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  1. I will say when I listen to manifest men through your page I got a LOT of interest on the Bumble dating app. Curious...do you make custom subs for others?
  2. Where can I find get over an ex video?

  3. Hi George, where can I find the get over your ex video?
  4. Hi, where can I find the get over an ex video?
  5. Yikes! I felt the bed dip a few times or taps on my shoulder and it scared the hella out me. I didn't link it to listening to subliminals. I may have to start making my own. Which subs did you listen to?
  6. Heyyyy we missed ya! Glad you're back safe and sound!
  7. Hi George, description for the videos? I just see the link. Also, you said 60 --- what are they, and are they all on the one link?
  8. Ok, will take a look. Also, you had a ton of awesome man magnet videos on Youtube at one point. They helped me find a committed relationship with a guy begging to marry me. where are those videos, my friend?
  9. Hey George, the videos on the link you gave have no audio? Any suggestions where else I may find them to listen?
  10. could you do a subliminal for sugar babies?
  11. where do I find info for being an affiliate?
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