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  1. We are music. Yogis invented mantras for this specific reason - Repeat the right mantra and you'd see a desire fulfilled. Be this superpower, money, love, life, or self-realization. 


    A song sung with a very pure and angelic voice can raise everyone's consciousness and usher us into a Golden Era. Essentially mainstream consciousness needs a musical revolution, and from there everything could trickle down the right way. 

  2. Sure. Inigo Swann was said to have run into one while grocery shopping. All kinds of otherworldly beings exist, including Reptilians, but human beings have the ability to protect themselves from these creatures. 


    It's only the Government that fears these things due to their own lack of spiritual/psychic prowess. You or anyone that's been around these corners should've come across the knowledge on how to protect yourself. 

  3. I feel the one mistake these types of sites make is assuming humans are computers in any way shape or form. These are merely machines that human beings built for convenience. Human Beings are Magicians, more creators. They create worlds at will. 


    My understanding still is that the newborn child is perfect. And from there society starts compiling poop into the newborn's intelligence. 


    I guess I am asking the question that all society just sort of assumes to be true - would a newborn child raised in the forests and wilds eventually turn into a human being with low level intelligence? I am questioning the basic premise. How is that possible? If society is the one who programs it, then a child raised with no programming would have supreme potential!


    Food for thought. 

  4. It most likely won't, as technology is somewhat limited. The best conclusions typically come without it, on your own. 


    At most you would use the computer to run a certain sound, such as AUM, but that's about it. The main issue being the vibration of the speaker impacts you a little too much. As it's not literally an angel speaking through the video, it won't do you as much good in terms of far insight. 

  5. I have been to other forums where they speak of different realms of beings. The Sanctuary of Kin might enlighten you on these things. But there are worlds that look completely fantasy-like. 


    This would mean there is no such thing as fiction. Even a fiction author is LITERALLY channeling stories from other realms that actually do exist on the etheric planes of being. 


    At present, I am trying to figure out how these types of realms materialize into reality. Objects, buildings, even races and species of beings. 


    The biggest possibility. the largest grandest possibility I have realized is that everything that we have dreamt about can actually be real. This is what you are creators generally means. If there is a God, then we as God's children would have Goldy abilities. 


    I started the Society of Co-creation for that purpose, even if Skye's been busy lately. Through collective thought, we can literally materialize into reality these realms that seem entirely fictional. 




    I would like further knowledge of this materialization. I know sound has a lot to do with it. But how does sound create these types of situations is the big question. Can I release sound waves with that intent to create these situations and conditions? 


    I do not understand what multidimensionality is. Can you expand on this further? I know we have multidimensional personalities, but what does it mean to lead a multidimensional existence precisely?

  6. It could be a very broad guided meditation to focus our energy on the space of land and visualize it coming alive. 


    Towards the end it could have a summoning protection part, where any being of the meditator's choosing is summoned to protect that area... be it Angels, Divine, Love, etc. 


    It would be direct Creation of life. And who knows... maybe we learn a thing or two about Creation from this meditation. 


    To create the feeling of... Awe. Create something we couldn't have believed was possible, or something that would break our perception of reality. 


    Starting it off with a realxation script, followed by visualization with nature sound music in the background, and then calling us back out of that space we've affected.


    In this chapter of Yogananda's biography, it speaks of a golden palace coming out of nowhere, so why not? http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/chap34.php


    It's a dream, a trick of the imagination, that is materialized with enough mental prowess. 

  7. Message me whatever it is you see because all I see is Good Intentions combined with Inaction, which in turn leads to failure. Mongolia's case proves this. In front of everyone's very eyes the economy was turned to an American style elitist one. If expansion on land is still happening from an elitist system, you will be permanently trapped. There is no way around this.


    I usually don't respond to all your posts because you present valid opinions. But the masturbation thing is more of a fact. Napoleon Hill's sexual transmutation idea, Ayurveda on Semen Retention and the No Fap experiment prove this. Masutbration is a form of sexual slavery, which is the opposite of celibacy, and just as bad (or perhaps worse). From physical strength, energy, motivation, to clear thinking it's got way way too many benefits. 

  8. What you argued is the precise issue that I am seeing in everyone.


    - Sexual Revolution is a good thing? How? Countless men now masturbate, which is no way a good thing. There's an idea floating around that masturbation is natural.... but it's well known this shortens your life span, makes you less intelligent, etc. etc. All I see is increasing numbers of men turning into drones. Sex advertising is just a form of distraction. 


    - You think it somehow makes a difference if certain people get into Metaphysics? The vast majority of these people get into


    - Conspiracy theories

    - Spiritual Teaching


    None of these Spirutal Teachers are the equivalent of Moses, Buddha, etc.


    Collectively, where is the power? Ultimately they all run straight back into the economy. How are things supposed to shift with the same system in place? The elites certainly don't think differently. If you keep separating yourselves from them, they will run the world anyway. 


    So what's the plan? If there is even one? Are we supposed to wait about until mainstream society collapses by itself?


    The source will take care of it? Why? Because we as human beings cannot? The atheist CEO that is freely destroying the planet is making more progress than this attitude will (progress straight to the planet's destruction).


    Your thought alone isn't enough. Your intention has to be followed by action. 

  9. Eh, maybe. Sort of. But not entirely.


    The most successful PUA right now is a man that calls himself DistantLight. He describes himself as a flaky supermodel. Most, or at least half of his traits are feminine... the only masculine aspect is leading, I would say. Massive Massive charisma. Or maybe even Zan Perrion, who is a full blown feminist. You have pretty much turned into half a woman at the pinnacle of success with women. 


    Even amongst politicians... Bill Clinton. Power, and then Warmth. There is always a feminine side out in the open. 


    Essentially there's internal fulfillment. You don't need a woman anymore to fulfill you, because you have now accepted all your sides and you are whole. You are complete as a person. You don't have to play hard to get, because you are hard to get. You are out of reach. Now you suddenly want something more, like a soulmate, and won't lay down with a girl just because she's good looking. 


    It essentially means the personality itself is sexless. There's a very obvious feminine and masculine side in a person that's whole and complete. 

  10. Yup. A group of beings comes to the planet and takes credit for creation? Not buying it.


    We are way too powerful to be intimidated or fooled into believing something which is not true. Taking help is often necessary because we all have weaknesses and so we are meant to grow as a family, but deception and enslavement is not acceptable, the way it happens today.


    At the same time you realize these people up there are miserable. I look at Donald Trump's face, and I sense a man with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. So it's pointless attacking them because you realize somewhere along they figured buying into the system would lead them to fulfillment, and then it did not. 


    You can say reptilians are symbolic in a certain way for all that distracts mankind from their true purpose in life and leads them directly to misery. And it's also necessary to understand that this planet, the way it is RIGHT NOW, is more interesting than any fictional work we might have read. But for this one needs to dive into the Occult and do thorough research. This is why I love these topics so much. It adds a sort of spice to life that the average 9-5er does not have. 


    I remember of 3 wars I have participated in during past lives. 


    - Rome

    - Egypt

    - Mesopotamia


    And there was a lot more going in terms of the Supernatural and the Occult than what is presented in our textbooks today, just like our modern day events. 

  11. I noticed this in my experiments with sex videos. Here's what was happening.


    For the sex magnet ones, a lot of women would behave oddly and the younger women - like around their mid to late teens, would get SUPER EXCITED. 


    I wondered why? And then I understood. At that age, you're only concerned with societal programming, and you don't really know what sex really. is. 


    Similarly, the one on relationships, healthy relationships, social seduction, etc. had different results.


    But they were pretty consistent: at the end of the day women just want to be loved, and at younger ages they don't realize this because of societal programming. Older more mature women realize this, but by that time they've been manipulated plenty and many of them have a sort of jaded view on life. 


    Last week, I read only about 4% of American women actually feel they're beautiful.


    The men are saying INSTANT SEX, masturbating, completely clueless and the women themselves don't feel beautiful at all. Cosmetic surgeries galore... when all they really need is an emotional surgery. So who's winning? You can agree/disagree on sex, and that's fine, but it's important to recognize how societal hypnosis will slowly lead us to ruin. In tantra, sex needs to have the great depth of relationship between man and women to have the highest pleasure. So even from a pleasure standpoint, you don't win out. Iggy Azalea's videos mostly point at her ass, more so than produce great music. And this trend will kill relationships and real sexual enjoyment in the long run. 


    Even the average person's needs and desires right now, on this site, at least partially, might have been decided by societal hypnosis. Imagine that for a second. You come in here, and you go straight for what society has told you is fulfilling, and you don't really know what you truly find fulfilling. Society has even determined that for you: You cannot have fulfillment until you truly have a nice ass! Says...who? Seduction can happen through the eyes alone. The eyes are the window to your soul... and the ass the window to... shit. 




    Brain. Blast.



    I am doing quite the opposite from what I used to. I am going straight for the mainstream. Rebelling against the mainstream won't do much in the big picture. It's best if we take what we have learned and empower the mainstream. Why can't every single one of us be the celebrity, the role model? Then we would have Gods and Goddesses walking about everywhere, and then the planet would look the way it was meant to. The world would be a whole lot more interesting if we all just met our God-like potential, and the present state of affairs does not allow that. 

  12. There is also another level of esoteric knowledge, which says energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Whenever a man experiences orgasm, all that energy has actually went into forming an astral chord about that woman, and this chord gets thicker and thicker with repeated intercourse...eventually giving birth to a child. 


    So whether the woman likes it or not, the kind of woman who has multiple sex partners has multiple astral tubes coming out of her... and all that astral matter has to be cleared through energy work which can take YEARS of work, or else it starts weighing down upon the woman.  


    This is why people naturally judge a woman who has done it with many partners, and why there is a natural repulsion to these sorts of beings. For the sake of having a society of healthy, beautiful women, at the very least, this sort of behavior has to go. 

  13. It wouldn't work right away in that format. Well, it can. Let me see how it could work...


    First everyone would have to be a content producer. Whatever format that may be, be it through blog and/or Youtube. I have decided to start off with a blog, post daily, and go on that way. Once there are enough followers, I'll head to Youtube. Video Editing takes some time, so I don't want to spend too much time on that for now. Once I get to the point of say 10k subscribers and/or 5k per month - which, byt he way, will take time, I will look that way.


    Ultimately, we can link to each other and all get incoming traffic through our individual content, so it'll be like a chain/series of interconnected sites/entities that are rising in power together. 


    Having everyone work one day is something you work towards, but it will still take time. 


    Right now it's me and you. Add Amazo and you have a Trio. And then after that add other people. I'll start a list soon enough...


    Also, list your weaknesses, not just your strengths. Know thyself completely. 

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