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  1. Thanks Heaps for Courtroom Genius! This will be very helpful.. Cheers!
  2. How are you all ? Ok its been 5 weeks now and I can truly say now , after smoking 35 years, attempting to quit over a million times and failed, My mind set has changed, and that is what had to happen... I can easily say now, that I feel different about it. I struggled so hard to quit, I thought I was doomed... Ok so I knuckled down and made a playlist and listened to it 3 times a day , and repeat playlist during my sleep for nearly 2 months. My playlist I used was quit smoking, Universal breath, Inner Child I found Universal Breath very empowering, as it took me too a place I'd ne
  4. Hi Athena. I haven't been here much, lots going on... in my head... Wow.. Yeah this would very good, cause our dreams are usually trying to tell us something... I'm usually in the middle of a dream and the baby wakes up screaming ..Waa Waaa.. so I get straight up and then forget everything... He's is annoying Apple Yes please share, it would be good to have a thread for Affirmation/Hypno suggestions. Then you can personalize then too.. Awesome!
  5. I was travelling on a bus once from Cairns to Sydney, 3 day journey with my 3 year old son . I got mega stressed by the time I got to Brisbane and was over the bus trip after 2 days. So I cancelled the ticket, and did the rest of the journey by train, I had to wait an extra 5 hours, but I didn't care , I just sat at the bar and had drinks.... So I get on the train and I had 2 seats to myself and spread out and it was comfy and awesome, slept all the way. Arrived in Sydney and there was an strange feeling .. This lady standing beside me says "Did you hear about the accident"? I'm
  6. Ok I need some Legal Advise !! I've decided to go for a court proceeding for a property settlement . I'm trying to get a video on .. Winning a court case, Persuading large amounts of cash The judge granting me more than I ask, Hehe. .. Finding the right lawyer, Etc... Can you help me out here George , Can you whip one together or do you have any suggestions ? Thanks heaps... Just want to give my kids a stable home.. Cheers !
  7. Hi George, I thought it would be helpful to have a Thread for suggestions, or any problems we might be experiencing, etc. that way we could help each other with issues. A Welcome Newbie thread would be nice too. But while I'm here, .1. . I'm having problems with the MP site crashing all the time. (on the ipad it freezes) , PC just crashes consistently. 2. I still cant get the quote functions to work 3. Not all discussion posts have the edit/delete option. 4. when you open the more smileys, you loose everything you've written. Anyway, just thought I'd ask politely hehe..
  8. Great Thinking , IM IN,!!! I could really do with something connected to that , so Yes I would really benefit.. such as Divine Timing. I've been missing my boat a lot.. Totally cool.. Tori
  9. Yes I am dealing with self esteem issues atm... thanks for you for making me smile, when a woman looses weight, they tend loose it in there breasts first. pain really when you have to buy bras to fit. anyhow, I have put a bit of weight back on, and tits looking good.. I've never really been the type to say stuff about my body, I always been happy with my image... But while there a video for perfect breasts, it certainly beats getting fake ones. Any way.. Talk soon about... what ever !
  10. Thanks for these Marejeba My computer has been down and giving me grief. Thanks very Much Tori
  11. Hi Athena, I didn't even know they existed. Thanks for helping out , This has helped me too. Hope all is well Tori .
  12. Ok, really need an edit button.. would make this more user friendly.. Anyway There's a video called Peak Brain There is also another series you can purchase as well call Intelligence accelerator (located on the home video page bottom left under popular tools.) I'd listen to Peak brain twice a day . I usually get good results around 21 days, but everyone varies. If there are any other underlying issues like depression, listen to one of those as well Hope that was helpful
  13. Hi Adde and Welcome to the forum here. I'd just like to ask if you have ever been on medication for your depression over the years. I was thinking maybe te medication could have had some effect on your memory. This would be very frustrating for you, especially if you have no idea why. These games you Play? We go to the Gym to get Physically fit, this also makes us mentally fit, as it releases endorphins and after feel good chemicals. The same goes for our brain, we need to exercise the muscles in our brains for it to function healthily. If we are only using one section of our
  14. Ok so I never Thought I'd say this!! And I'm not embarrassed, at all, Here is my story! I've always had medium sized perky breasts, hot body to match. not skinny not fat, I felt healthy and sexy. So since my break up, I guess I've been a bit stressed, and noticed my bra was too big, so are all my clothes, I've shrunk all over. Not happy, with the breasts shrinking , but I'm going to try the Perfect Breasts Video for a while. And another Sexy Body one(not sure yet.). Bikini Body Is My Choice I'll get back with how I'm travelling in a few weeks. This will be good ..
  15. That's great Athena! I'm really interested in combination videos. Although my circumstances are totally different, my toddler boy is really out of this planet and wears me down , I have no immediate help . This might help me make life easier.. I'll check some others for this combo for myself.. Sometimes I wish I could stick the head phones on him for an hour. , Arggggg , he got cranky with my iPad yesterday and cracked the screen... This is what I'm dealing with.. I play relaxing meditation music during the day to keep the vibe mellow.. And reduce adrenalin..If you have any suggestions ? Pl
  16. Hi Marebleja, (I'm struggling with the Quote button).. I'll have to work on it... Sorry to hear but, it's time to move on to a better life for you. Try to keep in mind, that there's better things ahead and you will get through this. Hear are My relationship breakup playlist suggestions, I'm using these ones. Release the Past ( for relationship break ups) Open Heart Chakra ( helps heal the heart) Relationship Communication (helps be able to talk about it openly) Gratitude (helps to take you focus away from the loss and be grateful for what's good) Listen to then once a day until yo
  17. Thanks Athena Being my first post, I was a little nervous.. so I just added the Money ones I've been listening too at the end of the original post. Yes it's great to know we do have access to Universal energies. No I'm not really looking for a man right now.. I need to recover from the last one. That was just my quirky sense of humour talking.. But I'm so happy to be able to work on myself and find myself again. Having these tools to help us is awesome Hey.. The other vids I'm working with are Health ones and Spiritual type ones which I'll write up about later. Too Good to meet you h
  18. Hi , Would love Delta video to begin a playlist. One that puts you to sleep first. It's a great way to start a playlist as the videos can be quite intense. I use to use one you had on you tube called Delta 0.5, or something . Any chance you could put it up for us? That would be awesome! Wow , and thanks so much George for getting this up and running.. It all happened for a reason. May it be Super successful And prosper your life , overflowing with Good Health , Happiness & Abundance.Cheers !
  19. My first post and had to share at least one of my success stories. I thought I'd try listening to 3 of the money videos every night for 21 days( plus other ones).. But the weird thing is, money just keeps flowing in. I split from a 10 year relationship and was left with just a rental flat , a bomb car and a baby. Then I found George on You tube and started getting into a playlist every night. My ex who never gave me a cent, keeps paying the rent and my bills, plus extra, I checked my bank last week and there was an extra $1100 in my account from welfare, , a community Organization offered to p
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