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  1. Hello Everyone. I'm doing well, thanks for wondering. This week has been a productive one. But I am doing well. A lot better to be honest. With my last post I felt better, and now I have spent some time to redefine my purpose, dream and goals. Now I feel more empowered, and good. Better. So much better. Questions about Biokinesis. There's a (sorry, but I won't even play) hilarious success story thread about getting a 10 inch penis. And that got me wondering if you could influence your subconscious so much that it actually causes physical changes? Is t
  2. This week was better. Not a smooth ride but better. Emotionally I feel much better. In terms of being productive--oh HELL yeah it's gone way up. George's words really struck a chord and taking things bit by bit really helped out. My angle was much more in line with listening to what my focus could handle in the day. And in turn actually getting things done makes me want to get more things done. If I fell off track or didn't get something done--no sweats. But factoring breaks and work within reason has seriously helped. I feel more rested and relaxed. By
  3. This week was ROUGH. Weird Dream Journal First of all I've been having weird ass dreams, particularly with snakes involved. Which is getting a bit..strange. At first I saw dead snake, must've been gray and about 20 feet in length. Me and my friends were afraid and couldn't tell if it was alive or not. It must have been freshly killed, because it was chopped into multiple pieces and piled on top of itself. When it was poked it started wiggling and moving, as if the nerves hadn't died all the way out yet. So I poked it and moved its head, revealing tons of ants and maggots that w
  4. 9/29/2017 Dream Journal Last night was a unique experience. I used some pure beats created by George. The theta waves made me sleepy. So I feel asleep midday. By the time I was ready to rest, I used delta waves to meditate and fell asleep. I felt great. Actually for some reason I was so energetic thereafter in the middle of the night that I had a bit of a hard time trying to fall asleep. My dream was weird too. I dreamed that one of my close friends (really, he's considered a brother to me) moved nearby and wanted to go firefly-catching and exploring in a nearby lush field. He
  5. Heres my advice, from my own experience. I dont use this product but I do use George's products and have gotten results. *Stick to one product at a time. Better to absorb new information well than scatter your resources. *Couple your product with a strong intent and visualization. Perhaps George can help or already gave you tips in-product. *I personally dont get good sleep if the affirmations run all night. I also cant sleep well with headphones tethered to me. As you go to bed, listen to them as you drift to sleep and visualize for a few minutes (or as long as youd like). I fi
  6. Quick Question So I've been trying to meditate recently, and unlike other times in the past when I've meditated or tried to center and calm myself, all I get now is VERY PISSED. I don't know what it is. I just get super tense. I can't slow my breathing down in a natural way and I just become enraged during the meditation process. I'm guessing this is negative emotion and thought I had sitting somewhere inside me for a long while that's being "released" while I meditate? Released..or realized. I'm not quite sure how to avoid it. But as I'm sitting here now I just feel angst post-med
  7. September 24, 2017 So here's what I'm doing so far. A.) Social Magnetism Subliminal Track, Visualization, Journaling and sometimes I write my affirmations B.) Charisma Generator Book C.) Hypnotic Suggestions Book I'm doing a bit of reading for both. Generally whenever I read a book I write down the things I've learnt in a separate space so I can glean the lessons and my thoughts from it without needing to always reference the book again. Anyways. I've noticed a few things so far. Hypnotic Suggestions Observations I'm just before the "Image Strea
  8. September 23 2017 Dream/Vision Journal Last night I stood up late playing video games and watching youtube videos. Just chilling since I know I'd get up early this morning to clean my apartment up, do laundry and finish my assignments for the week. Great relaxing time--I stood up till about 3 AM and woke up somewhere around 10 AM this morning (not really EARLY, but you get it.) I had a really good time last night. I just can't remember it, but I remember having good dreams. I didn't visualize directly before sleep this time, but I did have an experience I enjoyed. See, I usually
  9. Nice! Thanks George I'll make sure to pick that up soon. I see there's an easy overlapping link between hypnotic seduction (in a sexual sense) and hypnotic seduction in a more social setting. Seems like a good place to start out at. I'll come back for more recommendations once I've digested more material.
  10. September 22 2017 Very interesting advice George. I'll have to research what each of those mean first, since I'm a total beginner in all of these sorts of linguistic patterns. Perhaps you can explain or point me in the direction to find a good source to explain those. Once I do get them in though...god I'll be so excited to have a new tool (toy) in my arsenal to use. I'd really love to get pointed in the right direction for a total beginner like me to get right into NLP Tactics and some Hypnosis-esque sources to up my person-to-person communication and charisma game. Journal
  11. September 21 2017 I have a college course in public speaking. Its been...a while. I dont know how long, but Ive been listening to my Charisma Generator tracks (Im buying the buy the book too). Its a topic that was very important to me. Infact for a few days Ive been very emotionally distraught, but I continued to listen to my track. I listen to it as I sleep. And I listen to it in my daily life as I walk around. I like to actively visualize the results etc, and the droning beats really put me into a nice state. I got to talk to one of my mentors (in creative writing), and w
  12. I've returned. So much has happened to me since my last post. I'm not quite sure how to even go about detailing it all. A lot has happened. Personal growth. Spiritual growth. Successes. Failures. I've returned to gain some powerful mind-tools and help with improving myself. I couldn't think of anyone smarter at explaining the universe than an NLP master and his community, which is why I'm back. I have to admit. I'm at a pretty low place emotionally right now. In the wake of the recent hurricanes and storms, most of my homeland and where I grew up as a child h
  13. Here's what I do. Hypnotize yourself to sleep then add the subliminal after. Youtube a hypnotist called Thomas Hall. I used to download his sleep hypnosis track, cut it shortly after the induction and then play George's subliminal. By the time George's tracks begin I would've been knocked out cold.
  14. Subliminal Family Light, my soul brother! I know the feeling. My friend told me gave me just the harsh love I needed to hear about my own procrastination and lazy habits. It's a little hard to be transparent about your faults when it all goes down, but I'll get my ass up and get to it. Anyways so here's my account for today. Very successful. Somewhat. Well it was a successful start. I have the WORST habit of 1) not getting enough sleep 2) falling asleep in the middle of the day. Which keeps me from being productive. It's a bad habit that I did AGAIN today. Except I got more d
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