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  1. Hello Everybody, I just read an article online regarding the use of systems to achieve better results in whatever we pursue. Enjoy the read. http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/an-nearly-foolproof-way-to-achieve-every-goal-you-set-wed.html?cid=sf01002 SH
  2. Hello George and Everybody, I have a question regarding attaining the qualities or composite qualities of a few people. This question is inspired by Hill's cabinet/council idea. Suppose my role model is Mr ABC, or suppose I have a few role models, would the following affirmations actually work? I.e. I possess the speed of Mr. ABC in his prime. I have the intelligence of Mr. XYZ in his prime. I have the qualities of Mr. JKL in his prime. I am as fast as as Mr. ABC ever was. I am as successful as Mr. EFG ever was. Thank you. SH
  3. They will work. However, the theta waves should make you sleepy/groggy. I have tried removing the theta frequencies using the "Equalizer" function on the Audacity software (as recommended by George). Maybe you can try doing it too: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/117-non-theta-video-files/ Shaun
  4. Dear George, This is a request for a video for athletes who compete in sports and wish to dominate and win the competitions they join. Victory I easily defeat every opponent I meet. I successfully adapt and defeat every opponent I meet. I completely dominate my opponents with perfect ease. I easily achieve resounding victories over my opponents. The better my opponent, the more soundly I defeat him. Performance When I compete in sports, I am unbeatable. I am an incredibly successful athlete. I possess extraordinarily powerful self-confidence. I easily win every competition I join. I always perform at my absolute best in competitions. I am an incredibly powerful/fast/intelligent/successful super athlete. Success I am an incredibly successful athlete. I easily win gold medals. I dominate at the Olympics. I dominate at the World Championships. I am a legendary super athlete. P.S. (Actually, I hope that you will one day release a product that is specially targeted at athletes/competitions.) Thank you
  5. Hello Everybody, May I ask which brainwave should I listen to while meditating for receiving insight / answers / solutions to a particular question I have in my mind? My guess would be gamma and hyper-gamma. What does everyone else think? Thank you. SH
  6. Apparently it is BEST that you fall asleep so that the affirmations get in. However if you are talking about visualization exercises, it may be best to do them when we are mentally strong and focused, because mental energy is required to paint those pictures. But because the theta brainwaves eventually knock me out anyways, I do my best to visualize my ideals before eventually going to sleep.
  7. Dear George, Would it be possible to have non-theta (pure) versions of the videos as well? This is so that I may listen to them on the go. Thank you SH
  8. Hey George, I would like to request for a video for Good Girl Seduction. This is pretty much the same as the Bad Boy Seduction video, but an important variation. This is because I have discovered that if we present ourselves as too much of a "bad boy", then we attract a particular kind of girls. Qualities of a good girl: She has good self esteem She has no destructive emotions / Does not crave for negative emotions She loves plenty of sex, but prefers to reserve it for guys that she is currently in a relationship with She does not blackmail guys through sex, guilt, emotions nor use any other form of manipulation She has a healthy social circle She has healthy social relationships with other girls She values her relationships with her family and friends strongly She respects and understands the male ego (and does not try to behave like a guy) She targets her man's heart and connects well with him, instead of targeting his money or possessions Affirmations could be something like: I attract only the good girls I know exactly how to screen for the good girls I attract girls with good self esteem I attract girls with good values Good girls want to be with me P.S. We might need 16 voices for this one as such a girl would be a gem and will not be that easy to find. Thank you.
  9. Dear George, I would like to request for a sports affirmation video that can help us get "into the zone" and perform at our absolute best and optimum levels. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mushin Additional supporting affirmations that address rapid and effective recovery, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, and superior performance will be useful as well. Thank you!
  10. Dear George, I have most recently made an important observation regarding the effectiveness of the affirmation overwhelm sessions. After listening to the sessions, I have found that while doing sports, when my mind consciously tries very hard to effect success, nothing works. However, as soon as I forget about how I have been using the sessions / how important my intention is / what I want to achieve, everything happens effortlessly. In fact, when I 'forget', things work out for me so well that I do not even realize it. The recurring signal (upon hindsight) that I have begun to notice is that I do not realize it. Most recently, I actually won an entire competition, and it felt as though I just had my breakfast or something, i.e. it felt like some kind of familiar routine. It also seemed that I did not "want" to win anymore, because winning was already "my thing". However, when I manage to remember that a few months back, everything actually seemed incredibly difficult, my success now feels like some kind of magic! My question is therefore — do you have any method / tricks to help my conscious mind to 'forget', so that my subconscious can just take over and get the job done? This is with specific regards to sports. When it comes to another area - attraction, I realize that I cannot let my conscious mind 'switch off' completely, as being emotionally aware when dealing with women is important. Do my observations make sense? Thank you.
  11. Hey George, I would like to request for a video that works on social proof, with regards to seduction. i.e. you have incredibly strong social proof you have ridiculously powerful social proof girls flock to you all the time girls proactively chase you for romantic relationships Thank you.
  12. Hello everybody! I would like to ask a question regarding the wording of affirmations. What is the most effective way to word affirmations? For example, if I used: "I am getting richer and richer with each passing day" — the Universe could easily just send me one dollar every day. "I am becoming more and more seductive with each passing day" — the Universe could easily agree with this, and either make me seductive in a feminine manner / cause people to avoid me because I am too seductive. "I can do anything" — the Universe already agrees with this by default! "I am a successful athlete" — too general; this could mean so many things... My point is, should a series of sentences / better wordings be used, to achieve the desired results? i.e.: "My monthly income is USD$100'000". "Women are always easily seduced by me." "I am extremely / astoundingly / exceedingly / extraordinarily successful." "I am the best tennis player in the state of X" If the wordings are too unrealistic, the affirmation may not be effective. If the wordings are too general, the affirmation may be weak. What are some words, sentence structures, adjectives etc. that you have found to be very successful for you? Thank you.
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