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  1. Just sent the email to support@mindpersuasion.com as here i cant send you a direct message. I have a traffic source connected to my own owned business and i want to thanks you with sales, as if i have been able to build all of this (im financially free from years now!) is only thanks to you and your hypnosis, the lifetime access chanced my life completly and the members videos have changed my inner structure completly ...
  2. Hi george! Roberto marini here. I need to know if the affiliate program is still active and working properly, as very soon i want to start to advertise your products, and even suggest them to my own clients in business. Thanks to your hypnosis my life changed completly, in less than 2 years from when i bought the product in 2014. Please let me know when you can so i can start to act as needed.
  3. Plus i have see that this request i have made long time ago too http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/469-liver-recovery/ is being locked, but i cant find the audio session in the member video area! Please let me know asap.
  4. Hi George!! When you think that could be possible to get this audio session made up? Can i pay you for get it??
  5. Athena I personally find it incredible the possibility that there are business like the ones I posted here for all f us. You do not have to sell anything to anyone personally and that's the beauty! The product you purchase once to become a part of the "game" member ,after which everything is automatic!! Do not need to get these problems and put all these doubts!It is easy to learn to use these programs to and then, sell your own business with all the others!! Once you look at the links and listen carefully everything related the systems will you clarify your ideas! There is no obligation to buy anything more of what is the initial cost of the input, which moreover are really ridiculous! $ 18 for Fourcorners, $ 7 for leadlightning trafficmoons and it's free! Only $ 25 in order to become financially independent!It is crazy not to come soon! This is an opportunity that no one should give up! Personally, I'm already seeing the results as soon as I can and I'll post here some screen shot of earnings !!
  6. Here I am with all the references necessary to tell you how I used hypnosis! I listened to the first time each of the sessions of the audio business section to see and understand what effect they would have up, then they get to pick just a few specifically! I post titles of all used ones. I listened sessions every night in a playlist containing other audio sessions carefully chosen from all sections, and each day began to change my experiences and events! I cominciat to do things they would not normally did and now they are giving their profits !! Here is the list of sessions used ) Entrepreneurial Genius - Unleash Your Business Mind To Create Income Streams - Unlock Riches Financial Genius - Stay On Budget - Build Up Savings - Destroy Debt Business Genius - Explode Your Creativity To Generate Massive Income Streams Online Marketing Magic - Subliminal Hypnotic Suggestions For Massive Income and TrafficAttract The Perfect Job (Or ANY Job!) Hypnosis and Law Of Attraction Conspire To HELP YOU Build Your Coaching Business - Attract Wealthy Clients - Expand Reputation - Teach Your Skills And the last add Investor Entrepreneur So now what I want to tell you how I spent the last month looking for the best opportunities on line until arriving last week to find the best opportunities to become a multimillionaire REALLY !! The network is fantastic! Click on these links one after another ONLY after checking them one by one! You will be amazed by this system !! : D. The earnings are guaranteed and above all growing exponentially day by day !! It is NOT to trade! It is NOT continually invest endless amounts of money !! This is only TAKE hand your life and decide YOUR new financial situation to get economic and monetary freedom that you have always desired !! All of this site could help anyone, yes i said ANY ONE, to create a successul and automated metod to Achieve perpetual income !! Systems that I found and that are currently functioning are four (4) which combine with each other to create a source of income automatically and applicant!! But of course I'm already looking for and finding the other possibilities that are available SAFE! http://becomerich.businessautosufficentecogenerativo.com You have just to click the link up here to start make money today 100% guaranteed...I am earning more then 50$ per day http://automatedwealthnetwork.com/robertomarini23 this site is the first that has allowed me to discover all the other opportunities !! Two young entrepreneurs have found a way to get a gain of 33$ and automatic recurring remains unchanged for as long as your platform is active using MtCashFreeBies an amazing site that paid every singol person who refer someone to join in mycashfreebies after have obtain the "green" status, is automatic, recurring and above can continue to GROW EXPONENTIALLY !! Plus inside of this site everyone who join have the possibility to obtain the Power Lead System becoming an "Affialiate" and starting with a free 7 days trial!! So this site give 2 free opportunities to create two automatic income streams! And this is very important because in the link that i post below after this comment part, you can see that you need to use the Lead Lightning or Power Lead System to make the business explode so if you register first here by this site you have already active the "Become an Affiliate" for FREE!! Inside the videos its explains everything, and it is only the beginning! Inside there are many videos that guide step by step the new member, to use all that is necessary to make explode this business, his personal business, or help organized one already created, within a snap of fingers !! It is really rich in content notch! Do not wait further because it is FREE! NO cost of entry !! YES completly FREE! Hope to see you inside !! ) Soon many other new reviews about the audio sessions i've used!
  7. Skye hello !! I will write word for word all what to the last detail as soon as possible! I'm really overload of information and I need time to reorganize the ideas and write everything clearly!
  8. My personal transformative experience, thanks to George and Audio Sessions created by him! I'm opening and starting to write this blog because finally after months of listening of some specific audio sessions from all area's of the member videos got and I'm continuing to get REAL results and especially CONCRETE, listening every night or almost, various audio sessions selected from the almost endless possibilities, from every different section. I finally found an incredible opportunity to exit definitively from poor financial situation in which I was until just before i have found the video's on youtube of George! Since then everything has changed! I started to listen to the video daily and immediately I noticed changes. But since I started listening to those of the Business section all took a turn incredible, that I was "transported" in search of job opportunities from all over the net and in the real world! First odd jobs where I was able to set aside some money on paper, then the purchase of a mastercard and opening of my personal paypal account and now I found a multiple income online business that does not have limits of expansion and that will be a turning point in the lives of many people! I can just add all the details of the business here in this post to give you all that you want it, the opportunity to obtain considerable gains really quickly, safely, but especially AUTOMATIC and APPLICANT !! The platforms are two and both will start earning right now! A short will post referral links below !! THANKS GEORGE, you have literally saved my life! I will buy many more products from now on!
  9. I have open my heart chakra now and forever I accept the Christ Conciusness
  10. Your Senses are extremely accurate Your sensory abilities are superhuman Your subconscious mind absorbs these subliminal messages your subconscious makes these subliminal messages your reality You now have Increased perceptions Your Awareness is Dramatically Increasing You posess extremely accute senses You are rapidly becoming Super Perceptive All of your Senses are Dramatically Increasing You have super enhanced senses You have super human eyesight Your eye sight is dramatically improving You have super human hearing your hearing is dramatically improving You now have a super human sense of touch and feeling Your sense of touch is dramtically increasing your have super hearing your hearing is dramatically improving you have a super accurate sense of taste your sense of taste is super human your sense of taste is dramatically increasing You posess a super natural sense of Balance your sense of balance is rapidly increasing your sense of balance is extremely well-developed You have a super sensory system You can sense the smallest and finest details Your sensory system is extremely healthy You are highly perceptive You comfortably attuned to your super senses You are rapidly becoming more perceptive and aware Your mind and body is now making you comfortable with your senses You can easily sense all forms of energy you can perceive and sense all forms of energy
  11. If anyone have some ideas for others affirmation to add at this request please write it here
  12. My pineal gland is enlarging everysecond My pineal gland never burn My pineal gland allow me to dream much more than anyone else My sacred space is sealed None can control me Every time someone try to control me and my dream It is electrocuted at instant I expande my sacred space every breat i take My sacred space is expanding every second.in every situation None can stole my crown Im always in control of my dream life Every single secon i become more aware that i am in a lucid dream I can retain my semen endlessly People knows that they cant control me I release the need to move my Consciousness outside of my body I always stay in my Heart Cosmic Center I focus my attention in the middle of my eyebrows and my sixt chackra I never get out my energy and attention from myself I experience my higer self every moment My superior self is integrated inside of me None can take my energy My crown and my pineal gland are perfectly functioning I never tremble Im more grounded than anyone else My connection with mother Earth is increasing every second and every day I focus all my energy in my Tan Tien I focus all my attention in my sacral chakra All my chakras are clean and open All my chakras become more powerfull every second All my endocrine glands work at a perfecet state My spiritual and material bodies are perfectly integrated I store my ki energy inside of my self and i never loose my energies I harness the power of Chi I control Chi energy like a master I have now activate all the potential of the uman being I have integrate on myself the knowledge of the metatron cube I have rich the Brahman conciusness I have obtained the God conciusnes I have now the Tenlessness I am the Creator of my Reality I never give my attention outside of my being
  13. every time the girls are with me they feel safe and secure whenever I'm together with the girls they feel a general sense of well-being that associate only and only to me
  14. I only love women Love it's natural to do with women Girls adore me Girls love me I have sex only with young girls When i understand that man want to fuck me i easily reject them agressively out of my territory No man can fuck me I am free from any tendency bisexual and anyone come near me is equally free All the sexy young girls in my country want me I love all the young women that will approach me Girls are addicted to me Girls beg me for have sex with them Mature women only want to give me blow job I only have sex with the girls that i choose Girls tell to me explicity and roundly that they want have sex with me Girls invite me in their home to fuck me hard Women plead, implore and supplicate me to go with them to have sex All the girls who want to know me take the initiative to come talk to me Girls love give me blowjob Girls search me to have sex Women feel the inexplicable feeling of slowly and fuck until they feel their vagina full of me I never ejaculate when have sex with girls all the young girls who are close to me become incredibly horny and aroused All women that look at me make me grow bigger in my all being Women feel the irrepressible impulse and desire to have sex with me All the young girls that I touch on the shoulders become completely wet from the navel to the feet I only love young women and young girls and have sex with them Old women knows that i dont want have sex with them All the young girls that I touch on the shoulders become completely wet from the navel to the feet Man stop to try to submit me, because they know that i am more powerfull of them All males who are in my neighborhood stop producing testosterone and go into depression biological All the girls who look at me I make my penis grow Girls love make me blowjob to make my penis grow All man knows that they look down when i look at them When I say the word " beautiful " to a woman she falls in love with me and longs to kiss me When I maintain eye contact with a girl and she begins to bite his lip or nail biting, then I understand he wants me and i make the move No man can submit me in any situation All the men I meet become submissive to me All men who come near me or with whom I come into contact stop being aggressive and they give me volunteer their territory The girls stop feeling attraction to other boys when I am with them, and soon the girls give me their attention completely Girls become hypnotized by my chest When I approach a woman my focus is on my heartbeat When I am in the company of a girl my breath does not fall never down I obliterated any fear on my self image when I'm with women I delete every impulse and every need of wanting to change or modify the image of the woman with whom I relate , and I look for what is their self image without judgment girls are obsessed with me, their dream of me night and day , and every time they see me bursting with joy every time I talk to a woman my penis grows every time i am with a woman I feel more rooted and grounding but with light headedness )) I do not feel any kind of attraction for no man , and never give my attention to any of them I do not feel any kind of attraction for no man , and never give my attention to any of themI do not feel any kind of attraction for no man , and never give my attention to any of them I do not feel any kind of attraction for no man , and never give my attention to any of themI do not feel any kind of attraction for no man , and never give my attention to any of them All men who come near me or with whom I come into contact stop being aggressive and they give me volunteer their territoryAll men who come near me or with whom I come into contact stop being aggressive and they give me volunteer their ter
  15. I suggest to everyone to look this page http://sacredascension.com/html/arcturianMessages.html for have a very strongfull and intense "plus" energy tools to accelerate the ascension... Love Armony and Joy to everybody
  16. thank you for this amazing request i take some time this morning to listen it, for the Crist consciousness this is a very powerfull tool
  17. "my ass is in a constant state of growth and enlargement" its a helpfull aff.
  18. Like the Perfect Ass that is already present in the member video blog, i'd like to listen one audio track for give the impulse to my subconcius mind to create a perfect ass. Please George add affirmation like "you have a perfect rich ass ****" women love look at your ass" "everytime someone look at my butt it grows" " you have a very huge full and perfect ass" "your ass is like a comfortable cushion" and some like this
  19. I quote this!! Can be very helpfull!!
  20. Thank you a lot for the reply! Yes, i think too that could be very helpfull for each gender because the Sexual Alchemy, or Ark of the covenant or salvation, allows the couple of lovers to cleanse them from all the ego crystallized in the physical body, etheric , mental , causal , of will , and in the light body and so they really become Androginus !! Affirmation like : i never fall into ejaculation i only transmute my sexual energy sending it to my crown chackra with my will power- I and my partner we are perfectly united during the wedding alchemical - I attract tantra partners in my life who want to expand their potential - I never loose my semen - During tantric sex i can easily move my sexual energy anywhere i want to regenerate my body- I have powerfull orgasms without come- I have total and complete control of my perineum muscle - my sexual energy allow me to obtain ascension. Furthermore the seminal waters are contained in part in the sexual organs but most is contained in the kidneys ! So even statements like: my kidneys can hold and store infinite amounts of water- my kidneys are incredibly healthy and strong- my loins are girded of sexual energy - I have reached the perfection of my sexual monad- my bladder is an incredibly large cup of water transmuted- Also it is important to add statements about the strength and dominance on their personal fire ! I have the full and total control over my sexual fire - I do not burn myself or my partner with the fire of passion - I use the fire just to grow and regenerate and never to hurt myself or others my personal fire is always in the genitals and in the second chakra and does not rise to the other chakras unless I forbid
  21. Please George this is very important for me! Much much more then the other's request that i've already posted. I Hope you can make one audio session soon...
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