vibes, etc. There's purpose - the visionaries, people moving towards a higher vision, goal or purpose - be it for the community or having a purpose for themselves. Which parts do you plan on having together? Which parts do you not? What can you do to improve yourself? etc. Where do you meet guys? One easy answer is your Location. Location. Location. At the end of the day, I imagine if you live in downtown of a big city or in a small town somewhere, your prospects are completely different. By the way, you may enjoy the small town feel more. I don't know. Where is your fulfillment? You decide. I'll say right now the competition is downtown Los Angeles is like the social olympics compared to this small city I live in which is about 40 minutes away. You need to look around you and decide if that's where you want to be. You don't need advanced Cold Approach skills? You seem to think that you do. Start a conversation. You'll know the guy's interested or not. Just start the damned conversation. I'll tell you a secret right now: Guys like it when the girl starts the conversation. It's like a pleasant surprise. There's nothing to fear. Criteria You need a criteria to work with, and go with that. What do you want in a guy? What are something things you NEED to have, that you CANNOT do away with? And some things that would be just nice like cherry on top of your cake? You'll need to have criteria if you want something real. Finances? Occupation? Hobbies? What do you need him to have? Okay, I don't want you to overload with information. That's enough in 1 post. I'll say right now though, if you don't commit you'll get nowhere. Say screw you to everything until you have this figured out and written down somewhere you can refer to it from time to time.
  19. But it's not the thoughts, is it? I mean it's not like you're repeating " I LOVE ACNE" or I am repeating "I AM LOSING ALL MY HAIR YES YES". Lol. It's either something we eat, something we do, immense stress or the use of technology having side effects. Positive thinking is great and everything, but you're going to have downs during the journey, which in turn creates stress - because, face it, without thinking of a solution, taking action, and having sheer faith in ourselves, what more can we do? Does that mean during our downs (which is unavoidable during a journey) we're prone to things such as acne or hair loss? I don't know, it's possible.
  20. Great book for entrepreneurs, leaders, and winning in life. If you suffer with any victim mentality patterns at all, this book will do away with them. Jocko was a Navy Seal, and some of his experiences in the power of leadership will astonish you. And just to honor this book - I won't write anymore today. I am getting to work. #Power of Action Rock Out - Light.
  21. I used to get hair loss through this. There's something about the Theta waves that if you listen to too much can create side effects. I ended up cutting back on the time and it turned out okay. Restricted it to some 20 minutes of visualization. Doesn't make a difference in terms of growth and progression really - so long as you do it daily.
  22. Throat represents communication. It could mean that you need to resolve something w/them through communication?
  23. Athena, I referred you to Mastery - but yes, that it's done by the same author, Robert Greene. He's a true master of Western Civilization. I think I glossed through this book back in the day, I'll have to reread it at some point. I think the problem I found with some of those methodologies is that I had to be accomplished one way or another. Stalin had his own thing,, Rasputin his own style, Casanova his own. That being said I couldn't just choose and pick and decide. It's more of something I had to discover along the journey. What works for me may not work for Jerry. What works for him may not work for Loozid, etc. It's a road to discovery.
  24. Holy crap. Your last post is almost exactly the type of stuff I used to do last year. It's like a freaky deja vu moment. I am curious to see how this develops and what decisions you end up making.
  25. Light


    Man, I have always wondered about this. Has anyone here tried visualizing something, anything to success? The way this guy did it is so specific it's impressive. The date, and everything. In terms of wealth, I am focused and putting in the work everyday - so eventually that should lead to success, but things like this have me curious. On one end I don't want to control where I go (for the surprises life has to offer), but on the other end I figure I can visualize something that can make me ecstatic? Mostly wondering if I can get WAY MORE out of life through visualizations, and good strategies to go about it.
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