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  1. Disclaimer: This journal is intended to convey insight on human nature. Some might be a reflection on my own psyche. Some is just relaying the condition of reality. Some is just storytelling in a way to convey an idea. Whatever, the case, I hope you have fun enjoying the readings here. There are intended to be EDUCATIONAL while being ENTERTAINING. Without further ADO let's begin... Attack of The Killer Penguins... Do you seem them they are always watching... They are always listening... Sometimes I can't go to sleep knowing that the Killer Penguin is just around the corner ought to get me. But I can reassure you I am not crazy... I am not schizoWHATEVER. You telling me you don't see those penguins?? *looks in shock* This can't be... Either you are stuck in the lower planes or perhaps I am really just hallucinating... But, I would never dare to admit I am crazy. I don't want to end up with a white stray jacket and in the psyche world with all those wack jobs. But maybe those are the normal people whose bodies have left the physical world and are in more in the "spiritual world." Some say when they go in Coma they discover God. Or the times of near death experiences some people claim they encoutered a divine being. Look there it is right there!! Do you see? It's the penguins. It's listening to our convo. It's trying to spy on us and collect data on us to report back to the Reptile warlord whose eating human brains. Oh right, so you don't believe me? But, you can believe the world is Flat, right? Ridiculous. Hold on let's continue this conversation some other time. The penguins are too close and watching and listening to our every move. Let me go buy some BOOZE so I can DROWN the PAIN AWAY. But, I am afraid of the things I do when I get drunk. I can get very abusive. But, I make sure to censor all the bad things that I commit, so I don't ruin my reputation. Image is everything in today's world. And no I am not a wack job - you obviously are just stuck in a place where you cannot just SEE. But when your eyes open you can see ALL. And then you'll be like me. Always looking around the corner making sure no one is watching. LOOK THERE ARE THE PENGUINS. PLEASE YOU GOTTA HELP ME!! THEY ARE COMING FOR ME!!!!!! They know I ascending into the level of the Gods. And THEY are trying to stop me before I CAN ACCOMPLISH MY MISSION. Many people in the past had a sort of GOD COMPLEX, but not me. I know where I STAND.
  2. What's up what happen to that woman you were giving therapy you know the one when you went to the laundry you felt a little anxious about. I was left wondering about her. Is this reality really real? Often times it feels like a dream haha. Man maybe those hippies who consume mushrooms and travel the galaxy are living in the real world. Who knows man! With our pineal gland blocked it's hard to see the real world BECAUSE the government wanted to keep people as slaves. And their genius ideas were. They decided to 1 ) Demasculinize man - Can't have a bunch of rebellious men disobeys the puppet masters. Let's program man to be more obedient slaves and reward them as loyal puppets. 2) To add FLOURIDE TO OUR TAP WATER THAT BLOCKS OUR THIRD EYE 3) And many more... Man, I tell you these government f*ckers... All they care about is money and making sure people stay right where they are at THE BOTTOM. Woah I think I went of a tangent. This sure wasn't intended... Don't mind me this was just some CONSPIRACY who knows if it really is true
  3. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    The Voices at night haunt me. But these are different type of voices. I feel genuinely sorry.. The voices tell me "Gerardo Why didn't you save me?" You were called to be a hero and you denied us repeatedly. And I tell you the same thing I told you 20 years ago. I am sorry I just have my own problems to deal with. I am sorry...I cannot save you when I need to save myself. The old voices of all the lost soul I let die eat me at night. Why Didn't you step in to stop the EVIL? Are you evil or are you just a coward? NO! Neither I just... Yea I know going through your own issue, right? So you let us get murdered? Now, for your sin, you shall remember us for life. And we will eat at you FOREVER. For not saving us when you could've. WHY WAS I CALLED?! I never asked to be called? I never ask to be a damn hero! All I want to do is retire and be by the damn beaches where I don't have to deal with anyone or anything. Oh really? But what does your heart say? Ever since you watched your first cartoon you always dreamt of being a hero. So why do you LIE to Yourself? So I ask again...Why didn't you save us? Are you just a coward? Why do you deny the calling? Why Why Why? I don't know OK! Maybe I am just not good enough... BS! If you weren't good enough you wouldn't have been called in the first place. So why did you let us die Gerardo? IT JUST WASN"T MY TIME OKAY GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! I HAD MY OWN DAMN ISSUES TO FIX OKAYYYY!!!! So is that why you let us die?
  4. jerrymp

    People Training

    Right on time, George. In the process of creating my own cult! Was a little confused on how to get started though. So right away I knew I had to buy this because I want to be able to train people in all walks of their life. Similar to that of a pastor teaching his flock at the church. I want to be able to control reality to do anything I desire when I desire. AND I MEAN ANYTHING. Learn more inside :) Just kidding of course. One day I may have my own place teaching people how to become awakened and enlightened! These lessons here are key for helping me make more money and generate compliance with the members of my cult.
  5. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Dear Journal, I am just a vessel here to do God's work. Although I take no credit. Because I only do it for the one I love. The one I fell for when I was a but a small child. You see none of them care about you the way I do. Some feeling of mine burns hot when I feel they attempt to attack you! A strong feeling of injustice boils all over my body. I cannot stand the very thought of them attempting to harm you. But please forgive me when I was a small child I could not protect you. I was too weak, afraid, lost, confused, and I let everyone to do injustice to you. And I know we have a special relationship where you understand where I am coming from. And I fully understand, you put me here as both master and slave to do your bidding. Sometimes my ego pops in, but I know, I am really just NOTHING. As I am here to simply do YOUR WORK; The Work of GOD. You have commanded me to clean that which is polluted. And I'll hunt and slay Demons. Starting with one heart at a time. I am simply just a wanderer, I work for God, But I take no credit because I know all is for the purpose of God. And the "me" that exist isn't really me...But it's just another vessel of GOD. Sounds, a little bit depressing, huh? Perhaps... I love you my dearest! And I am sorry... You put it inside me to stop the injustice, but when it came down to it I cowered in fear and allow them to hurt you even more.
  6. jerrymp

    Upper Management

    Hey George I enjoy this new format. Keep it up man. It's a quicker way to digest the information. I love your work!
  7. jerrymp

    Learn To Play The Long Game

    Haha this one made me chuckle. Nice and profound love it!
  8. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Hello! It's been a while since I have last post and boy do I got updates for you Updates - Since coming back from the Army I am now collecting Unemployment. Which is essentially weekly checks for me! This is a great thing and I'll tell you more about it in a moment. -Going to an IT School to get certificates. This works with combination with the unemployment. NYC department of labor sees I am going to school will enable me to collect more unemployment checks until graduation of the school or upon getting a job. Essentially, they will extend my unemployment time while I am attending school. Upon completing my certs I plan on getting a $20/hr(+) job. Which in this field is fairly easy to do. -I plan on attending college next semester while I work on the IT position. The idea is to knock college out the way this way it isn't an issue in the future. But, if college and work is too much the idea is that I already have a high paying job upon completing the IT program. So in short life is pretty good right now. Collecting easy money and going to school get certificates and then plan on getting a high paying job immediately right after. This seems fairly ambitious, but with those certs $18/hr is about the minimum you'd get paid. It's a great opportunity for me to play catch up and on top of this I am getting income from unemployment. WIN WIN WIN!
  9. jerrymp

    Subconscious Sexual Energy

    I understand the theory of " sexual energy." Sexual energy is the most important form of energy because we are literally created through the sex and are created to continue the circle of life. That's all well said and done. But, how do the hell do you apply it so they are looking at you with desires in their eyes like a kid in a candy store. Please please please... So how do you do it?
  10. jerrymp

    Thought Replicators

  11. jerrymp

    The Cat's Paw Strategy

    This is freaking hilarious
  12. jerrymp

    Cause Effect Demons

    I love this new style of work. Keep up the great work George. Now, I won't GO INSANE, but I will keep doing what I gotta do to keep up with the JONES. However, way you like, you can continue this route of yours and see where it shall take you. Perhaps, in the hospital being evaluated for insanity or what not. But, you know better than us. For you are Intelligent. There is no right or wrong in the world. Only perspectives that MONEY has a great deal of weight into. However, with this there are certaintly things that money does provide. FOr example, when you decide to buy my product you will see the effects it has in your life. The positive effects. Whatever you wish for Can be yours. Get Started
  13. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Wassup everyone, just got back from 6 months in the army. I'll be in New York for good now. From here on I think I have a good momentum to keep pushing this forward now. I have a lot of plans of action, and the extra money I made while I was at the army is giving me a great boost in momentum. Having money is so nice it helps you to think more clearly and also allows for easy action. This was just a quick post saying I'm BACK!!!!
  14. jerrymp

    Jerry Journal

    Hey ALL, As many of you guys know I've been away for quite some time now. I recently joined the military to spice things up a bit. I wasn't completely satisfied with my life was going so I gave this path a chance to see how things. Don't completely hate it, yet there is much to complain about. The good news is that it is another source of income for me and it's great because every chunk of $$$ helps you to reach your goals and dreams. Having said that, I do think the positive outweight the negatives, but it will take some time to before things set in place. Since joining the military I am planning on going back to school and get an ASSOCIATES, since it will be free. In addition, I am thinking of becoming a cop or something in the future. I am thinking on some career paths since joining the military gives you a ton of options. Overall, I am pleased with my decision just need to graduate basic training and things will be fine. At this time of writing, I am on break for two weeks and to do everything I have to do in the meantime. My goal is still to become free and reach a evolve my being and transcend time and space. However, I am now taking practical steps to achieve my true dream - of becoming IMMORTAL and a living god. Like I said, I have to accomplish basic milestones before then. The other plan was just taking too long. And this is a more concrete path to ensure everything goes according to plan. The last few months my spirituality seems to gave pummelled, and probably necessarily so. I feel more grounded and stable as a person, but no weirdness or spiritual stuff has happen. Anyways, I will give you guys much more updates in a bit and may make a video on this topic shortly. These are just a quick update for you guys to know I am still around and sorry for the LONG DELAY. After my break the next time you hear from me may be on FEB ~
  15. Hi Gerardo, why your YouTube channel was terminated?

    I was using many of George's subliminals on your channel. Could you let us know what violations YouTube pointed out to you!