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  1. George a sublimnal for destroying or overcoming gaslighters?
  2. I've been doing affirmations to attract Korean women. Im starting to see results but instead of attracting Korean women I'm attracting women that look Korean lol. Does it take time or does the law give you what's available near you?
  3. Can you outframe a narcissist? How do you change them? Or is it impossible even with NLP techniques
  4. Hi guys just want to ask what patterns can I use to reframes price for a product so as to get a discount for aa product without using the word "but".
  5. spectre

    Money smart

    I would love to be money smart . So after a lot of digging asking questions like I am not money smart because I lack present moment awareness. I lack present moment awareness because I'm co dependent... And on it went till I reached a point where the two main crippling beliefs in being money smart is being assertive and I fear to be assertive because of the fear of conflict. How do I reframe this fear of conflict ? People fear to assert themselves because of fear of conflict. Sometimes being assertive then goes too far and instead you become aggressive..which isn't a good thing especia
  6. Oh basically it's because movement is life. The only time we don't move is when we are dead. We are made to move..there's this buzzing energy in us,which cause us to move. We have this tension,if we stay in a place for too long...we develop this nervous energy.
  7. Actually now that you mentioned it,being bored is a cover for being afraid of death. Doing nothing = dead How can I reframe fear of death?
  8. Hi I would like to ask regarding Fearless reframing exercise ​Basically I have fear of boredom,which results in me procrastinating in a task. ​I have this fear that if i finish my task,I would be bored because there'd be nothing to do. ​SO my question is, How do I reframe this sentence? "If I don't have the fear of boredom,I can achieve my goals." ​My mind suddenly auto focuses on the word FEAR OF BOREDOM and it gets further ingrained in me. ​How can I rephrase that sentence.
  9. I do actually haha,the result is more unconcious and takes time. compared to listeninhg to one affirmation and getting it ingrained faster and more conciously. Just my opinion. Lets hear from th eothers
  10. Can anyone share with me some ideas for affirmations for office skills? I have hard time visualizing doing professional level excel chart documents,powerpoint slides. What are some affirmations to be good at doing powerpoint slides, Microsoft office projects?
  11. YES exactly hahahah...thats what it feels like
  12. I usually feel my energy shift when around 11 am,noon and the period between 4-7pm suddenly i feel a strong fear and thought as if I am not deserving and someone is steering away my thoughts. Thanks for the tip,hopefully it will redirect the energy back,this has been going on for sometime. It's defintiely a living human person,who has some issues about controlling others.
  13. I realized the one of the blockages to intelligence or failure in a business project is actually intellectual laziness. Laziness to research,laziness to study,laziness to read through fine details in a book What affirmations can I use to overcome these? Input would be appreciated.
  14. Hi guys and girls,I've been listening to the subliminals,but it seems at exactly certain times of the day,I will suddenly feel a shift in my energy and thoughts as if someone is directing it away. For example I'm listening to subliminals to attract women,suddenly I feel guilty and feel that I should stop and lose interest,when just the day before I was enthusiastic. Sometimes when I force myself this resistance and foreign thoughts become stronger. I also feel as if someone is watching me all the time. Can psychic attackers influence you from your life path by sending forceful thougths?
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