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  2. Man,i used Kundalini activator in the past and it was frightening.I stop it because i was seeing and feel creepy stuff.
  3. Axilleas

    Tongue Fu

    Good afternoon Mr.Hutton from Greece, This one is only a kindle version?
  4. Axilleas


    Hello everyone! I dont know if someone can help me with this. If i listen two different sessions together, are the affirmations stay in my mind?Οr the one covers the other?
  5. Hello, I have a question.Which is the difference between income stream generator subliminal and wealth tuning subliminal. I am struggling very hard with this.I want to make money,so which is more effective?Can anyone help please?
  6. Axilleas

    Extreme affirmations and resistance

    I bought the Income Stream Generator subliminal too!It s awesome!But i have a question.Which is the difference between income stream generator and a new one subliminal called Wealth tuning?Which is better and whats the difference?I forgot to say that i am ready to be a billionaire and accept the sacrifices like dump my family and friends.
  7. Ι m using subliminals for over 3 years.Georges are the best period!He is a pro.I would recommend visual and audio subs from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. What s the difference between millionaire mindset and billionaire brain? Can anyone help me with this?
  9. Axilleas

    Master Mix experimenting

    Hi my friend, I think mastemixes are like a pie with a specific goal. if you mix mastermixes your brain will confuse.Pay attention to the titles of every session.i think that you can not combine manifest women and alpha male sessions at one time, they are different.What sound editor do you have?