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  1. Hello George, I had bought Intelligence Accelerator and ChessMaster - Dominate all Opponents recently, my main objective is to improve in chess, can you suggest what is the best way to make the best use these two to get the best and the quickest result in chess. Image streaming seems to be quite cool Here are my plans and schedule 1) do image streaming and simultaneously listen to ChessMaster_P.mp3 for about 7hrs a day 2) then play chess in the evening while listening to the free version ChessMaster - Dominate all Opponents 256voices (2-3 hrs) 3) listen to ChessMaster.mp3(seems to contain binaural beats) and simultaneously do image streaming for an hour before sleep. 4) Physical Workouts Can you suggest me if there are better ways Thank You
  2. Okay I understand Sir. How about these free ones. I got these free affirmations from a site. as per the comments over there they seem they will work. Now how about having subliminal audios with these free affirmations. Can you help. http://www.freeaffirmations.org/survive-cancer-positive-affirmations
  3. Sir I have seen many people hopes are dashed when they suffer cancer, leaving their children and their loved ones for another world, it feels pity to see such things happening. Can you create a program that'll beat cancer and bring hopes alive to the people. I would be very grateful if you do so. It will a great help for many people. As also no one knows any one can suffer cancer
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