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  1. Is Lazy way persuasion still on sale? If so, how where can I purchase it?
  2. I need all 8 subs for Love Magnet and Hypnotic Seduction .. Thanks again
  3. There isnt a download button for Love Magnet subliminals and a couple of the other new courses on your teachable site
  4. I've finished the course for GGTLY its a very interesting and compelling listen. Ive heard a many "Success with Women" coaches over the years, but Huttons course goes to the deepest depths of male and female attraction. Although Ive already read the manual before, the audio version is much more suited to my learning style. I have a crystal clear understanding of how women are attracted to men, why their attracted to certain men, and how to attract women better. Ive read a lot of your other manuals dealing with this topic, like Manifest Women, Love Hypnosis etc. but the audio courses just do it for me ... I will keep coming back to this course and your other courses for years and decades to come. Next is Money Instinct.
  5. Hello, I was wondering what are the different benefits I get from "Money Instinct" compared to "Wealth Tuning".
  6. Hey Hutton I recently purchased your course "Get Girls to Like you" in your subconscious programming section the 256V version of Dominant Frame is missing and replaced with "Sexual Abundance". Which sucks for me cuz I only download the 256V versions. Can I get 256V of "Dominant Frame"?
  7. Reading any of Huttons materials are straight up mind fucks .. 😁
  8. Hmmm .. he's a prick and a asshole .. he doesn't explain his content correctly and he made me a custom sub for "the perfect woman" but I ended up attracting a horrible experience with and ugly (on the inside) mean-spirited, devious fukkin woman that turned me off with her bad breath, also we had nuttin common expect marijuana. ( only perks was she had a cute face, and was a cunnulingus master ) .. Im responsible a little too because I believed back in those days that subliminal was gonna take care of everything. BUT to be fair his regular subs work and WILL get u laid ! One more thing he doesn't list his affirmations which has become somewhat of a light trend but overall his work is pretty good.
  9. hey dude i have been using Raunchy subs and i read your comment he is not safe 

  10. Dear Hutton I've noticed most of the year you've been creating e-books which are fine, but will any new subliminal courses be presented in the near future ? I have most of your courses but not all of them YET.(a lot) For someone who has been exposed to a vast array of subliminals and subliminal creators your subliminals are some of the most unique and efficient .. I've been using your subs for about 3 yrs. and Im finally getting how to properly use them one at a time. But please keep up the good work and create more subliminal content. Thanks
  11. I dont think MW was intended to make all the women around you become content with you. It was made to showcase you as a high value male, so youll be better at attracting women, not for making all women around you happy and pleased. The Western woman is a possessive creature, if they cant get what they want they sulk about it, or get pissed off and bitter like you say. Thats part of the game as a HVM (high value male) theirs gonna be women who miss out. Period. As a HVM one of the first things you will have to overcome are females your not interested in coming on to you flirting with you, and trying to hook up with you. Because you are a man, and men focus on the visual, theses females you have little or no interest in are probably unattractive to you, they will try to pick up on you before the attractive women will. Most attractive women have much more pride and are more blaise in the dating game, they care less because their "preselected" causing them to send more subtle clues than unattractive or average looking women ... In my experience, unattractive women are more bold in approaching and flirting than attractive women, although attractive women still have potent choosing signals they do send. Attractive women have way more options and are hit on much more than unattractive women, so putting to much value in them is a big NO NO. My best bet with you is to deal with average looking women first, after you had sex with a couple of them your confidence will grow exponentially. When I mean average that doesn't mean unattractive, average means your attracted, but not that much, she might have some cute qualities about her, but she doesn't really cut the cake for you idealistically. Highly attractive women would probably respond better if you undervalued them a bit more. Not totally but much more than you try to impute, highly attractive women are extremely narcissistic and love a challenge, some to the point of being emotionally abused and highly neglected. Is this right ? Not really .. but its the way of the world and this behavior permeates thru all societies to a strong degree. ( I travel ). My advice to you is to pick up Girlfriend Generator and do the "girlfriend criteria worksheet"( subs too ) and Secret Agent Persuasion, good communication dissolves a lot of disgruntled energies that surround you. 7 Laws of Power I also suggest, and Emotional Resonance and God Frame from Cult Leader is a muther. ✌
  12. Hey anyone on here ever used weaponized hypnosis yet .. If so can u tell me a few of the effects ?
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