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  1. AFFIRMATIONS: -I'm quick -I land on my feet -I'm light on my feet -I can move around easily -You can move around easily -You can jump on & off things -I can jump on & off things -You have great body control -I have great body control -You're smooth -I'm smooth
  2. Affirmations: -I love being single -I do not need a man -I do not need a woman -I know that the right person will arrive sooner or later -You know that the right person will arrive sooner or later -I am free -I am liberated -You're in happiness -You're happy even though you're not in a relationship -You love yourself -I love others -I do not get jealous seeing others in relationships -I'm happy seeing others in relationships -I'm a free spirit -I'm not angry seeing others in relationships -You're happy with where you're at in life
  3. I'm back Affirmations: -Your kicks are powerful. -Your kicks are fast -You have the stamina of a horse. -I have the reflexes of a cat -I am calm -You are focused -I am focused -I can take on several opponents at once -You can adapt to any fight -I can adapt to any fight -Your punches are fast -Your punches are powerful -People are intimidated by you -People lose against you -I fight for the right reasons.
  4. Is it an absolute must that I close my eyes during those sessions, or can they be open while I'm browsing online or doing other work?
  5. I know that getting 8 hours of sleep is the best solution(obviously), but are there any other subliminals that help with waking up at an earlier time other than "Morning Motivation"? Thank you.
  6. It's been a while since I've made a request, but here's another one.... Ideas for affirmations: -I can hold my bladder for an unlimited period of time. -I have a healthy amount of bladder in my body. -My pee is clear. -My pee is healthy. -You can hold it in for a long time. -You can release bladder whenever you want. -I can release bladder whenever I want. -My body resists urinary tract infections. -Peeing is easy. -Holding it in is easy.
  7. Ideas for affirmations: -I release all fear -Why am I unafraid -I can do anything -I release all doubt -I release inhibitions. -Why is it so easy to conquer anything -Why can I destroy fear -Fear cowers before me -I laugh in the face of fear. -No one can stop me. -Nothing can stop me. -Life is always easy -You are excited and happy.
  8. "this is absurd, a program for something very similar to this already exist, on behalf of the community, please don't take up request slots as george doesn't produce as frequently as he used too".... @amazo: He has every right to make a request. Many people here are asking for video requests to do things that they thought were impossible, or change their lives for the better. You wouldn't want anyone saying that to you about your requests. Show some respect and common courtesy, please. I'm sure that Mr. Hutton puts in a lot of time into making these videos and putting them out for Vimeo, and the Mind Persuasion website.
  9. I was wondering if you could make a virtual energy drink, with gamma binaurals and affirmations?
  10. Here is what I've noticed after listening to "No Sleep".... When I think about things that keep me awake and alert, such as coffee, or energy drinks, I tend to have more energy throughout the day. It's very strange, but for some reason it's working. Even when I think of the words "Energy", "Alertness", or "Caffeine" throughout the day, I have more energy and focus. Does anyone else notice this?
  11. I really need to pass accounting in order to graduate this year. Can you please make a hypnosis audio for this? Ideas for affirmations: -I am an accounting genius -I know how to adjust entries -I know how to close entries -You know what items are credited and debited -You know how to journalize entries. -You ace every accounting exam -Accounting homework is easy for you -I know everything that there is to know about accounting.
  12. hahahaha, yes! Make this one!
  13. Ideas for affirmations: -Everyday my muscles get bigger and bigger. -I increase muscle mass while I sleep -I increase in size everyday. -You get stronger and stronger everyday -You have a V-Tapered body -You are ripped and lean -I have broad shoulders -I have a small waist -My diet supports me -My mind supports me -Your body is a work of art -You have endless motivation while working out
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