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  1. Can you make a vid for this george? Continually and safely activating all your DNA strands, and ascending towards infinite love and light. Thanks.
  2. Lol, I keep reading this... what's wrong with it? These people appreciate what you are, and are attracted to your energy. Sure, you don't want them back, but why try to stop people from appreciating the beautiful being that you really are? You really ought to be flattered. At least, I still am when it happens to me. All you owe them is a "Thanks, but no thanks" sort of response. Appreciate that they're attracted to you, but turn them down. Turning them down is for some reason seen as a negative, but in reality you're doing THEM a favor by telling them you two wouldn't be compatible. This way the guy can move on and find someone who is compatible to him.
  3. You should just release a product on this, George. Would sell well.
  4. In spirituality, there are certain types of kids known as the "Indigo Kids", who are born with their psychic abilities already open. I have met a girl personally that said she naturally always had the ability. Most of us have to open the third eye through meditation, though.
  5. Sex, like anything else in life, needs to be done in moderation. That is likely why you feel nauseated. This should apply for men too. All great people practiced sexual transmutation and were generally monogamous. Unfortunately, us westerners have descended as a society and that's why we now literally have Iggy Azalea shaking her ass and getting millions of hits. At the rate western civilization is going with all these PUA's around, western society will literally descend into orgies everywhere. Also, George, if this vid's being made, can you include affirmations on lustful thoughts being redirected into productivity? Thanks.
  6. I think you mean Sexual Transmutation, here.
  7. Mid Week 3 - I am really comfortable socially. In fact, I feel uncomfortable talking to just one person for an extended period of time in crowds... I want to keep moving and feel like I have to conquer the entire room and get to know everyone. It's gotten really easy to make friends, and I can tell some are perhaps a little intimidated by my charisma. I have also figured out the obvious secret - If you love people, they will love you back. That's it. Love them unconditionally. There's no other secret to charisma. Understand that they all have their own concerns, their own things in life that they need to work on, their own insecurities, etc. and every negative action they take is to get fulfillment. I have been reading up on Objections. I haven't actually tried persuading anyone for anything yet, but college starts on Thursday and I am certain I'll find myself in those situations pretty damned soon.
  8. I feel like you're really looking for spirituality here - that is, fulfillment. "I am fulfilled", "I am the past, present, and future." and "I am abundant in loving relationships." are probably the 3 most powerful affirmations. Also add - - I am clarity - because your conscious mind confuses you too much. - I am an infinite being - cause you are. - I love and accept myself 100% - Once you do, people will have no option but to love you.
  9. - Obstacle breaking master - Superhuman balance, coordination and spiderman like agility - Gravity defying jumping and intuitively practicing SAFETY (very important) - ability to climb anything at all - tallest of buildings, mountains, trees, etc. - Acrobatics. Back flips, front flips, etc - Freerunning. Great endurance runner. Would be great if all these are included in Superhuman Parkour/Freerunning. Thanks.
  10. I am going to keep track of my progress under this product. Currently, I am a quiet, introverted sort of guy. I can talk fine in groups, but obviously nowhere near the level Hutton's product claims I can get to. My goal's to eventually be as influential as all those famed charismatic Cult Leaders, that could move the masses and make them do the most absurd stuff (of course, I don't have bad intentions, but that sort of power will be cool). Having the sort of confidence in my conversational skills in where I know I can go anywhere and come out with exactly what it is that I want. College starts in a week, so I'll be able to test out how this product's working. I'll run this for 3 months at least (until the end of the quarter), and see how it changes my life. "Give me 10 minutes to talk away my ugly face and I'll bed the Queen of France" - Voltaire And unlike him, I am one hot guy. Week 1. I can already feel some changes. I am more open to people and a lot of guys seem to just wave or be more open to a conversation with me. I am definitely feeling a lot more comfortable in public spaces and crowds.
  11. Live long, be rich, and be happy mate! You deserve it!
  12. Can we get a Journals Forum too? I want some place where people can track their progress and other people see how they did and what they've learned from their experiences. Thanks George!
  13. Good post. I agree with just about everything you said. Once I started listening to Hutton's seduction vids my intuition with everything seduction went up big time. I started noticing all those little clues girls drop and the way they say hi, they way they talk differently, etc. I was clueless the entire time and I think I missed out on a lot of fun! Lol. And I don't plan on lying/cheating on women or whatever. That messes them up too much and in turn creates a lower vibrational society. I don't want that, but I do like the idea of having sexual abundance... cause who doesn't?
  14. All those vids at the same time huh? I have never tried that. Thanks for the tip.
  15. I keep reading different definitions of this word... so what really is it? What makes some people sexually magnetic? How does one create sexual magnetism?
  16. Wait, which video did you use to get that girl react like that in front of you? From my experience they only show interest, not actually approach and give numbers. Lol.
  17. I was wondering if this would be available at all. I wanted to mix some of these vids together in Audacity but the Theta waves get too strong in the background. Is there any way to get the script for some of these vids without Theta waves? Thanks.
  18. So I noticed there were quite a few vids on seduction but none combining all aspects of seduction. It's either on being Alpha like or being good in bed, but not both. Ideally this vid would have - - Women LOVE me. Powerful Sex Magnetism/Raw Charisma. A balance of earth's sexual energy and universal love energy, as stated here - https://www.shamanicattraction.com/definitions/what-is-animal-magnetism - Having an abundance of love and great sex life. Being a charismatic Alpha, taking action/living life on purpose. Having an abundance of dating choices. - Superhuman immunity to STD's Would be great if all this was possible in one video.
  19. You already are sexy, and so is everyone. Being hot is knowing you're hot, and loving yourself completely. I know a girl that is physically hot but is also extremely insecure about her body and not all that happy. You'd feel a lot better listening to a self love video and also attract plenty of male attention at the same time. Just my .02
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