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  1. did people like you the same before you listened to subliminals? like charisma and social subliminals like bright aura or dating ones like attract perfect man/female etc do you think it's because of the subliminals or it was already on you and the subliminals just made you concious and looking for signs?
  2. there's a lot of people saying if you go above 5 subliminals a day you will get slow/no results , while there's people that say it's okay but not too much (7-8 etc). what do u guys think?
  3. hey can i ask for 256v sub for perfectly straight/aligned teeth? the "perfect teeth" one contains too much about "attractive smile" it would be amazing if it just focused in aligned and straight teeth for much faster results. and also multiple people said the old one stopped showing results and would like a remake in the forum (latest one is from october i think?). Ex affirms: my teeth are getting straight by the second (or minute) my teeth are getting more aligned by the second (or minute) i make my teeth straighter easily i make my teeth more aligned easily i make
  4. u can listen to them both if u want + try to watch over ur calories/exercise and it will work amazingly fast. good luck
  5. tbh i had results / still having them to my schelude. whenever i overuse a sub it seems to work other way around it / stops working. every person his his own thing i guess, but if you listened 3.5 years and still haven't had the results you want than it's a problem either within you (intentions, visualizaion,relaxation, energy blockages) or within the sub. i'm not really an expert i've done this for less(or more) than 1 month now and had great results so far. but if u wanted %100 answers u should pm george hutton (admin) he's the owner and a certified hypnotist
  6. i think perfect body would be good? george recommnded me to use it if i wanted to change "eye color" but from the affirms i can see it working for the perfect body you're trying to achieve.
  7. you're overworking ur brain . use subs for 1-3 hours a day not the whole day. it's like muscle and bodybuilding , you don't see people lifting weights all day long or scientists researching about topics all day long or ur body working 24/7 (sleep) , everything needs a rest.
  8. so it can take a week/less if u believe and do it a lot? and is drinking a lot of water a req like most youtube videos say? and what is considered overdoing it? ex. 3 hours of listening or 4 ... etc and is visualizing important meaning u can't get results without it? and can i listen to diff subs after each other do i have to take a break? and how much subs a day limit? (since i'll be going for Cleansing & Teeth straightening & few face/body/ or aura subs ) and can the face one change eye color? if it doesn't is there anything that does? and did u have amazing results with a
  9. why do u have 5 min video & full length at 1 hour or something? is there a major difference between the two and can i get what i want with the 5 min one? also is the perfect face/body works for eye color change/teeth straighten without braces / have dimples although you don't have one? and how long will it take ?? thank you
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