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  1. I wish there were an audible edition. I do a lot of my reading by listening in my car.
  2. I've heard him on podcasts talking about his "Nerd Fitness" project. Seems like an interesting guy.
  3. I am hoping George will see this and answer but it seemed like something other people might wonder about, too. I've got "Fearless", "Fitness Accelerator", and "Emotional Freedom". "Fearless" uses clearly audible male and female voices massed together while the other two titles sound more like conventional subliminals though I am pretty sure I am hearing what appear to be voices less distinct and at a lower level in those, too. My question is why the different approaches and is one more effective than the other?
  4. I often hear people theorize but I'd like to hear specific protocols of behavior from those who have ALREADY experienced radical rather than subtle benefits fron the use of subliminals. I have put a lot of time in. I take risks in life and do things that push the boundary of my comfort zone. I have honestly reported.
  5. I would just like to add that for those who say I am just listening to subliminals my job requires me to do at least 6 hours a week of public speaking to large, often indifferent, groups. I also am involved in improv comedy on a regular basis that involves performance in front of audiences. Would not one expect radical shifts and transformations where large amounts of energy are being placed and risks are being taken? How does one "only listen to subliminals" in life? We do not exist in a vacuum. Life seems by its very nature to be about putting one in new situations and experimenting,
  6. All I can go on is my own experience. It is counter-intuitive to me that less listening is better. I guess I don't believe I will get better results listening less. I may have different standards for "results" than another person, too. I am not saying I didn't get results or got the opposite of what I was aiming for, but rather found the results less impressive than I had hoped. Just started a couple of days ago with the Hutton tracks. Will see what manifests.
  7. Thanks. I will probably listen to more than one title.
  8. I get breaks when I am not in my home, but I am not sure if it is necessary or not. We are pretty much constantly being stimulated by something. Might as well be something positive we've chosen. I spent 90 minutes in a float tank on Sunday. That was an interesting experience but certainly not one of complete sensory deprivation. So it really wasn't a break but more of just a change of stimulation.
  9. I ended up choosing the healthy eating sub. I have it running on repeat over speakers right now.
  10. I should add that I just use cheap mp3 players with repeat features and computer speakers.
  11. I've literally had subliminal and affirmation tracks playing 24 hours a day in my home for the last 3.5 years. I even play them at a higher volume than you would probably expect. It is interesting how much volume you can acclimate yourself to. As of yesterday I am running the entire non theta set of "Fearless" through the player in my living room and the "Healthy Eating" non theta track in my bedroom.
  12. I wonder how long it might take to solidify the effects you've got and make them essentially permanent? I am figuring at some point there would be a shift where you might not be able to revert.
  13. I keep wondering how effective subliminals can be during sleep. I have had subkiminals and audible affirmations running continuously in my home now for 3.5 years without a break. Has it been effective? Yes, but nowhere close to the level I had hoped for.
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