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  1. I have 4V version on my website: https://subliminalshinobi.com/huge-testicles/
  2. interesting ... definitely reading this. Thanks!
  3. As of now custom subliminals are not available. I may do them in the future. But, my interest lies in making a full course like George Hutton. tc!
  4. Hi! Hope you'll are having a productive day ... I recently posted a blog on my website giving my audience a brief description of who George Hutton is, how I found his videos and why I promote his products ... thought of posting relevant parts from that blog here as well for those who are interested ... You guys can share your history with George Hutton by replying to this thread below ... I'm looking forward to it How I came across George Hutton Subliminals? If my memory serves me right, I believe I came across his videos 6-7 years ago on youtube. I had just read 'The
  5. @admin - will you be uploading other affiliate ebook videos here?
  6. Hey how are you'll? Its been a while so just thought of posting what I have been doing lately to build up my rotation of women here ... would love if others chime in with their unique 'girl getting' strategies as well Every weekend I go to seminars related to my profession, this way I get to kill two birds with one stone - 1) staying relevant and up to date in my profession and 2) Get to chat up with women over there. I also talk to men but main target is women :'D ... While interacting if I feel that the woman is receptive to my talk and touch then I just tell her that we're meeti
  7. @admin I love you tenacity ... the amount of content you have within you is crazy ... learning so much just from observing you
  8. check out george hutton's 'super learning' course
  9. Hi @admin Can you share 'party hypnosis' and 'public speaking hypnosis' videos here as well?
  10. yes I will uploading all of them on my website. youtube dosen't like these type of subliminals on their platform so can't upload there.
  11. Hi! I have made some changes and the videos should work now. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks! List of Videos for Women on my website: https://subliminalshinobi.com/category/subliminal-affirmations/for-women/ I'll be adding more videos here for women. stay tuned!
  12. Hi! just checked, when you click the 'direct link' to the video as provided by george, it dosen't play, its strange. the work around is to just click the 'pop out' icon on the top right corner, it'll open the video in a new window and it'll play from there. thanks for bringing it to my notice, i'll try and find a solution till then use the work around as provided above. Thank You!
  13. check out george hutton's 'super learning' course. Couple of subliminals for improving math skills: all the best!
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