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  1. Welcome Spider! ? I was skeptic at first, but I've had some things happen that I have no other explaination for, but using subliminals. I find keeping a journal on my phone or ipod helps me see how much affect the subliminal is having on my life, it's fun to read it back after a few weeks and see where the amazing changes started to happen. I've found that some subliminals work instantly and some take a few days/weeks. Not sure why that is, but don't be discouraged if you don't get results right away, some take upto 3 months to work fully. Visualisation can speed up the process, you want to imagine things as if they are happening right now, keep your visualisation positive and let doubts go without judgement or thinking about them. Think as if you already have what you want, exactly as you want it now. You might get some signs from the universe to help you reach your goal, you might be drawn to a book, person, place etc... That leads you to your goal. Good luck! Looking forward to reading your updates!
  2. Hi Gema! It sounds like you're getting results with this and raining men, but it's not getting that one person you want. I am in the same boat and it's frustrating me. I've had tons of guys after me, wanting to date and sleep with me, but not that one guy who I want. I might be wrong about this, but I have a theory on why this happens. I'm attracting the ones I don't want because I believe I can have them, but for some strange reason, loads of doubts creep in when I try to manifest the guy I want, so my aim now is to boost the attraction subliminals with ones that make me feel lovable and gain enough confidence to believe he could want me. I'll report back if it works. Edit: the problem in my case isn't attracting him, I've achieved that, but it's convincing my brain that he's attracted to me, if that makes sense? It's self doubt which then pushes him away again.
  3. Sorry Marvelous, your post didn't show up for me. Thanks George for the suggestion. I realised tonight it's all about having a strong belief, if I believe the outcome is going to be bad it will undo all the work I'm doing, if I believe 100% my desired outcome will happen it's highly likely to. I used to be an extremely optimistic person who believed anything was possible, but now I have so many doubts. I am going to find something to fix this. I will try this with the men love me subliminal and visualise and believe it 100% and come back with the results. I'm logging good and bad results in a personal journal so I will come back and share what did & didn't work for me. Sometimes my fear is the outcome happening because if I get what I want I am scared of losing it again.
  4. I just started listening to matrixplay and Quadible. Thanks for the warning. I read yesterday that hypnodaddy has a video called help us demons and it was there when I searched for it. What about vortex success and minds create? Has anyone heard anything bad about them?
  5. I had no idea about mind powers subliminals till now. I've just watched a video exposing her. I'm sickened because I used her subliminals for a month but gave up because they didn't work. This has put me off youtube subliminals now. I trust George's as they work for me. Are there any other suspicious channels?
  6. Getting more results. I went out for a few drinks and almost every guy was staring at me and one really good looking guy kept looking over and smiling wide! He was with another woman so I didn't approach him. A couple of men started talking to me. I've swapped to all men love me, but I was listening to people love me. I listen for a couple of hours a day making sure I'm in alpha/theta waves whilst I listen so the subliminals get to my subconsious (in the same way that hypnotism works). Marvelous, I used to listen to subliminals whilst doing other things which meant that it wasn't getting to my subconcious, meditation put me in a hypnotic state which allows the messages to sink in more. This made a huge difference. I also increased the time I listened to them from 40 mins to 1-2 hours so this helps reinforce the messages. Athena, I was getting so disappointed because I wasn't seeing any changes and it was working for others, but it's starting to work now ? I think I saw an approach subliminal by George somewhere. I've found eye contact and smiling helps to test the mans interest and if he responds positively I keep looking and smiling and they feel it's ok to approach you. I was listening to all people love me because I've had a lot of bad experiences with people in the past so it helped trust and realise people can be nice. I switched to all men love me. I'm excited to try that again. George, what do you recommend for attracting crushes? I don't want to affect thier free will or anything like that, but just attract a situation where I see them again. Thanks. Sorry Athena I forgot to say that the all men love me is part of the alpha female package and I think the people love me was the confidence one.
  7. I changed the way I listened to the subliminals and gotten 2 good results!! I just got a number off a guy I've liked for a year. Not my main crush, but who knows if I keep this up. And I'm meeting up with a guy soon. I started meditating to the subliminals so I went into alpha/theta brainwaves and started listening to them 2 hours a day.
  8. I got a phone number! I took on board what George said about being approachable so when a guy I liked kept looking over at me at a party, I made sure I made eye contact and smiled every time. He started looking more and showing off around me. Before he left he gave me his number and said he wants to see me again. I started listening to "people love me" a few days before I saw him.
  9. I'm feeling a bit confused today. I'm a beautiful woman, I get told that a lot, but men never approach me, ever! Everywhere I go I see at least one guy staring at me or checking me out, but guys never add me on facebook or message me. People seem to get such great results with subliminals, but I've tried loads off youtube and nothing! It's disheartening because it makes me feel like maybe I'm just unlovable? I'm a really nice, down to earth, sweet, funny & smart person, I just only get stares, nothing else. I don't get it. I just re-read my first post and I used to get messages, but not anymore.
  10. I've started using the all men love me and irrestible attraction again lately and I am feeling more confident with men. I forgot the results I got with this last time and I'm excited to try these both together this time. I didn't use them long enough last time.
  11. Hi Jerry, I've been using crystals for years and I've found that some are better than others. When I had tonsilitis I used a lapis lazuli and sodalite on my throat and the next day the lumps on my tonsils were gone! I tried it another time I had tonsilitis and the same thing happened. I use them on my chakras. Each crystal is supposed to have specific functions like healing specific things or increasing love and confidence, but they work better if you choose the crystal that matches the chakra in the area you want to work on, for example emeralds and rose quarzt for love (heart chakra), sun stone and citrine for confidence (solar plexus chakra). I'd recommend a quartz crystal as a starter crystal because it works on all chakras and helps clear negative energy. Sometimes people can feel a bit sensitive to the crystals energy so grounding yourself is important when using crystals, especially when working with the higher chakras. I don't know as much about tarot, I've only been using my cards for a few weeks and I'd say they are accurate. Oracle cards are not bad, I've given a lot of accurate readings with them, but so far the tarot seem more acurate.
  12. I want the exact same as Marvelous.
  13. More things I've noticed, people in general are contacting me more and today a random guy commented on my fb that he wanted to have a drink with me, he's not my type though. Also, some of the guys have the same first name as my crush and one guy even looked exactly like my crush, but slightly older! Does that mean anything? Synchronicity?
  14. Hi George, my biggest issue is, I can't be myself around men I'm attracted to. If I wasn't attracted to a guy, I'd be myself and talk to them like I would any friend, but when it's someone I like, my nerves get in the way, I worry about what I'm saying, if they are interested, I am thinking too much how I can impress them, but at the same time, I want them to like me as I am. I have no trouble getting as far as a guy being interested and talking to me or showing signs of having a crush on me, but it's my insecure feelings that I will some how put them off me. It's a fear of rejection, but when I later reflect on these guys, who I thought would reject me or think I am out of thier "league" I realised that I was good enough and pretty enough, but at the time I see them I don't feel that confident. I can be open to the men I'm not that keen on and they become attracted to me, but attractive men make me think I am going to instantly get rejected no matter what. I would love to be able to be relaxed and not overthink things when a good looking guy approaches me and to just be myself.
  15. Thanks for the welcome Loozid I didn't know about the manifesting men package smokingskull, thanks, I will give that a try. I'm the same Athena, I rarely find people in real life attractive and when I do, I'm too shy to talk to them and miss my chance! That's really the bit I need to change the most. I think for me, I open up to people online so they get to know my good points better, where as in real life I'm quite closed off, so that's probably why I attract more people online. I have a crush on someone and he seemed interested in me, but I was too shy to talk to him and I really regret it because I haven't seen him since. I think I gave off the vibe that I am not interested. I agree about having some subliminals with sexual affirmations and some without. It would be great to have some affirmations on how to approach men, confidence on dates, feeling secure in that stage from the first date til they next contact you, all those other bits in between them coming to you and being in a long term relationship. Those are some brilliant ideas Athena, especially about approaching men. I would love to have confidence when the guys I really like approach me instead of running a mile like I always do! Lol. This guy I liked was coming to talk to me and I turned my back and pretended I didn't see him because in my head all I could think was, I'm going to sound stupid lol.
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