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  1. Hey man, For some reason I really dig this one a lot. So in a way are you saying the secret for telepathy or subconscious seduction comes from your desire to learn and improve your skills? Because after I was reading it seemed like, while, there is no such as thing as magic seduction, one can have such a desire to learn magic and seduction to the extent of creating that effect almost as if it was real. Which I found very interesting. Also, I love the part with the sales man being able to read other people extremely well that made for very good story storytelling and naturally I visualized myself as HIM. SO by increasing your desire to learn you can create magic like effects?
  2. http://prosperitylifehacks.com/blog-post/the-therapist-therapist/ Hey guys, Gerardo here, life has been great for me lately. In fact even better than it has ever been before. Everything is finally starting to click. I have most of the answers and I have so many ideas for years to come. My motivation, focus, work flow is 1000% better than it has ever been. Basically, it's very easy for me to set an intent now and just do it. I wrote a creative blog post for you today, click the link above, to read something interesting
  3. Just a little poetry for you seekers out there Think you will like this one!
  4. Dear Friend, Me: How are you? Me: I am working on something fantastic. Just finishing up my latest ebook. The women's brain decoded. I think it's something you will enjoy. You: Haha, alright, can't wait to read it. I know you always have something impressive and interesting to say. I can't wait to read it! PS: Expect it tonight it tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Dear Friend, We go over the secrets on how to become a better friend. The tips and tricks here will help you deepen your relationships. With the strategies here you will make people around you feel better about themselves. Watch the video for more info
  6. Dear Friend, I notice you have been going through some tough time. So I thought let me make this video specially for you. Take a look at it and let me know what you think! I've been thinking about you a lot lately and I want you to be successful and happy
  7. My well being and my mood is great as of now. Nothing to really complain about at the moment. I've been on fire with my level productivity as well doing anything I need to do on a daily basis. Literally, crushing my day I'd say about 80 - 90%. Some minor improvements could be made, but, it's very negligible compare to how much on a roll I am on. New Video: Is College Necessary...
  8. Made this video for people who feel something is wrong with their health. Check out these natural ingredients to help improve your natural performances. This stack is designed for people who are new to supplements or who prefer to stick to what is natural. PS: I'll be uploading more videos on my 2nd channel now. I have too many answers to cram in my Main channel so be on the lookout.
  9. 2 Funerals Today One of my buddies has been hinting a couple of things lately. He probably thinks I am not getting the hint. But, I see the hints. I love you my friend. You will always be like a hero to me. Perhaps, you may never know how much you changed my life. When I was at rock bottom there you took the time to assist me and happily got rewarded for it. There is a school I have been going to lately. I've been working on getting my IT CERTS to get a job. But, a recent event crashing hard. And I realize I don't want to be a programmed robot. Always doing what they want me to do without a single care for what I want. But it's only fair, I suppose? That's just the way the world works. So my buddy, Thank You for everything. You will always be a hero in my heart. http://prosperitylifehacks.com/gone-like-the-wind/
  10. Surpassing Ego Issues When I was a child everyone used to love me. Then when I became an adult they started disliking me. I use to ask a lot of questions as a kid and I used to love going up to the grown up and learning everything they could teach me. There was a genuine desire to learn. They sensed it naturally they enjoyed sharing their wisdom with me. Perhaps, their ego got boosted because it was a way for them to share. I didn't mind though, since I was a kid, in fact when they taught me I started to cry because I greatly appreciated them taking the time to teach me something. And to be honest I wanted to GIVE PEOPLE THAT SAME FEELING of DEEP APPRECIATIONS THAT BROUGHT ME TO TEARS... As a kid not many people were so nice to me in that way. But, what I didn't realize is I also GAVE THEM SOMETHING in return. Which was the ability to express themselves and somewhat padded their own egos. I genuinely enjoyed listening to whatever they had to say. Fast forward today, I have surpassed almost single human I know and I ACTUALLY FELT BAD for it. They wanted to keep the same usual dynamic of me being the "follower" and once I surpassed them it became an issue. I learned too much too soon and at some point my friendships were just not the same. I had a dire desire to learn everything I could. Becoming my BEST VERSION was always my dream. But, I noticed something. Those same people I surpassed never gave me the same courtesy of listening to me teach them. They wanted to hang on to the old dynamic of me the "follower" because it boosted their ego. To be honest this made me feel bad... I had to drop multiple friendships because at some point I surpassed them and it was clear I wasn't getting the same level of respect I gave them as I was the on the "lower" level. It became too awkward to sustain the relationship. Which I didn't understand because when I was a kid I LOVED LEARNING from people. ANything they had to say. More than anything I LOVED making that connection and making everyone happy. And they all LOVED ME FOR THIS. Then I became a grownup and they sense I am superior now and it's awkward as hell for me. In fact, some people feel offended by the fact that I am "humble" I am not really humble because nothing exists. So the idea of humility for me is actually too WEAK of a WORD. Let's have fun...Share...Play together... What happened to those days...
  11. Great idea! I notice you are more chatty on the forum I'll hit you up here more often than on email
  12. Hey what's up George, I was wondering if there was a sort of way we can make a page to send the potential customer to a page with all of your work(or at least most) in one page. So something like this... General post --> All Affiliate page --> Customer looks at all the options and picks the one they like the most. Is there a way we can do an Aff All Page? Tell me What you think, Your Friend
  13. Always Plugged In Most of the time when I talk to people, people don't really know what to do with me. I don't blame them, to be frank. They notice I don't talk much. Some people make me feel comfortable then I talk somewhat about myself. And most of the time I instantly REGRET it. But, It doesn't surprise me. Most people care only about their problems and in their own interest. So when I start talking about myself my emotions start to rise, because, I am a fairly sensitive guy. I'm like right, why did I think this time would be different. And I have this happen multiple times. I have done multiple iterations of human conversations. So, I am always left wondering. What did they really want me to tell them? Do they want me to just be there listening to them go on about themselves? I am a great human being, and I have no problem with this. But, then when I talk about myself I notice.. Then do this where they make it about them again. And like I said I have no problem. But, because, I am sensitive I pick up they are selfish animals. And I feel slightly disappointed because I wanted to make a connection as well. Being extraordinary aware and psychiclike makes people act very weird around you. If you meet me down the street just tell me hi and move on to your next task. And if you like me where you think I am cool, take down my number and we can hang out. Most of the time I reserve my time for only really cool people but as a Man of God, I don't mind interacting with anyone and everyone. I won't get offended I promise. But, then are those times when I do want to make a human connection. But once more, it's like do I always want to be in performance mode. Because I run into someone in the street am I always so automatically turn into this charismatic person. Because I tell you BEING ON ALL THE TIME is extremely stressful. I feel like one of those celebrities nowadays running away from the paparazzi. Unfortunately, I don't have celebrity fame to leverage the halo + authority effect. Which just makes them a bit off...Because they sense I am different, almost superior to them, but they have no respect for it because it conflicts with their EGO? But if I get status they start to act normal? This leaves me feeling like a celebrity always running from all these people. Listen, I tell you, my spirit is naturally pure. I am of the few human beings alive closest to Jesus Christ. But, I still operate to man laws. So it's not like I hate interacting with humans. But, it's get super exhausting always being on. So obviously you must always be on to ensure HIGH PERFORMANCES for human you are interacting with. They say no... But it's bullshit because they are the first to complain when things are not going their way. If you like my work feel free to visit me at : http://prosperitylifehacks.com/
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