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  1. Men who Stare at Goats. The Clooney character was a combination of 2 maybe 3 men. One being Guy Savelli. Another character in the film that killed his hamster was also a fictional of Guy Savelli. Savelli is the man credited with killing a goat with thought. Yes, Savelli owns a dance studio and teaches martial arts there too. He replaced Michael Echanis when Mike was killed in a helicopter crash on the border of Nicaragua/ Costa Rica. Ingo Swan and his boys are the guys to go to if one wants to experiment with Remote viewing which possibly is the same as astral projection. I believe Swan and his guys sell/sold products on the method. Lets say it is real. Odds are you will be buying a lite version.
  2. Depends on the woman. The relationship , etc. That's an over generalization in my opinion. It certainly does happen. Age is another factor. More likely to occur with a younger women than one that may be older. Also, with the advent of the internet manifesting sex got or used to be anyway, a whole lot easier. Not such a spectacular medium for that now. It was new, post an ad meet a girl and odds were one could get lucky and vice versa for the ladies. It was very fast and the replies flew in but years later it has slowed to a halt. So we likely saw a major upswing on the "cheating" scale soon after everyone got online and discovered CL and such. Yes, lots of married women back then. Perhaps the cost of being discovered is one reason it has lost a lot of appeal. Lets not forget some killers also used it to manifest their desires. The list of sickness could go on and on. It became a unsafe place to manifest.
  3. Hello. New here first post. If we are to believe one can manifest anything if they truly believe then yes it is possible. But is it probable ? I think for most people that belief is just to hard to sustain with any real conviction. So, I suggest you manifest money, or be part of a research that allows tooth regeneration. Something perhaps more tangible. There has been exploration with tooth regeneration. Things with stem cells. Scaffolding. Electric impulse implants , etc. Lots of new technologies . Cost prohibitive or experimental. Likely with in the next 20-30 years dentures and implants will be obsolete. So my suggestion is again money or a way to be a for lack of a better term, guinea pig.
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