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  1. The most frequently asked question in the comment section of my YouTube videos is how long do I have to listen to subliminals to see concrete results. Let me give you my two cents on this topic. So, how long does it take for subliminals to work? Depending on where you are starting and what you want to achieve, it generally takes 1 month of consistent listening to see noticeable changes and upto 3 months for permanent results. However, that being said do not obsess over ‘timelines’, first of all, it’s not good for your mental health and well being, and … Secondly, no one can give you concrete answers to abstract concepts like law of attraction and manifestation mainly because the duration or time required to get success with these esoteric techniques varies from person to person, the reason being we are all unique individuals with complex problems and situations. It would be better if you rather focus on listening to subliminals until you develop your new beliefs and behaviors that match your desire or goal irrespective of the time required. Why Does It Take So Long To Manifest? Our current reality is a hotchpotch of our DNA passed on to us by our ancestors; the culture, religion and environment we are born in; and the type of programming we received from family, friends, loved ones, television, media, etc. since childhood. The above factors leave a strong imprint on our subconscious minds. So, just casually listening to subliminals is not going to change our present state or manifest what we want. We may have to take a year off and invest heavily into personal development. Listen to my subliminals 3-6 times everyday and journal your experiences. Along with listening to subliminals also look into law of attraction techniques like 5×55 technique and scripting and do them consistently. Each one of us is dealt a different hand in life. We have to embrace that and be realistic with our expectations initially. The process of transformation is slow and erratic in the beginning. It is important that we keep at it and not give up. We have to put in massive effort upfront in short bursts till it becomes a subconscious habit, then we can take our foot off the gas. Bruce Lipton in one of his interview said that the subconscious mind works like a powerful tape recorder, it constantly records things happening in our lives and at the push of a button, replays them over and over again. Based on what Bruce said above, If you notice most of our days are very similar, the reason being we keep doing the same things subconsciously through our habits and behaviors everyday. So, if we want to experience a new reality we have to form new habits, behaviors and thought patterns which is possible only through reprogramming of the subconscious mind first. How To Get Subliminal Results Faster? 1. Consistency and Repetition: This is hands down the fastest way to get subliminal results. Because of our short attention spans, we keep bouncing from one subliminal to the other and then get disheartened when results don’t show up. Choose your favorite subliminal(s) and listen to it consistently and repeatedly. You have to expose your mind to these affirmations for long durations if you want them to sink in deeply. So, make a firm commitment and stick to it. The beauty of being consistent is that it has a compounding effect. As you become proficient you start getting the same or even better results with lesser input. Over time when your mind gets primed for manifestation, the results start to appear much faster. 2. Letting Go To Manifest Your Desires Faster: After listening to the subliminal(s) and doing the law of attraction exercises its best to release any attachment you have towards the happening of that desire. Doubts, worry, resistance, anxiety and limiting beliefs will only delay the manifestation from happening sooner. Instead, immerse yourself in work and take up hobbies which will take your mind off the desire. Go out, meet people and live your life. Do things that make you happy and feel better. Subliminals/Law of Attraction are meant to enhance your life, don’t get too obsessed with them. I know this is easier said than done, but the key to manifestation is letting go and dropping the desire completely. 3. Use Subliminal/LoA Boosters: Subliminal/LoA Boosters are designed to condition your subconscious mind to give you faster results. The affirmations are crafted to remove all blockages and limiting beliefs that you may have with respect to the effectiveness of subliminal messages. They increase your faith and belief in the power of subliminal messages, law of attraction and manifestation. I am embedding my ‘Boosters Playlist’ below which contains the following 4 subliminals –> Subliminal Booster, Affirmation Booster, Accelerate Law of Attraction and 24 Powerful Law of Attraction Quotes in both Music and 4 voice versions. Boosters Playlist (Subliminal Music Version): Boosters Playlist (Subliminal Affirmations Version): I have uploaded another ‘Subliminal Booster’ on my Subliminal Shinobi Annex channel as well. You can try that one out as well. Now, you must be wondering how to use these subliminal boosters? Well, I have provided below 3 different ways in which you can, so choose whichever method you prefer: Only listen to the booster/playlist 3-6 times everyday for 1-3 months. Do not listen to any other subliminal(s) during this period. Listen to the booster/playlist twice everyday – (a) first thing in the morning the moment you get up and (b) just before you go to sleep at night, till you get results with your desired subliminal(s). Listen to the booster/playlist 1 time immediately before and after listening to your desired subliminal(s)/subliminal playlist for the day. These boosters are powerful so do try them out. You can also listen to boosters created by other subliminal makers. 4. Visualization and Journaling: If you decide to put in a little effort everyday by visualizing your desired outcome, your manifestations will appear a lot faster. Create a short scene and play it in your mind again and again. It’s best to do this at night as you fall off to sleep. Make sure that you visualize in first person with extreme richness and detail. Use all your senses and try to make the image as real and vivid as possible. If you are a person who cannot visualize images or are blind in the mind’s eye then use the subliminal embedded below. Journaling is another great tool for acceleration. Write down any manifestation, no matter how big or small, in your journal whenever they happen. Doing this exercise will build up your faith and belief in the power of subliminal messaging which will, in turn, create more of what you desire. Writing regularly is very therapeutic for your mind and a great way to consciously shift your focus towards what you want. So, in summary: Create a visualization. Focus on the visualization Journal your experiences. Follow your instincts Pay attention to your experiences. Try new things (according to your experiences) Journal the results Mix in your new experiences with a new visualization Keep going I will be making a separate detailed post on visualization and journaling so be on the lookout for that. 5. Taking Action: A lot of people have a problem with this concept especially in the subliminal and law of attraction community. Whenever someone utters the word “action” you start rolling your eyes and get instantly turned off. Please let go of your resistance to action as soon as possible. Our bodies are built for motion and not meant to be stationary for long. Robert Kiyosaki said it best – “Hope drains your energy and action creates it.” When you just sit all day hoping and wishing, you will feel more tired and jaded mentally. Being stagnant is not a natural state of being, it only brings in more disharmony. However, if you use time wisely and take action everyday and move towards your goals, you’ll feel alive and invigorated. The more virile and energetic you feel the faster things get drawn to you. So get off your ass now and take some much need action! Conclusion: The process of reprogramming takes time because we are attempting to repair and over-write years of faulty wiring and conditioning. But if you choose to be patient and keep at it, your life will change drastically. A year from now you’ll be a new person. Sacrifice one hour everyday towards personal development – i.e., listening to subliminals and doing the law of attraction exercises. Create your very own personal routine and stick by it. I hope you will implement some of the techniques provided in this article in the coming days. Develop the courage to claim your desires and the Universe will conspire in helping you achieve it. Well I hope this article cleared some of your doubts around this topic. Post comments below and let me know. I am signing off. See you savages later! – Subliminal Shinobi My Website ➤➤ https://subliminalshinobi.com/ My YouTube Channels: 1) Subliminal Shinobi Annex ➤➤ https://goo.gl/odMiDv 2) Subliminal Shinobi ➤➤ https://goo.gl/oHbbKd
  2. The 5x55 manifestation is fast becoming the favorite technique in the law of attraction community because of its easy application and accelerated results. So, what is 5x55 manifesting technique? 555 manifestation or 5x55 manifesting is a powerful law of attraction technique that helps you in manifesting big burning desires within 5 days. This ritual raises your vibration and gives you a surge of energy enabling you to take automatic inspired action required to actualize your desires. All you have to do is come up with a sentence or affirmation that you like, one that reflects something you want to change or manifest in your life. Now, write that affirmation in your journal or book 55 times everyday in one sitting for 5 days. What is the basis of 55x5? Do you remember this principle ... "What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny" So by writing the affirmation 55 times for 5 days, we are nourishing our desire with time, energy, focus and concentration. Doing this exercise for 5 days puts the above principle to test and allows manifestation to happen naturally and organically. What is the significance of numbers '5' and '55'? '55' in numerology is a number of change, transformation, evolution, and instant manifestation. '5' number signifies the five elements of nature (earth, fire, wind, water and void). Everything in nature is made up of these five basic elements. By merging the two numbers we call upon the 'five elements of nature' to bring about major change or transformation in our lives and/or manifest our deepest desires. Hence, there is a spiritual significance as well to this technique. How to get the most out of 5x55 manifestation technique? Before starting the 5 day manifestation challenge, keep the below points in mind to get best results: - The 5x55 manifestation challenge must be done for 5 consecutive days in a row. Do not skip days and break the pattern. - You must be in a nice relaxed state for the 55x5 manifesting formula to work. Listen to soothing music to put you in the right mood and sit in a quiet place where no one can disturb you. - Be mindful and conscious while writing the affirmations, if your mind wanders pull it back to the present moment. - Write affirmation in present tense, in a form where you ALREADY have it. - Keep the affirmation length short and concise. Remember, you're going to write 55 times. You'll lose motivation quickly writing long-winded affirmations . - Add "feeling words" to your affirmation which elicits emotion (e.g., happy, grateful, amazing, awesome, empowered, irresistible, miraculous, etc.) - If you're not used to writing your hands may pain initially, when this happens just say this in your mind 'I love this beautiful pain of creation' and keep writing. Some examples of affirmations to give you an idea: I live a happy healthy sex life Large sums of money flow to me easily I am a powerful love magnet Eating healthy is fun and sexy I am grateful for all the good in my life Be creative and come up with your own affirmations, have fun with it. - Work on only one desire at a time. After completing five days, move on to the next desire if you so wish. - Combine 'sex transmutation' with the 5x55 manifest technique. Write the affirmation when you have powerful sexual urges. Transfer your powerful sex energy to supercharge your goals. - The best time to do 5x55 manifesting ritual would be early morning or at night before going to bed. - You can speak the affirmation out loud and/or visualize your desire while writing them down. - The act of sitting down and writing the affirmation should not feel mechanical, like you're doing a chore. - Never try to manifest any desire out of desperation because your vibration will be that of lack and scarcity. CONCLUSION: 5x55 manifesting technique has a success rate of 70% - 100% . Some desires may take more than 5 days to manifest, so don't worry! Once you set the intention they come to fruition sooner or later. Let go of any doubt, worry, anxiety or resistance and most importantly have trust and faith in the universe. Combine these awesome tools with my subliminal affirmations and bring your wildest desires to life. So what are you waiting for? try the 5x55 manifesting technique out and share your experiences and success stories in the comment section below. Before I go, I highly recommend you read my article on 'Scripting You Life' which is another powerful law of attraction technique that I use regularly. All right that’s it for now, see you savages later! - Subliminal Shinobi Website ➤➤ https://subliminalshinobi.com/ YouTube Channels: 1) Subliminal Shinobi Annex ➤➤ https://goo.gl/odMiDv 2) Subliminal Shinobi ➤➤ https://goo.gl/oHbbKd
  3. Recently I have been coming across a lot of discussions online around the topic of subliminal messages and their overall effectiveness. Please allow me to put all your lingering doubts to rest. So, do subliminals really work? Yes, subliminals reprogram your subconscious mind by changing your inner conversations, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and brings them in alignment with the desire in question. Once your subconscious mind is reprogrammed, the new reality you so badly want to experience is manifested in the real world. The reprogramming process is done by injecting positive messages, ideas, and beliefs directly into the subconscious mind without any interference from the conscious logical/rational mind. Since humans interact largely on SUBCONSCIOUS signals, whatever we impress upon the subconscious mind is then copied and replicated on the screen of space. This is manifestation 101. However that being said, the subconscious mind has to rely upon the conscious mind, ‘the watchman at the gate,’ to guard it from mistaken impressions becoming part of your belief system. While guarding the subconscious, the hyper-alert conscious mind may also block out any new beliefs or habits that we want to incorporate in our lives if they are not in alignment with our current beliefs or state of being. As a result, nothing much changes until we find a way to bypass the conscious critic and enter the subconscious. This is where technologies like subliminal programming and hypnosis come to our rescue. A carefully crafted and designed subliminal ensures affirmations bypass the conscious mind and enter the subconscious mind effortlessly. The only thing that you have to do is be patient and listen consistently. Once you get into the groove of listening consistently, the affirmations within the subliminal get absorbed deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. Over time the affirmations begin to take on a life and form of their own. As these affirmations become a part of our being the subconscious mind starts to believe that this is who we are now. It then begins to act on these commands by attracting and manifesting a series of events that match up to this new reality. “That motion in mind would compel a physical motion to correspond to it; and you will awake to find the whole thing is changed. The whole structure of your world has changed, your plans have changed; and it will compel that physical journey.” “And you will walk across a bridge of incident―some series of events that you do not consciously plan. You will be compelled to make the journey. I speak from experience.” - Neville Goddard This is how subliminals work in general. Now, let's look at the two main types of subliminals and their effectiveness. Subliminals are either auditory or visual in nature. Auditory Subliminals: On my Website and YouTube channels you will find auditory subliminals in broadly 3 categories: Subliminal Affirmations with 4 Voices Subliminal Affirmations with 256 Voices Silent Subliminals with Music Subliminal Affirmations with 4 Voices: These subliminals are on the border between conscious-unconscious. They work because 4 People (2 Male and 2 Female) speaking the affirmations at the same time overwhelms and confuses the conscious mind. The 5 Hz Binaural Beats (Theta) included in these tracks further relaxes and calms down the hyper-active conscious mind. The combined effect of multiple voices and binaural beats makes it very difficult for the rational/logical mind to keep up and as a result the affirmations easily slip past the conscious critic. Another benefit of the 4 voice tracks is that you can listen to them passively whenever you want (while working, studying, watching TV, doing chores, etc.). Just put on your headphones and let them play in the background. However, to get the most out of these tracks I would highly recommend you listen to them at night before going to sleep. Each track comes with a list of affirmations. Read these affirmations and create a visualization around them. Now, hold that image in your mind as you fall off to sleep. Do not pay attention to the voices, let them just sink in. Subliminal Affirmations with 256 Voices: 256 Voice tracks are impossible to understand, so they go completely past the conscious critic with ease. If you only listen passively, they’ll have an effect, but if you combine them with a strong visualization, it will have a much deeper effect. These tracks form a part of our premium full courses available here. With 256 voices all speaking at the same time, this is far too many for the conscious mind to keep a track of. The idea with these tracks is to wear out the conscious mind completely and target your deep unconscious where your beliefs are located. Studies have shown that your subconscious mind can interpret over 25,000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind can only handle about 50 bits per second. So even though your conscious mind will not be able to understand or comprehend these tracks but the subconscious mind will be able to understand and comprehend everything. Think of your conscious mind only capable of handling a spoonful of information at a time, while your subconscious can handle a firehose on full power. While the 4 Voice tracks have the advantage of being played any time during the day or at night as per your convenience, the 256 voice tracks are to be played only at night as you fall off to sleep. Just focus on a specific image of what you'd like to have happen as a result of that particular subliminal session. [Caution: Avoid listening to 256 voice and 4 voice subliminal affirmations while driving, operating heavy machinery or performing any task which requires your full and complete attention because the multiple voices and/or binaural beats can make you feel sleepy/drowsy]. Silent Subliminals with Music: These tracks are available for free on my Subliminal Shinobi YouTube channel. I create these tracks with a Premium Software. In this technique, I completely mask the affirmations underneath the music. So your conscious mind only hears the music while your subconscious mind hears everything including the affirmations. As the affirmations lie below the absolute threshold level (ATL) of conscious awareness they cannot be perceived by the conscious mind. You won't even hear a whisper as the software does a darn good job of hiding the affirmations. Silent subliminals work differently from the multiple voice subliminals. Multiple voice subliminals are more about confusing, overwhelming and fooling the conscious mind, whereas, in case of silent subliminal the conscious mind cannot perceive or hear the affirmations at all. They both do the same job of delivering the messages to the subconscious mind and are equally effective, just the method of delivery is different. You can listen to silent subliminals passively anytime during the day while performing any activity or even while unwinding. However, do not listen to silent subliminals with music throughout the night as they may affect your sleep. Instead switch to completely silent tracks while sleeping. Visual Subliminals: Here visual images or messages are flashed very briefly before your eyes and then they disappear just moments before your conscious mind gets around to noticing it. The timing between a stimulus and conscious awareness is about a quarter of a second. This means that if the image or message stays on the screen for more than a quarter of a second then the conscious mind will get to it, rationalize the f*ck out it and block it from entering the subconscious. Movie theatres back in the days used to do this alot. Some advertiser got the bright idea to quickly flash messages on the screen for Coca Cola and Popcorn. Allegedly, when they did so, it “made” people suddenly get hungry for Coke and Popcorn and sales increased significantly. So if we want to install new and positive beliefs via visual subliminal programming then it is important that we apply the same technique used by advertisers above. There are plenty of software programs out there that will flash positive messages on your computer screen while you’re working. Many people have had a good deal of success with these. Conclusion: Subliminals are not magical push button solutions, they are tools that activate the natural process of manifestation and creation by rewiring the subconscious mind. Remember, audio and visual subliminals both work, the only caveat is that you have to be consistent with them. So stop wasting your time worrying about whether subliminals work or not. Try them out for yourself and make your own judgement. How is spending countless hours going through YouTube comments looking for success stories going to help you? Well I hope this article cleared some of your doubts around this topic. Post comments below and let me know. I am signing off. See you savages later! – Subliminal Shinobi Website ➤➤ https://subliminalshinobi.com/ YouTube Channels: 1) Subliminal Shinobi Annex ➤➤ https://goo.gl/odMiDv 2) Subliminal Shinobi ➤➤ https://goo.gl/oHbbKd
  4. interesting ... definitely reading this. Thanks!
  5. As of now custom subliminals are not available. I may do them in the future. But, my interest lies in making a full course like George Hutton. tc!
  6. Hi! Hope you'll are having a productive day ... I recently posted a blog on my website giving my audience a brief description of who George Hutton is, how I found his videos and why I promote his products ... thought of posting relevant parts from that blog here as well for those who are interested ... You guys can share your history with George Hutton by replying to this thread below ... I'm looking forward to it How I came across George Hutton Subliminals? If my memory serves me right, I believe I came across his videos 6-7 years ago on youtube. I had just read 'The Secret' and successfully manifested a trip to Rome and a Sony Playstation. When I came back from my trip, I wanted to manifest much more and faster. I started looking at different 'law of attraction' videos by various gurus to become more proficient at the art of manifesting. After a couple of days of binge watching, youtube randomly recommended a George Hutton subliminal video. At first I didn't understand what it exactly was because it sounded like a bunch of people talking all at the same time. I browsed through his entire video library which piqued my curiosity further. After doing some more research on the topic of subliminal messages and hypnosis, I was completely hooked. I found something that I was naturally wired and geared for. My Success with Mind Persuasion: I started listening to his videos all the time, while travelling, sleeping, at work, etc. Slowly and steadily with consistent and persistent listening I felt a shift in my beliefs, behaviors and actions The moment I got my mind right my goals started manifesting one after the other. You can check out some of my success stories which I had posted on his forum couple of years back: Study Love and Speed Reading Fear of Driving Chick Magnet Financial Success I have many more success stories which are not yet posted on the forum. How I became a Subliminal Creator: As I made more and more progress in different areas of my life with various George Hutton products ... I felt inclined towards making my own customized subliminals. After watching tutorials on youtube, I made my first tailor made subliminal recording. With time, I became better at writing affirmations ... Which gave me confidence to post my first subliminal on youtube titled 'Become An Alpha Male' (this version is different from the original subliminal) I still remember how nervous and excited I felt before clicking the 'publish' button. As time went by my channel slowly started to gain some traction and everyday I was getting more and more views and subscribers (my youtube channel was over 2 years old and had 23K subscribers before youtube terminated it. Now my entire focus in on my website as these third party applications are very unreliable). Investing time and effort in my small venture and seeing it grow and take shape gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I finally had something to offer to the world, something of substance. Why I promote Mind Persuasion products? I personally believe at the moment there is no one in the subliminal community providing value like George Hutton. The amount of quality content you get for what you pay is insane! Detailed manuals, exercises, work sheets in addition to the cutting edge subliminal recordings all for $39, I mean what else can you ask for? Also, this guy knows his stuff inside out, it is very evident from his writing His products are a perfect blend of the metaphysical and the real world which makes them unique and one of a kind. Also, all Mind Persuasion products are designed to remove deep rooted subconscious blocks that are keeping you in a rut. Give it time and you will start noticing a change in your beliefs Your new beliefs will alter your behavior Once your behavior changes your reality will change I still use his products to this day and will continue to use them in the future as well Promoting his products is just my way of saying thank you because my life has been on an upward trajectory ever since I came across his content. -- Subliminal Shinobi
  7. @admin - will you be uploading other affiliate ebook videos here?
  8. Hey how are you'll? Its been a while so just thought of posting what I have been doing lately to build up my rotation of women here ... would love if others chime in with their unique 'girl getting' strategies as well Every weekend I go to seminars related to my profession, this way I get to kill two birds with one stone - 1) staying relevant and up to date in my profession and 2) Get to chat up with women over there. I also talk to men but main target is women :'D ... While interacting if I feel that the woman is receptive to my talk and touch then I just tell her that we're meeting on this day for a movie, mostly on a "weekday afternoon". I choose shitty movies and/or weekday afternoons because theatres are empty and you get privacy, once seated comfortably I start physical escalation with hand holding and slowly push her boundaries from there on, if all goes well then take her to nearby hotel ... sometimes it take couple of meetings to seal the deal. Logistics is key so make sure you plan things before hand. Ensure, that a good hotel is near to your theatre, you need to strike while the iron is hot. If she sees you struggling to find a place then the all attraction will be lost. She needs to feel that you have the situation under control which will only raise her attraction. if you decide to go to a seminar and find it difficult to walk up to people and initiate a conversation, then start interacting with whoever is sitting next to you. I must say this, George Hutton's 'Manifest Women' course has helped me immensely. I'll write a detailed post on that course later. Take care!
  9. @admin I love you tenacity ... the amount of content you have within you is crazy ... learning so much just from observing you
  10. check out george hutton's 'super learning' course
  11. Hi @admin Can you share 'party hypnosis' and 'public speaking hypnosis' videos here as well?
  12. yes I will uploading all of them on my website. youtube dosen't like these type of subliminals on their platform so can't upload there.
  13. Hi! I have made some changes and the videos should work now. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks! List of Videos for Women on my website: https://subliminalshinobi.com/category/subliminal-affirmations/for-women/ I'll be adding more videos here for women. stay tuned!
  14. Hi! just checked, when you click the 'direct link' to the video as provided by george, it dosen't play, its strange. the work around is to just click the 'pop out' icon on the top right corner, it'll open the video in a new window and it'll play from there. thanks for bringing it to my notice, i'll try and find a solution till then use the work around as provided above. Thank You!
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