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    Two weeks ago, out of curiosity, I took a rock, put headphones about it, and started playing the Venusian frequency through this rock.

    The rock has ever since started changing color, and the scent of the rock smells sweet.



    The ancient art of alchemy, if it works, would change the entire planet for good. It's something worth looking into - transmuting ordinary rocks into precious metals. The change of color and scent by running a simple frequency indicates it can be done. If water and rice can be purified, why can't a rock's composition be changed?


    If anyone's willing to run similar experiments, let me know, and post up your results. Sound vibrations, frequencies and various mantras can be found on Youtube.

  2. Light
    For those who aren't familiar with the term 528 hz, this is a certain frequency of music, otherwise known as the "love frequency". There are several meditations on Youtube based upon this kind of music. On the surface this would appear as only applying to the human body BUT, as it turns out, all life on the planet responds the same way to this frequency.



    John Hutchinson actually did test out the 528 HZ on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He could seriously use some help. There is not a single part of this planet that could not be healed directly through the 528 hz frequency. WHy isnt this mainstream after the obvious success?



    I would really like to know how the symbolic devil's been repressing all this knowledge. Where is it going? There is no clean water problem whatsoever, all across the globe. Clearly, there is some form of threat being used to repress this knowledge. Anytime this is presented to mainstream society, there is an entire FORCE of people that directly jump upon this and call it "quackery". I haven't seen this much fear before to repress something that truly works. (well, outside of Nikola Tesla and Emoto's findings, but that's another story).

  3. Light
    "In 330 BC, after Alexander the Great invaded
    India, he brought back reports of seeing a great hissing dragon living in a cave, which people were worshiping as a god.[4] One of Alexander the Great's lieutenants (Onesicritus) stated that the Indian king Abisarus kept serpents that were 120 and 210 feet long.[5]Subsequent Greek rulers are said to have brought dragons back alive from Ethiopia.[6] "


    Today I read Creationism wiki, because heck why not? As it turned out, my discoveries were a bit disconcerting. Dragons are thought of being dinosaurs, which means they never really went extinct as we have been told (or fooled) by mainstream media. Alexander stopped in India, not because he was "tired", but because he saw something awe-inspiring. There are a few other sources that report similar events regarding Alexander and Dragons.



    Dinosaurs are most likely just... dragons. This would mean that the 65 million year case never really happened. I would like to remote view this incident at some point. No one yet has attempted to reconstruct the past through Remote Viewing, but this is entirely possible now. Something to think about as we dive deeper into the reality of this planet.

  4. Light
    So I have been wondering for quite some time now... is it possible to alter entire landscapes through thought power alone? A desert slowly producing vegetation, or make trees produce fruit, or something of that effect happening in all places...this would turn around the planet really fast. And I mean really fast. At the very least, I am certain it is easy to alter weather conditions around an area, setting up any landscape for possible life.


    I would like to do an experiment of Collective Intention, if people are down. We can together pick a small area of land and notice the results of this experiment. Ideally it would be a land where conditions are bad. Through collective intent we would meditate daily for 40 days on the spot of land *people can do it in their own free times), and the results of before and after can be recorded.


    I know the Atlanteans did this (altering everything around to their liking), and it is said that all human beings have this power within them as Creators.

  5. Light
    This Blood Moon is no joke. It simply doesn't happen every often. Note that the Jews have used this brilliantly, as stated by one of their Rabbis today -.

    In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain and Columbus discovered America, which would become a safe haven for the Jewish people.
    In 1948, Israel was re-born as a nation.
    And in 1967, Israel recaptured Jerusalem during the Six-Day War

    So this is no real joke. Any intention you want to set for global and personal change, now is the time.


    I am aiming for a Global Creative Revolution. The only thing that can save this globe is creativity. Once this happens, everyone will start their own brands, their own products, their own inventions, their own little ways of solving the planets problems. The elite can only rule if wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, and nor dispersed into countless movements, businesses, trade organizations, etc. If everyone simply explodes their own unique brand of creative content, our issues will be well on way to solving themselves, as everyone will slowly end up doing precisely what it is they were meant to do.



    Capture the Creator within.

  6. Light
    I don't see it. Hence I ask. The idea of the "shift", for those that are not familiar, is the idea that we're somehow shifting to the 5th Dimension as a planet.


    So I will need an explanation or something. Some kind of pointed clues to this. At the present moment, all I see is mental masturbation. A state where people think up something and then take no action in that direction.


    I see no changes in the Government, the Media, and mainstream society in general.


    Really, if 10,000 New Agers band together and speak about this shift, nothing at all will happen. There is nothing being produced, nothing created, nothing to indicate there is any hope for future generations.


    Yeah, maybe I sound a tad pessimistic about our planet's future, but where is the evidence?

  7. Light
    The power of 3 has to be taken note. For anyone remotely familiar with Biblical Myth, it was three wise men... or three Magi, that visited Jesus. This is a case of divining the future and predicting his birth at the right time (likely using Astrology). They were Occultists and consultants of the King.


    Why does mainstream Christianity so clearly reject Magic and call witchcraft demonic? This does not make sense.


    Was Magic not being practiced during the times of Moses?



    The Pharoah and High Priests gather about, having a competition to see who can create the most powerful snake. Note... snake. This might even be a reference to the Kundalini serpent. Moses emerges victorious.


    And of course, the people follow the most powerful, and the nation of Israel is created by that one feat of power.



    Was the traversing of water not a feat of Magic as well?


    It seems the issue is that these men are placed on Pedestals, and the people of today do not realize that they too have this kind of potential.

  8. Light
    I have long been wondering if this is so far fetched. The benefit of Mantras too is that the right one can easily bring about peace of mind, IN ADDITION to attracting your desires (be they wealth, psychic ability, a beautiful wife, etc.)


    Be it Kuan Yin, One for Compassion and Mercy



    or Kali's ferocity, one for the Occult Arts



    Different Images attract different ways, and each one has a mantra that radiates their respective imagery. Depending on the person's temperament, the right image can be picked to work with for a specified desire or purpose. These Archetypal Energies have been provided for our benefit. Repition of certain sounds get us into that perfect frequency which transmute our energies and change us forever, for the better... in addition to attracting our various desires.


    Unfortunately, only the Tibetan, Indian, and various Eastern traditions have lived on. The Egyptian and Greek pantheons along with their respective music is now lost. It will take a direct meditation to acquire the benefits of these beings. I imagine mixing mantras with subliminals will sound odd, but this is something to look into.

  9. Light
    Sometime back, I touted the benefits of Gazing at the flame, here.




    Simple process, extraordinary benefits. Today, I experience complete silence. Imagine for a second that everything that's been bothering your mind has been SHUT OFF? Sounds, Visuals, Imagery, The endless chatter. Is that even possible? Everything's shut off and then there's nothing. I am here, simply present with the flame, and my inner self is at peace. The third eye has reached a new state of being.


    The next point of this is thought of being in a state of bliss, where spontaneous feelings of joy bliss and ecstasy break out naturally form your system. The Third Eye is the center of manifestation. For now it's at peace, and later it will be at bliss, because my vision will be that much clearer. So all that will be manifested in my reality is the greatest emotion that can possibly exist, and this state will constantly be your way of being. This will also be the emotional state of the future I create for the planet.


    Clarity of vision = Now I have a clear vision of the future I would like to create = Clairvoyance, A Visionary, A Creator, has to be a Clairvoyant. As soon as the veil of darkness and delusion begin to leave you, you SEE the world for what it really is = Seer. Anyone that wishes to change the world has to be a Seer, to some extent.



    Now Elon Musk is thought of as being the greatest modern day visionary, but the issue with this is obvious. He has no psychic development. When this happens, you can only create a vision from the space of delusion. You will note this in his recent Mars interview, where he felt that dropping a nuclear bomb on the planet will somehow create an atmosphere similar to our planet. As highly intelligent as he is, so long as his vision is blurred by darkness, or the veil of societal hypnosis, he will end up doing damage... even with all of his good intentions. This in turn affects all of us, because it's the visionary that creates the plan for each and every single one of us.


    Ensure you clear your Third Eye fully. To create a sustainable vision for your future, this is absolutely necessary.

  10. Light
    There's like a very masculine and feminine duality that I used to think myself of, in a way. But in reality gender isn't supposed to exist at all. We've all had past lives in both genders. Therefore, to be truly open to human experience, you will all have to activate your respective anima, or animus. This is the repressed feminine or masculine side inside of men and women.


    When activated, you experience a new type of freedom. Suddenly, it's unnecessary to chase after men or women, because now... ina strange way, you are whole and complete. I am a Man AND I am a woman.


    In me rests the kind of energy of power, authorita, and conquest.

    And also the energy of imagination, creative work, artistic appreciation, and poetry.


    Every guy has a feminine side, and every girl has a masculine side. When this side is opened up, what happens is you're that much more attractive, that much more whole, that much more complete and that much more fulfilled. Life takes on a different sort of perspective.


    Meditate with the intention of fully activating your other side, be it the anima or animus energy, and watch how you feel after doing so.

  11. Light
    The story goes back several thousand years when Arjuna roamed about the planet. Arjuna was a mythical warrior, and the Hindu Text Bhagavad Gita is written on a conversation between him and Krishna.


    Now, that aside... the one story that piqued my interest was the story of Arjuna and a woman named Uloopi (or Ulūpī ). There was a time when Arjuna spent some time in the forest, on an exile. Here, he was kidnapped by a Naga princess named Uloopi, and later seduced into having a relationship with her.


    Now, Uloopi was a shapesfhiter, out of a reptilian race of beings. This is the closest I have found in Ancient Indian myth that relates to what we call today Aliens. This could also mean that a race began here of mixed human/reptilians, which would mean that these half-beings exist today, likely without even knowing this. I'll also have to say, however, that these beings were looked down upon because they had something known as Maya Shakti - Shakti, meaning Power and Maya, meaning illusions. The power to create illusions.



    And this is why I feel an odd sort of suspicion to this movement that has taken hold of the new age. There is a very high chance that modern day New Age movement's followers are being fooled into a believe a theory that is completely created for the benefit of the Reptilian Race. Intuitively, this is making a ton of sense to me because not a single one of these ET/Alien worshippers are anywhere near as powerful as true monks, sages, magicians, etc. So what's happening? It seems that this is a system to push forward the reptilian agenda under the illusion that they are the true creators of humanity.



    But... but... but they have advanced technology! Realize that advanced technology does not necessarily mean progress. Technology that disempowers us is not a good thing. The Human Being through his or her natural powers can do far more than technology. Through my psychic power, I can make money off of the stock market, without the use of any software or ninjatrading mathematics. This is an example where our own natural power surpasses any technology. Technology was only created to make our lives easier, and an Alien Civilization with advanced technology is nothing special at all.


    Now, if you have been in contact with Aliens, do just one thing: Monitor your growth, and your progress very very carefully. Us modern day humans are so cut out from our divine potential that it is very easy to fall under a trap such as this one.

  12. Light
    Serious Question. There are hungry artists out there that can do great work, and yet it is Miley Cyrus with a net worth of 160 Million Dollars?


    What's going on? Why is all society so hypnotized by people that are leading mainstream society directly to pornography?


    Miley Cyrus. Nicki Minaj. Why is mainstream music degrading every year? As all of us know from this site, music can literally make the difference between a highly productive, intelligent, attractive person and a sex obsessed masturbation rat. How did this happen? Who exactly is controlling the music industry, and why precisely are we decade after decade degrading to mainstream pornography?

    If anyone's ever read Brave New World, this is precisely what is taking place in society today. Every single person will end up as soulless sex drones, at the present rate. This is a terrifying trend that needs to be reversed instantly. I have nothing against any of these artists, but this is what makes the average 12 year old's ambitions today: to be in the shoes of one of these people. Can we perhaps unite and send a wave of higher consciousness towards the music industry? In addition to this, concrete action has to be taken to change the entertainment industry. We want Shakespeares and Mozarts, not Miley Cyrus's and Nicki Minaj's. The artist, the musician, the actor, etc. can make or break an entire nation due to the mass influence each and every one of them exert over the mainstream.

  13. Light
    Is lifting weights the only way to go? How is it that monks eat in moderation and create such massive strength?



    Try doing this for hours. Or even a few minutes, really. Build an unbeatable mind, and seemingly anything is possible. You have learned to dominate yourself, and so dominating the world around you becomes that much easier.


    What is perhaps necessary then is a program to get ourselves into absolute peak shape, through mind and body. For this several methods of training were invented, be they Yoga, Martial Arts, Shaolin, etc.


    The result, however, is obvious. Once these techniques are perfected and practiced daily, we turn into the Creators we were meant to be. Pharmaceutical medicine would be permanently eliminated, and nature alone would be enough to heal us all.


    A mind operating so fast that it can grasp and produce anything almost instantaneously and a body operating at such great levels where everyone could be running about like a Spiderman or Captain America. What a world would that look like?


    Following this post I'll be discussing training methods I have tried and training methods everyone else could do to get themselves into mythical shape, as that is my dream: turn each and every one of you seemingly into Gods and Goddesses that can create a beautiful planet on your own and conquer all evils. While I am at this, I will take a quick moment to link everyone to a similar program that has been created, known as Real Anime training.




    This program is only limited to physique, but I plan on doing the mind as well. Either way, it gets all Creators just that much closer to cutting off the symbolic Hydra that holds this world from its true nature.


  14. Light
    I didn't expect to write her after forming my Society of Co-Creation, but I will keep writing here. Maybe even daily. It occurred to me that simply putting my thoughts down like this is therapeutic and helps me think better. So, here we go.



    Astrologers as we know predict people's futures, but Astrologers of the past also did something more. They were think tanks. They could, with a very high degree of accuracy, see the future in all matters of the state including war, politics, crop production, etc.


    The closest thing to this all inclusive use of Astrology today, perhaps, is in a Society of Astrologers named Magi Astrology. The group can even predict the financial markets.



    It has even issued an on site challenge for those that question their competency. This is perhaps the most productive use I have seen of an Occult Art. Used and mastered over enough time, there is no real limit on the resources and financial success a Magi Astrologer could acquire.


    What other practical ways are there to use the Occult Arts for the benefit of ourselves and the planet? There's the lost art, Alchemy. There's also superhuman training, which has mostly stayed a secret in between the Shaolin Monks, Ninjas, and Hatha Yogis.


    For Civilization to recover and reach its golden age, all of the Occult Arts have to become mainstream, so that the beauty of our society can be restored once and for all.

  15. Light
    I have delivered the message to Amazo and Skye. Was this clear? If you can even for a second ask yourself... "What message did Light want me to recieve?", and write it down, I am curious to see the result. If nothing happened at all, post that down too... but I am certain something or the other did happen. If for whatever reason it failed, I will try new methods.


    Skye is our organizer, so a lot of this information will have to be organized somewhere. Anyway, here's my Intuitive Writeup


    Basic Needs for all members


    Food, Water, and Shelter



    All this, I have realized, can be attained through owning a house with a nice enough backyard/front lawn conducive to urban gardening/farming methods. Through this, at the very least, everyone can have their own homestead and a clearing space for producing their own food through the comforts of their own. As organic food today is so rare, excess food can even be sold for money. A homestead is essentially a mini civlization, so you can always creatively decorate it and invite the entities/beings in your life that you wish for, ranging from angels to roosters. Having a living space of one's own with room to play is permanent security.


    So I'd ask, where does everyone live? Geographic areas and figuring out the precise timing for foreclosured or bankowned prices going for very little amounts would help immensely. A house going for extraordinarily cheap prices can be done through purity of intention as well.


    So it's essential that we all work on manifesting ourselves a homestead, if none of us actually have one yet.



    The second is a stable source of income, however little or grand that may be. I figured through content creation we'll all have the necessary money. The main issue, of course, is the blog idea doesn't provide enough for us to collectively work on it in the beginning. So my suggestion is that each one start their own content production method - be it a blog, Youtube Channel, or whatever that may be, and press on with it until a decent amount of money is earned through this source (however much you deem to be fulfilling and/or necessary.).


    If everyone starts a blog or channel to resolve world issues, our collective works could merge and turn into a newsblog, or a newschannel, a very special kind that dives deep into occult maters and produces viable content through proper research and intuitive journaling. In this way we could eventually make it big. I would also like to mention that if you already have a natural talent and you feel it can be turned into production - USE IT. A blog came first to me because I am naturally a writer. As I blog more about world issues, my intelligence will naturally develop in that direction, so it all works out for me. TheDonadada could literally start an Astrology blog and turn into a Prophet. Take your collection of talents and develop them fully.


    So in sum,


    - Homestead for all.

    - News blog proposal, that begins from individual creations. The Huffington Post makes 200 Million in annual revenue. We do need to make anywhere near as much, but if we set the intent to make even 1% of that, take out the tax money and still - THIS WILL BE PLENTY FOR ALL INVOLVED.


    That should take care of the security issue. It will not come over night, but it can happen given enough time and sufficient work. Our collective intention meditations to ensure the individual's success will create faster progress for all that are involved. There is no skipping the work, but at least we can ascertain this does not take a lifetime to achieve.





    - I have listed Skye and Amazo. If Donadada wants in he's welcome. That will make 3-4 members to begin. I want to keep it short and selective. Quality over Quantity. I rather have 10 committed people than a 100 wishy washy ones.

    - This will most likely be my last blog post here. I will move to another site and start making money through my writing there.

    -To communicate here on forth, we'll likely have to use Google Docs or start our own forum.

    Celestial Beings such as Angels and Celestial Creatures, or even Aliens that have PURE INTENT, are welcome to join.

    - I do have the power to install an Astral Telepathic barrier around everyone to keep them away from harm. That being said, not even I can predict the unpredictable. So keep a watch on your surroundings at all times.

    - In the new forum or Google Doc, we will keep track of every member's spiritual progress and strengths/weaknesses to be aware of the possibilities. Once we know each other in and out, true progress becomes possible.


    But yes, if we keep at it, Home and Income security is very possible, which will enable us to turn our FULL FOCUS into world building. Until that's happened our attention will likely be divided between the two, which might mean more work, but in the end it'll all be worth it.


    What'dya'll think?

  16. Light
    Whelp, what do you guys think?


    We will communicate over the internet, of course, but we need other forms of communication as well... and Telepathy is by far the fastest and most effective form. In case there's someone in danger and we don't know about it, adopting a Telepathic ritual is the way to go. If everyone's open to it, I would like to run an experiment of sending each of you messages, and everyone else in this group can try it as well. So long as your channel of communication is open to messages from me, it should work through the power of intention.


    If everyone's down, we can put this test into play. I will send each one of you messages, and you can all post it in my blog if you felt as if you received a message directly from me, and what this message was. In this way, I would know it's working. Once everyone sends a "Yes", I can begin.

  17. Light
    I don't think much needs to be said. The world will be a vastly different place if this doesn't stop and reverse itself immediately. Collective Intentions, Actions... the globe needs a plan of action for this one.

  18. Light
    I am certain, everyone's having the moment... what do I want to do? Here, let me help, construct your own Mythical Page!


    Your subconscious processes things through images. All you have to do is describe your higher self, your true core frequency or self, through that image, with all the abilities you wish to have, and then meditate to this (or self-hypnotize), and then your subconscious heads you in that direction. As an example, here is Spiderman's Page.




    He has his base of operations. His powers, abilities, and equipments. His skills and abilities. His team affiliations (You are all affiliated to the Society of Co-Creation, at least.
    ) , his love interests, his personality. etc. etc.


    You can write down the dream fulfilling life you want on this page, in the sense that he is already leading it, and your subconscious mind will put you on the path of deliverance. For this, you will have to carefully meditate to your needs and desires first, to ascertain that you're in alignment with your highest true good, and then move forward. And that's it. Since you're literally meditating and asking your subconscious to be YOU, in your MYTHICAL FORM, in the form we were born as... Creators... what can possibly go wrong? You now have it all, and don't have to jump around listening to multiple hypnosis sessions like a rabbit.

  19. Light
    Blogs that earn the most Income


    1. The Huffington Post - $21.8 Million

    2. Mashable - $11.5 Million

    3. Techcrunch - $10.8 Million



    Youtube Stars with the most Income


    1. PewdiePie - $7 Million

    2. Lewis & Simon - $6.7 Million

    3. Smosh - $5.7 Million



    Really, some of these numbers are fascinating. All for Blogging and Youtubing, things you can do from the comforts of your home. What of a profession that handles world issues? How much would that make? The Top 20 of both Youtube and Blogging are over the million dollar mark .Take out taxes and you're still at a very, very high mark.


    Imagine, for a second, that we all are creating daily content, be it through blog and/or Youtube works, and are setting the collective intention that each one of us rakes in enough to fulfill ourselves financially.. what could happen? It'd make our work somewhat easier, and the collective intentions would make our collective personal financial lives a success, thereby giving us plenty of time for world-saving.


    That's just a thought. Assuming anyone has yet to decide a steady/proper source of income.

  20. Light
    Proposed Rules


    1. Our goal is to work for the welfare of societies across the globe, setting up the road to a global utopia, where everyone is well fed, taken care of, and leading utterly and completely magical, adventurous, and prosperous lives. Where every person is leading a life like a dream come true, like a movie.

    2. Collective Intent is Omnipotence. That being said, the power of a few can be equated to the power of millions put together, through the currency of Willpower. Willpower is all that is necessary for success. As such, the more work you put into yourself, the more successful we will be put together. The more work you put into yourself, the more mythical shall your adventures be.

    3. Everyone in the society is an equal, so leave your ego at the door. As we’ll all be empowering each other, arrogance can happen, and this is to be eliminated immediately. The stories on how arrogance eventually lead to a person or state’s downfall are innumerable. If you ever have a moment where you genuinely feel the need to be arrogant, ask me for help and I shall post real life stories up on the necessity of humility.

    4. We will hold collective intent meditations every now and then. Anyone in the society can suggest one. Ensure, however, that the intent is as specific and as precise as possible. The Devil is in the details. The intent also needs to be as pure as possible, free from all ego.

    5. As we’re also ensuring each other’s growth, it’s fine for anyone to post personal requests. While this will not be our focus, it makes no sense for any single Creator to be unfulfilled. At the very least, every Creator should have food and shelter. Ideally, every Creator is leading their dream life.

  21. Light
    “The world of technocracy, being incapable of affording each individual the opportunity of satisfying his hunger and thirst at the moment desired by his body, has tried to force him into its own schedule based on nothing but this world’s own helplessness, and then attempted to justify this compulsion in the name of some sort of ‘efficiency’." - Anastasia, the Ringing Cedars of Russia


    This is a highly Mystic Civilization, with ongoing Alien Contact. Or one can simply say, the one that abides with Laws of all nature.



    And this our man-made technocracy. Where we essentially, over time, hand it to the machines.


    On one end is a mystical utopia, and on another a technocrat utopia. Civilization has been steadily degrading over the period of the past few thousand years, and this is supposedly where we have come to, where Subliminals are needed to re-assert our basic powers. The ancient mystical utopia pose no threat to nature, while our modern day one does. Seemingly, there is no end to Mystical possibilities, while in the man made technocracy, machines and robots eventually replace men for good. I really no longer see this march of technology as a positive thing. Any opinions?

  22. Light
    In the Roman Era, a Knight watches his daughter joyfully skip across the fields. The captivating smile, her mesmerizing charm, are more than enough to fulfill that knight in the very moment... before he goes off to do the unthinkable. Off he goes into the crowds, joyfully, happy... ready to take the center stage, and be hanged. As his life force leaves his body, he knows he has lived a fulfilled life.


    Today in the Energy Center I go to sat two other men doing a past life regression, and we were all transported to Ancient Rome. One of the men was an executioner during the same era, and he cried after the session ended. I, on the other hand, was perfectly happy. The last man was too fearful to explore his full memory.


    Now, on the surface, I died.. but I died happy. It was clear that I was protesting something, and got hung for it. The executioner, on the other hand, followed his era's teachings, and well... his soul is suffering for his actions till this day.


    Mind Blowing. I wonder how many such souls are suffering today, allowing the government decide their actions?

  23. Light
    Anyone hear of Chris Goode? This quote should tell you a little bit -


    In a nut shell, we are a composite of a lot of different races, 22 to be exact. It is a physiological fact that there are 22 different body types on the planet. And that is the result of the extraterrestrial races.


    The new Snowden has essentially worked for the Gov for decades, and the things he has learned will blow your mind, on Alien intelligences and the US Gov interacting for quite some time now.


    Anyway, here is a very long thread of what he says is really happening. Enjoy the read on these beings known as the "Blue Avians".




    Curiously enough, Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars of Russia has a completely different opinion on Aliens, saying they do not possess as much power as Man, The Creator, and therefore this is simply a scheme of theirs to understand our ways and imitate natural law on planet Earth.


    Either/Or. It is interesting what the Gov hides from us. It was only last weekend that I met a man that does Remote Viewing conferences all across Arizona. In his time at the JPL, he said he witnessed enough alien-like incidences to be convinced that the Top Secret clearance level was really hiding behind the scenes. By the way... if you have any special abilities that the Gov knows of? They'll offer you a secret contract for your Occult Abilities. Isn't that curious? Hence why the "Occult", or hidden. Our own powers have been hidden from us for ages.


    The more I learn, the more I realize how much I do NOT know. Truly humbled.

  24. Light
    Anyone want to form this? A Co-Creation group? Through this group, through Collective Intents, we would be resolving global issues and creating our own dream new planet, full of magical adventures and prosperity. In theory, we can co-create anything we would like to, but there aren't enough concerned about living in a completely unreal, beautiful, and magical planet. With countless people spending time creating Tulpas, why not this?


    Collective Intent is essentially Omnipotence. Who would be able to stop us?

  25. Light
    I cannot emphasize this enough. If you do not have willpower, you will not succeed. Too often I have noticed people in hypnosis videos jumping from one track to another aimlessly. This is the nature of the mind, it's thoughts are infinite, it jumps and jumps about, irritating you endlessly. Come to an idea of a goal and stick with it, or you will find yourself in a whole lot of trouble and go nowhere at all. And willpower will come from your own work, not by hypnotizing yourself. There are no cutting corners to this.


    - May the Light be strong with you, young padawan.

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