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  1. Have you seen this George and can I know if you will make it if you have? I don't want to seem like a pest I just want to know if my hopes are up over nothing or if my hopes are up for a good reason!
  2. Right now I have Wealthy Hot Women from the store and I play some from youtube. The one I just made though I want super bad. I wanted like a manifesr women sub and then the affirmations just kept coming out and when I went back and re-read I was like DAMN, I want this bad. That's like my dream sub right now. I got Luxury Life from the store too that one is bomb. ANd Money Mind that one is bomb. I have subs from other companies for more money and they aren't as good in my opinion these are the best subs available and they are at the lowest price.
  3. How can I know if this request is accepted and will be made?? I want it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.
  4. Oh cool, thanks. I was confused cause I'd see people talk about stuff and i'd go to mindpersuasion/subliminals and couldn't find it, okay now it makes sense thank you!
  5. I never saw Money Love in the store. I got "Money Mind" is that what you mean? I feel like I keep seeing people talking about subs I don't see in the store...
  6. I don't know where else to post, but this isn't a request for a video it's a request for a new sub for sale in the store. I'd like a sub that manifests an abundance of women into my life. I'm just coming up with these off the top of my head but something like: (PLEASE READ IT ALL I THINK I ENDED UP MAKING IT REALLY GOOD I JUST FINISHED WRITING) I now manifest an abundance of women into my life everywhere I go women are attracted to me everywhere I go women seduce me I seduce women with my energy I seduce women with my aura my energy and aura brings an abundance
  7. Hmm, I tihnk I found them somehow actually all 256 voices and 5 min long here on the forum, I downloaded Bad boy, Playboy, dominant master, sex transmutation, and psychic love power. A lot of these would be great in the store I like the hour long sessions in the store with no music and for FIVE BUCKS???? There's subs much more expensive that don't work near as good. Thank you! Please add more to the store I'm addicted!
  8. Thank you Loozid but I saw this list and there's a lot of subs I don't see in the store on the list. Is there another store? Here is the list I saw: x-genius investor (real estate, stocks, businesses, etc) x-miracles x-breast enlargement x-singer - best performer x-beat cellulite x-truth seeker (posted in "Social") x-Diabetes x-Kegel Exercises (posted in "Health") x-Control Ejaculation (posted in "Relationships") x-One Woman Army (posted in "Sports") x-Invisibility -(posted in "Parapsychology") x-Anxiety (posted in "Health") x-Rock Solid Patience (posted in "Mind Skills") x-Out Of Body E
  9. I have recently found George Hutton subs on youtube and they are better than any sub I have ever bought so I started buying subs from him. Now looking at the forum it looks like there are tons and tons and tons and tons of subs I don't see listed for sale. Is mindpersuasion.com/subliminals not the full store or what?? How do I get the full list of subs I can buy? It looks like there is a ton of stuff made that isn't in the store..... A bit confusing can anyone clear things up for me? Sorry if this is in the wrong spot I just want to buy subs I'm not good at using forums.
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