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  1. Had similar problem in the past. Key is to define what you want - your criteria. Sit down while being detached from everything, get into a clear mind space, and then define what you want in a guy. See what manifests after (Oh, and if you have to change some actions to get closer to that set defined criteria, you'll have to do that as well).
  2. Generally things people made sounded over complicated due to all the advertising and attacking of sex selling products. It's relatively simple. You need to get good at 3 things. 1. You need to know women's nature. I have found many places that actually have somewhat of a practical, realistic, grounded view to be more accurate. Even shows like Game of Thrones have some of their psychology down. If you don't know a woman's nature, you will be miserable long term. People confuse this with somehow having a depressing reality. No not really, you can even have a fairy tale romance. B
  3. Hey guys. This part of life I struggled for quite some time, but now that I have so many of my own principles and techniques down, I can say I am complete with this aspect of my life. Relationships with the opposite sex are smooth now, I feel as if I am in control. Dating opportunities feel abundant and I have both girls that are serious and girls that are more casual in my environment. I can play around and switch as I like. To be honest, I did not see it turning out this way. I felt I had to choose one way or another, but this method enables me to be both friends with the
  4. Referring to this book https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Agent-Persuasion-Covertly-Implant-ebook/dp/B0765VLFFB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509862641&sr=8-1&keywords=secret+agent+persuasion&dpID=51VVc8VVLEL&preST=_SY445_QL70_&dpSrc=srch This is a gem. I used some of these techniques today and made a close friend in a 3 hour conversation going back and forth, building a strong connection. Actually, I didn't even execute the step by step process 100% correctly, but just by taking good notes from the stuff in this book and executing I got a TON TON out of it. Now some may ask
  5. Don't know too much about Mind Power stuff but the only thing I add to help with subs is the use of imagery. A lot of advertising simply uses image linking to fire us up and buy their products. A similar sort of image slide show type thing can work for helping us hone/improve skills etc. Beyond that I haven't seen subs that can really upgrade your experience
  6. I used this method to some success - had sex with a gal spontaneously after about 2 months. This back in the days I was a struggling semi-virgin hooked on subliminals for the entire purpose of nabbing sexual experiences. The problem with this is when you're forced to excel in multiple areas of life. I am running 2 different businesses, chasing a girlfriend, etc. you have to plan your life and hidden affirmations can easily ruin your productivity. What you do day to day becomes more important. If you can take your foot off the gas and enjoy an experimental vacation, hidden subs can work.
  7. The Matrix is the one movie I suggest EVERYONE watch. It doesn't matter if you want a productive, disciplined day, etc. Kick back on one of your nights and just enjoy the movie. Loved it. You will too. It is truly a masterpiece. Sex is important in life because I feel we want to connect with a woman. However, when sex happens without connection a war ensues between men and women and both sides grow bitter, take revenge, manipulate, etc. That's what I came up with after 3 years of first finding the LoA and thinking MAN, IT'D BE NICE TO BE WITH _____ woman. That's my truth - yours might be
  8. I found the cat post interesting. Have you watched The Matrix? Might be your consciousness playing with the Matrix and if/when it can be broken. Maybe it's God communicating to you through the form of a cat, Eh?
  9. Best book ever. Okay, not ever. There is no better role model right now for any sales professional or entrepreneur out there. None. This dude is the REAL DEAL. He is not balanced, he is HARDCORE, and I feel there's a select few he'll appeal to. Love this dude, he's my kind of guy. His name's Grant Cardone, and he's awesome. Truly. In this book he outlines parts of his journey and gives life advice. In addition to this, there are many questions that really make you rethink things, etc. You may or may not agree with all his conclusions, but this is one of those classics you need t
  10. That is fascinating. I am trying to finish my 3rd Eye process, and I've seen some interesting visions myself - nothing that drastic, though. On another level maybe it's symbolism. Humanity dying spiritually and undergoing a transformation - however if you felt bad about the dream, it might be something more than that. I've read so many conspiracy theories, but I don't know what to believe and what to not. I figured once my third eye was wide open I would figure some stuff out myself.
  11. You know what, I think I *might* 've found a solution to why these constant burnouts happen to us, but I don't have a large enough sample size yet to have figured it out. I'll post it up if/when I do.
  12. Throat represents communication. It could mean that you need to resolve something w/them through communication?
  13. I think every little boy dreams it at some point. Be it superhero or a really cool job like a Pilot going on supersonic airplanes. Most of motivation might really just come down to that, actually. Somewhere deep inside the inner child goes MAN, it's great that the LoA is real, but can I do THAT? Does that Batman villain exist in this world? Can I have my own batcave without being born into riches? We say we want money, etc. but the real purpose I'd think is to live the most interesting life possible, and money is like a means to that end.
  14. http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Healing Bro we could be in Marvel's next edition. I'll be Bullseye and You be the Bodybuilder guy w/unexpected Healing Powers! (Don't mind me. I've always had this crazy dream that some day I'd be a Comic book character.)
  15. Lol, No no no no. The intent of my post wasn't to make you feel like you lacked something, etc. Everyone's doing their best. I was mostly checking for blind spots, mostly because everyone that's listening to Hypnosis including myself seems to have them. I think the mind gets overly warped with one sense of reality and if anything confuses us and makes us more miserable if left unchecked. If anything it has a tendency to compartmentalize and block out pieces of information that could actually be helpful. I also wondered for a while why all sorts of Sex-type hypnosis make people mis
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