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  1. She is not an addict. I'm sure of that. I acted a little needy. She was my first serious relationship but she had been in a two year relationship before me, so she took things a little slower. I wanted her to by my girlfriend right away. That might have spoked her.
  2. What I did wrong: I never accepted her for what she is. I tried to change her. She's into some drugs (nothing serious) and I always tried to change that. I think that's was important to make her fall out of love with me.
  3. Ok. Here's the thing. I'm 22,she's 19. We are both from Argentina. I met her last year, we started seeing each other right away. Since I don't live in her city (I just study there) I left for the summer and we didn't see each other for almost two months. But we kept in touch. When I returned we started seeing each other again. We started formally dating a couple weeks after that for about two months. Then one day she started acting distant and a week after that day she left me. I'm desperated. I love her, and she loved me once. Do I have a shot? I'm not willing to pay a lot of money cause I don't have a lot of money. Hope you can help me
  4. Hi. I'm very new to this site and to this techniques. Is there any way to use mind persuasion to get my ex back? She left me about three weeks ago and I want her back. Thank you all
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