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  1. Hey guys. This part of life I struggled for quite some time, but now that I have so many of my own principles and techniques down, I can say I am complete with this aspect of my life. Relationships with the opposite sex are smooth now, I feel as if I am in control. Dating opportunities feel abundant and I have both girls that are serious and girls that are more casual in my environment. I can play around and switch as I like. To be honest, I did not see it turning out this way. I felt I had to choose one way or another, but this method enables me to be both friends with the opposite sex and enjoy the full depth of the interaction. I had never actually enjoyed communicating with the opposite gender until now and that in itself feels satisfying. A good amount of it was me making peace with our desires as human beings and our own willingness to explore. The best part of this is it is mutually beneficial. Both sides enjoy each other during the process. So now I have what I wanted. - Abundance - Feeling of completion - Both serious and casual types in my environment - An ease when it comes to interactions - An end to my headaches. Developing yourself is a never ending journey, but this is an important milestone regardless. Big thanks to George and all the awesome content. It felt like he really hammered the belief systems into me.
  2. Light

    What is sexual magnetism?

    I keep reading different definitions of this word... so what really is it? What makes some people sexually magnetic? How does one create sexual magnetism?
  3. Light

    Fear of Emotional Pain

    I feel a lot of guys have this, especially because women society defines as being attractive often act like (or are told to act like) b*tches. Generally what happens is when a girl turns you away, guys actually experience emotional pain and suppress it. This turns guys into very heavy manipulators. They will use Psychic Seduction, Manifestation Magic, etc. However, the truth is there is a very deep and intense fear of being emotionally hurt repeatedly. Generally guys are told that this means you are not manly enough. However, EVERY guy experiences this. The thing about emotional pain is, it can be in many ways worse than physical pain. It can scar you in ways and impose belief systems that simply isn't true. The worst part is, if repeated enough, it kills your Confidence in that area of your life. For this reason it's necessary to have some sort of emotional trauma healing system by your side at all times, be it through meditation, NLP, etc. I can't emphasize this enough, because looking back now I feel this has completely changed men in whole for the worst. The cycle goes something like. You approach, fail, approach, fail, manipulate, not fail as bad, use various manipulation techniques, get it in, repeat, psychologically figure them out, and then the worst part is, once you figure it out, you look down upon women as a whole, as retaliation. They hurt me before, so now why shouldn't I? Who cares? They're all b*tches anyway. This becomes a very common way of thinking, and it's your past emotional pain speaking, not actually you. So a word of caution and advice to guys that are working on their dating skills - don't let your past emotional pain change who you are as a human being.
  4. Light

    Audio ExBoyFriend Back

    Had similar problem in the past. Key is to define what you want - your criteria. Sit down while being detached from everything, get into a clear mind space, and then define what you want in a guy. See what manifests after (Oh, and if you have to change some actions to get closer to that set defined criteria, you'll have to do that as well).
  5. Light

    Success with Women -- feeling complete

    Generally things people made sounded over complicated due to all the advertising and attacking of sex selling products. It's relatively simple. You need to get good at 3 things. 1. You need to know women's nature. I have found many places that actually have somewhat of a practical, realistic, grounded view to be more accurate. Even shows like Game of Thrones have some of their psychology down. If you don't know a woman's nature, you will be miserable long term. People confuse this with somehow having a depressing reality. No not really, you can even have a fairy tale romance. But if you don't know the reality of how a woman's behave you're lost. 2. Bringing something to the girl's life. What are you contributing to the girl? Can you dance? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you interesting as a person?: etc. You'll have to figure this out and likely start a journey of exploration so that you can bring enough value to her life. A girl long term only goes for people with a lot of this to offer. To me this was and is still very important and I pretty much have all of George's written content on hand and seek to figure out ways to do personal dev. 3. Don't fall into negative loops. I see far far too many complaints about women's actions. Actually both genders have some strange behaviors as well, with their own logic behind it. Accept them the way they are. You can certainly have criteria and pick out women depending on your needs and wants. However, falling into negative loops leads you into sociopathic behavior. Avoid it, or if you're constantly having those thoughts, wonder why and go on a spiritual exploration journey as well. There is nothing healthy about negative thought loops regarding women.
  6. Referring to this book https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Agent-Persuasion-Covertly-Implant-ebook/dp/B0765VLFFB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509862641&sr=8-1&keywords=secret+agent+persuasion&dpID=51VVc8VVLEL&preST=_SY445_QL70_&dpSrc=srch This is a gem. I used some of these techniques today and made a close friend in a 3 hour conversation going back and forth, building a strong connection. Actually, I didn't even execute the step by step process 100% correctly, but just by taking good notes from the stuff in this book and executing I got a TON TON out of it. Now some may ask " hmm, haven't you already made friends Light? You've been around for a couple years." Understand, I didn't even use the hypnosis sessions. I literally got the book, took notes, got to execution. This is very well written and I didn't at all feel guilty because I was in a state of very good listening the whole time. Outstanding work George. I look forward to more great content in the future.
  7. Light

    Thoughts on Ego vs Skill?

    Hey guys. So I am sure many of you have experienced this, but thought I would ask anyway . Wouldn't mind George's opinions either. What are your thoughts on Ego vs Technique? Say I am an actor, I put on Subliminals, etc. I go on to the next day I present myself in front of an audience. I logically speaking perform in a mediocre way, yet the subs have influenced the audience somehow to think I am great. I get compliments, etc. Then I don't know if I improve much. Basically it feeds my ego. OTH, I put on Subliminals, etc. I practice, I deliver mediocrity, get feedback, go back. If it's bad, it's bad, I suck it up. But of course, there's improvement. etc. The same applies for anything. The girl can compliment you, etc. but it might be better to push the process face rejection and finally get results through process. This way you actually get better at the skill itself. Should I cast out the affirmations that influence the audience and trust the process alone? What do you guys think? Is there ANY good that come out of random external compliments, etc. ? Is there really any good at saying I AM AN OSCAR ACTOR or rather just going through the process everyday?
  8. Link to first journal here: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/1360-lights-lifestyle-journal/ Now starts 2nd Journal: Alright guys. I have been wondering about the future for some time. I want to create sustainable wealth, not wealth that disappears due to changing times. Now for example, where are the opportunities in America? The answer lies in these 2 images. Good Ol' China. Good Ol Robotics. Everything presently manufactured is increasingly coming from 2 sources. Automation and China has taken over the production of all goods. This means just about anything you're buying out there in the market is coming from here. Whenever businessmen scale their businesses to larger scale, one of these two sources takes over. Robots which can work 24 hours or China which does everything Americans and other Western Countries can at about half the price, sometimes less. So why is this important anyway? It means whenever you see a dream, etc. you still have to be aware of the world economy. You still have to be aware of the direction society has chosen. And based on this direction, you'll likely have to edit your plans. For the endeavors I am engaged in here's what it means. 1. Stock Market - increased amounts of robots to analyze everything I do 2. Real Estate - Technology attempting to replace agents. 3. Book publishing - once more, writers form 3rd world countries producing content. 4. Athletics - Wait, wow. For the first time I can say there is no replacement! 5. Amazon Selling - Once more, larger scales = software tools to analyze business metrics. So if you want to grow your business, take this into account. Is it possible to beat China and Robotics? It depends. Let's check out my activities:. 1. If you're an artist, There's no replacement for truly great works. Harry Potter cannot be produced by a robot. Neither can the Game of Thrones. Walking Dead. etc. 2. Real Estate - while technology can replace agents to a certain extent, a robot cannot truly replace the creative financing deals that come from investors. 3. Athletics - How will robots replace this? Robotic arms and legs? There is a trend towards computerized sports - ESports. We'll see where this goes. 5. Amazon Selling - Amazon's entire goal is automation, so this will be a problem. In short, there is no replacement for creativity. It truly redefines everything and breaks the structure. Robots cannot replace a human being's sense of creativity, and that is why we will always be kings and leaders. If you're on your journey, train your creativity well. It will serve you in the future. Rock Out - Light
  9. Don't know too much about Mind Power stuff but the only thing I add to help with subs is the use of imagery. A lot of advertising simply uses image linking to fire us up and buy their products. A similar sort of image slide show type thing can work for helping us hone/improve skills etc. Beyond that I haven't seen subs that can really upgrade your experience
  10. I used this method to some success - had sex with a gal spontaneously after about 2 months. This back in the days I was a struggling semi-virgin hooked on subliminals for the entire purpose of nabbing sexual experiences. The problem with this is when you're forced to excel in multiple areas of life. I am running 2 different businesses, chasing a girlfriend, etc. you have to plan your life and hidden affirmations can easily ruin your productivity. What you do day to day becomes more important. If you can take your foot off the gas and enjoy an experimental vacation, hidden subs can work. Otherwise, I would absolutely go with knowing what it is you're telling your subconscious. Agree w/George on possible danger. The guy writing them has to be trustworthy.
  11. Light

    Question on Tarot, Crystal , Etc?

    So my .02 experiences. With Tarot or Psychic stuff - I don't readings on myself, it's generally best to hire someone else to figure things out. I have noticed regardless of how much I improve, there's a default sort of resistance to some things i.e. everyone has certain blind spots that prevent them from being completely successful. This is why working in groups, having a girlfriend, etc. helps. At the very least, you need some sort of guide that can see the full picture w/great clarity. Human beings including me have certain personality traits or weaknesses that lead directly to failure - and this can only be prevented by external circumstances. Environment, guides, good friendships, etc. It's sort of like playing a sport. Without the right supporting casts and pieces that fall into the perfect puzzle, the best players will not win a championship. Whatever you do I would cast aside any inhibitions or skepticism you might have that preventing you from exploring Tarot. If you go to a good honest reader (there are some frauds so it's best you do your research before getting a reading), you'll find it works and it's often deeper than basic life wisdom. Crystals do work but I have found right action passes them in effectiveness. You don't really need a stone for communication, confidence, courage, etc. By taking the right actions, you'll do whatever needs to be done naturally. I needed to heal my relationship w/my family but I would never really take the steps to communicate the way I felt about their behavior, etc. it was a tough conversation, but in the end we reached an understanding and I felt a good amount better about everything. One of my friends say if you're psychologically strong do you really need crystals? I don't know if it is right or wrong, but my line of thinking agrees w/that sentiment.
  12. I would say out of all the audios I've listened to, Fearless is most effective. http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-71-fearless/?showprivate=1 No other audio seems to handle all areas of life like this one. I am constantly growing, constantly expanding my comfort zone, loving chaos, taking over, trusting my intuition and building my life as a creator. It's a very no excuse, no BS mentality to success. Your heart beats faster when you fear a certain situation... and then you do it anyway. And when this happens, your confidence in yourself grows. It's the best way to build experience. If I had to pick just one audio to listen to for the rest of the year, this is probably it.
  13. Light

    Jerry Journal

    The Matrix is the one movie I suggest EVERYONE watch. It doesn't matter if you want a productive, disciplined day, etc. Kick back on one of your nights and just enjoy the movie. Loved it. You will too. It is truly a masterpiece. Sex is important in life because I feel we want to connect with a woman. However, when sex happens without connection a war ensues between men and women and both sides grow bitter, take revenge, manipulate, etc. That's what I came up with after 3 years of first finding the LoA and thinking MAN, IT'D BE NICE TO BE WITH _____ woman. That's my truth - yours might be different. Typically the men I have come across found that their happiness was in finding themselves through a woman - that is the woman helped them grow, develop and become a greater version of themselves.
  14. Light

    Jerry Journal

    I found the cat post interesting. Have you watched The Matrix? Might be your consciousness playing with the Matrix and if/when it can be broken. Maybe it's God communicating to you through the form of a cat, Eh?
  15. Light

    Luck Activator Problems for Lottery

    With this kind of thing it is easier to train a skill in gambling/poker. There are many magical tricks to make a living off of the casino (if that was truly your aspiration). Lottery winning is not impossible but it's a lot of work, and by that time you might as well pursue a career interest. - Light
  16. Me: It's fine. I think I can make 6 figures side money off the Stock Market. Mom: Haha. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Brother: Lol, look at this jokester. See now, I actually have my competitive spirit very much alive. You throw an open challenge and laugh at me like this, I will do everything in my power to prove you wrong. So here goes. I now plan on making at the very least in the millions out of the Stock Market. That's at least 10x times more than I spoke of, and it should shut them up permanently. Now making money isn't just about making money for me. I would like to purchase some land and start my own Business, but I will need to save up a fair amount for my entrepreneurial ventures - both for and nonprofit. That, and I have always had the dream of launching my Author Brand and being a worldwide bestseller. I might scavenge for and find additional sources of income as I go along. So, here goes my to do list. - Train Psychic Senses to Predict Stock Market with BULLSEYE accuracy and precision. - Sign up for Stock Market Education. I will scavenge out the legitimate guys from the frauds here. - Look into future possible Entrepreneurial Ventures even as I dive into the Stock Market. - Social Media Presence. I will have to establish my Brand Name bit by bit, so looking forward to this. Might need a very specific strategy. For now, I'll sign up to the major social media sites. The more people that know you, the wealthier you are. - Start Writing. If I can write 1000 words a day, I will have a novel in 2-3 months. If i can make that 2000... I will have it done very fast. - I am using Novel Writing also as a way to train intelligence as well, so my hobby now has an added benefit. George Hutton's IA program had an easy way to train your intelligence. Pick an image, and describe it with as much detail as possible. The better you get, the more your intelligence grows. Now I am a fan of the Horror/Psycho Thriller genre, so I suppose my insights will be interesting as I write along. Ha. 1 image per chapter, most likely. Max 2. Feel free to post any questions/comments etc. Until next time - Light.
  17. Yeah, I fell off the cliff in Feb. I had no real explanation for it either. I have started making up for that, though. Also, If you want to materialize a billion dollar idea, I'd be watching this guy. There's no better disciplinarian out there.
  18. Light

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    Realizations on Wealth and Friendships So as I was doing my budget this week... I actually didn't need more than 4k per month after taxes to live comfortably and save - this in Southern California. .. So I don't quite literally in Downtown LA, where it's a little tougher than that, but this implies that the VAST MAJORITY of us can do well with this amount of yearly income. So considering all the Youtube advertisements on being a Millionaire, etc. this really doesn't strike as a large figure. You don't even need to be close to a 6 figure yearly salary to live comfortably. So what did I do differently? Any time you start making money, track down all your expenses, day by day, what you did, etc. You will notice you made a lot of rather silly decisions, which in turn ended up costing you significant money. I know I have. Everyone is doing it now - and it's a fast easy way to put your finances back on track. You will also notice there are some things you can do smarter. Inviting a Roommate or 2 in a spacious townhome unit is an effective way to pay off rent and enjoy your living space. You will need to be smart, but when you sit down and spend time with your monthly expenses, you will realize it wasn't necessary to spend all that much. Does this mean I will be satisfied at $72k? That's about 6k per month or around 4k after taxes. I will not. I will explain why - I, and most people that are obsessed with life will aim for much higher. Whether you want to be a great musician, artist, entrepreneur, etc. you will most likely end up making more as you advance in your journey. However, this figure of $72k really helps put perspective on life. If you're stuck making an average salary of $3k per month, you'll just have to reach about $5-6k per month to be able to live comfortably while smartly handling your finances. ---- Next, fixing the Sex problem. Contrarian advice, but I came to a realization recently that this is actually the most effective way of doing things. Make tons of friendships with the opposite sex. Okay, what? What about the friend zone? Guys, in the modern era, this doesn't actually exist. I will repeat. The friend zone is not a bad thing, and more importantly - it no longer matters. With your friend, all you need is 1 night out. A few moments together. A mistaken kiss. And that's it. The Spark lights up! And when can you get your successful outcomes? When you can actually, physically, spend time with that person. Who can you easily spend time with? FRIENDS, OF COURSE. You no longer have to say the right line, do something fancy, etc. You just have to offer enough value to befriend them. Once that happens, the opportunity for sex/romance will manifest on its own. Why? For the simple fact that your friend of the opposite sex is spending that much time with you. ... Get it. It was actually that simple all along. How do these conclusions come to us? Disconnect. Disconnect from Youtube, Social Media, etc. and all technology for some time. It will come to you. So the gameplan to fulfilling your sexual needs and wants? 1. Join an activity that puts you closer to them. Befriend them. 2. Get to hangout levels of friendship. 3. Adjust your actions around them... and Manifest. This strategy can't fail. It's proven and tested. The friendzone doesn't matter. It was a lie all along. So that's my update on Friendships, Wealth and Sex. As I move onward to building a new lifestyle.
  19. Light

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    Lol Thanks Athena! For what it's worth, I know 2 people trying to manifest something is easier than one. Also, sexual transmutation is just being w/the one. Your best friend, companion, etc. Marriage or equivalent of a Long Term Committed Relationship - and without my finances reaching a stable level, I am not ready for that. I'll just figure out a way to find something w/my dancing club. The Month I regressed...! Good news - My first 10k Month has come. Bad News - I did everything wrong after my deal. So what the hell happened? A combination of sloth, laziness, sloth... uhh, more sloth hit me. I can't even explain it. It might've been the money. I guess that really hammers down the - Don't be motivated by money line, eh? I imagine something happens after you make progress - you go back a step, but man... this month really felt bad. Anyway, I am back onto my all-the-time superhero schedule. But holy hell, if you don't watch yourself for even a couple days, a slip up happens - and when the slip up happens, you're done. Discipline vanishes. I don't imagine this happening AGAIN this year, but there goes the last couple weeks of my February. Something went awfully, awfully, wrong. So there you go guys - someone as obsessed with personal development as me somehow slipped up and got lazy. Part of the Hero's Journey, eh? I'll be posting again at the end of March, most certainly with a good story or two to tell. Rock Out - Light.
  20. Light

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    My first 10k Month. Ben Franklin Likey....! Come March, I figure to finally have my first 10k month. It's pretty damned cool, now that I am closing a Real Estate deal. At this point, I will have to make a confession. I am really, really, insecure. So I put In the work, but fact still is - I feel like I am living paycheck to paycheck. My first 10k month is coming (which, btw, beats my highest grossing month by 2x from 2016), but it still doesn't feel I am remotely secure enough to do anything. Rent has become so expensive, that I am not entirely certain I will have a roof over my head. This damned thing is unaffordable. And if you live in Southern California, even the apartments are slowly climbing up to an amount that makes you feel like you're bound to the system. Now I don't want to escape the system, to be perfectly honest. Why? Because this exists in the system. I'll be honest. Whenever someone asks me for my big "why", most of it is just sitting across the table with a gal, have that 10/10 chemistry, lakeside, etc. etc. But man, that seems so far away. And I can't believe how much that eats up your state, your way of being. You can have a breakthrough, you can have 10k in your hands, and then be perfectly miserable. I have learned this much on my journey so far. Now I'll have to figure out a way to take that 10k and make it consistent, so that I can just, you know, do the basics. Sex has made us a slave of the system. I would be celebrating right now rather than feeling miserable, I would have the patience to go through this entire journey step by step, etc. - if it weren't for sex. So there it is, first month of 10k, A whole lot of work ahead, and still missing the vital key to make a man happy. Endure. - Light
  21. Light

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    My needs and productivity So I feel most of you have come across Maslow's Hierarchy at some point in your life. This really explains your productivity and why it sometimes wanes and sometimes rises. A big part of my fulfillment is having a social life. But I am INTROVERTED, LIGHT. Guess what? SO AM I. That being said, I have noticed I am personally more productive when I work with others. Things get done quicker. Now why is that? Regardless of introversion/extroversion, there is a need for connection. Ever noticed that all great TV shows have a band of characters that make things interesting? This is why. While there are no doubt some people who prefer being the lone wolf, most of us are pack animals. If these needs aren't fulfilled, they'll keep coming up in your thoughts throughout the year, and make you miserable somewhere deep inside. Physiological Needs Here, I need to survive. I need about 4k a month for independent survival in my location. Food, Rent, Bills, etc. I'd also insert the need for a partner here. Safety and Security. This, I am fine with. I can communicate my way out of situations. Tip: Most guys, even the big ones, don't actually have it in them to physically injure you. People are more safe than they believe they are. Social or Affiliation Needs Yes, you need to belong to a social group. I'd say 99% of us do. This group might be unconventional, but that's fine. So long as you find something that fulfills the need for connection. Esteem Needs Damn, dude, I need to be respected in society. What can I do to make people respect me? Self-Actualization And here's where your dreams come in. CEO, TV Star, Athlete, etc. Whatever your aspirations are come here. Most people today are stuck on the bottom. Physiological needs. Ever seen those people who don't understand it when you make choices/decisions based on growth and improvement rather than just fulfilling physiological needs? Yes, they've lost the upper ladders of life. What needs of yours are being fulfilled and what needs are not?
  22. It works on Probability from what I've noticed, Loozid. The chances of you getting with your ex is pretty easy. The chances of you getting with say, maybe a long time friend who's also your perfect 10? Also easy. She's in your environment, and her thoughts can be influenced by yours. Great thing about this is... no more friend zone. High probability. That being said, if the thing you want is out of your environment and everyday interactions, it's difficult. You will in that case have to expand. So let's say the girl you target is like a borderline celebrity, or someone that's well outside your comfort zone- you'll have to step out and do something different. This has a low probability. I tinkered with it for a bit too. Then realized it'd be way more interesting if I was in the right environment (working on that as we speak).
  23. Light

    Be Obsessed or Be Average

    Best book ever. Okay, not ever. There is no better role model right now for any sales professional or entrepreneur out there. None. This dude is the REAL DEAL. He is not balanced, he is HARDCORE, and I feel there's a select few he'll appeal to. Love this dude, he's my kind of guy. His name's Grant Cardone, and he's awesome. Truly. In this book he outlines parts of his journey and gives life advice. In addition to this, there are many questions that really make you rethink things, etc. You may or may not agree with all his conclusions, but this is one of those classics you need to have in your library regardless. Rock it out - Light
  24. Light

    Afformations with Affirmations

    Honestly need more information on this.These stories are incomplete. My question on this would be: What actions were you taking beforehand, and what are you doing differently now? Those new "afformations", for example, might have caused that Insurance Salesman to go over objection destroyers every morning or caused Monee to incorporate better dieting habits and exercise techniques to lose weight. So both of them asked why am I successful in ____? And then, they came up with the right actions for success. So it may have worked for those two because it made both of them execute differently - which, good for them, but it doesn't make the afformation technique superior to affirmations in any way.
  25. I haven't used Image Streaming as much as I could. This is one of those things that I haven't been super into because in this phase of my life I just haven't had it high on my priority list. I feel if you're in college, etc. it's fantastic for students. It's certainly very interesting when you sit down and go through things. I did a lot of image descriptions and how inventions could've worked - Guns, Arrows, etc. and some other stuff too. It's great for developing your imagination - and like Einstein says, Imagination is more important than Knowledge itself. Depending on how my life goes this year I might place it higher on my priority list.