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  1. The LOA programme is basically a 100-page book explaining scientifically how the LOA works. It clearly defines what are conscious mind, unconscious mind and ego, and gives numerous day-to-day examples illustrating each and every situation when each of the minds work differently. It indeed answers a lot of problems that I am curious but uncertain how the subliminal and hypnosis work, e.g. is it really a Magic that after listening to the sub for several nights and we become cleverer? Of course, the programme also includes some eye-opening mind-techniques (exercises) to induce right thinking and easy action in a subconscious level, so that your subconscious mind is more congruent with what you want to achieve, and thus taking action requires less struggles or self-sabotage. Really an interesting subject that I want to study for a while, and decided to purchase it last week.
  2. Seems you are having fun with the luck activator! If you want to know more about how it all works, I suggest you to try the LOA programme, which I have recently completed.
  3. I've been using the Luck Activator for a month or two trying to enhance my luck for winning a local lottery which is held regularly three times a week. I mostly listen to the subliminals at night. At the beginning I listen to each one of the individual subliminal and recently I almost do the master mix. Sometimes I do write the luck journal & miracle questions, as well as visualisations of winning the lottery. I experience a constant increase of luck in all aspects of my life but which I did not intended and visualised much. The Luck Activator actually works out quite well as of other subliminals I've used, such as Da Vinci Brain, natural singer and Limitless. However, I feel that the level of my luck is still inadequate to win a lottery or its second or third prize, as I've never get even the last prize of the lottery, even tho I've been buying lottery tickets regularly. May I have George and all of your suggestions as to how to accelerate and secure the luck in such aspect? Is it that my luck level is simply not enough so that I should continue to listen to the Master Mix for further results? Or should I add anything else such as the so-called paraliminals (paraliminal with video)? I've bought the Lottery Winner and Luck subliminals as well but not used as frequent so.
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