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  1. medicinemind

    Ten Inch Penis

    So its been 2 months since i started to listen to the Ten Inches Product. I listened to it for about 8 hours every night. I have found my penis to be generally bigger when flaccid, maybe even a little thicker and a little longer, nothing more then 1/2 an inch but i have not experienced any erection growth. I will continue for as long as it takes, as i am committed to growing a 10 inch monster. i calculated at best 1/2 an inch growth every month or two months. I'm sticking to listening every night for the next 12 months and seeing what happens.
  2. medicinemind

    Ten Inch Penis

    I've purchased the product ten inches and asking people about their own personal results. I seem to be getting bigger but its taking forever. I sleep with the affirmations on nightly along with other products in a playlist. Anyhow if anyone has grown a monster let us all know and ill keep on listening for more results.
  3. medicinemind

    More than one sub at once?

    Absolutely. Multiple subs work.
  4. Taking into consideration of Buddhist and Hinduism Ancient Texts, transmuting the past live to a more loving experience can greatly benefit this "CURRENT" life. A list of Affirmations from other members would be great as i am always lacking time...