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  1. Nice we have so many awakening soul here.
  2. So this idea just came from an impulse I subconsciously anchor myself for success I subconsciously anchor myself for financical independence I can subconscoulsy use anchors to switch brainwaves I subconsiously remove all anchors which doesnt serve my highest good There can be more affirmations non related to anchoring like my: left and high hemipshere are balanced and working together,my conscious,subconscious,superconscious mind are working together for my highest good etc. Open to suggestions,improvements. Thank you. Edit: Thank you for making it so fast:)
  3. Once one I was VERY depressed (that was the time I started to use self improvement stuff like 2 years ago), I started to use affirmations in front of the mirror with emotions,and I was jokingly said I am a demigod. After around 2-3 months I became normal dude with normal self confidence etc. Then one of my sad friend said we are not demigod like you we can't break this addiction. I am pretty sure our subconscious body "speak"s our beliefs,when I was listening to alpha male hypnosis fro 2 months straight I noticed lot of body language etc changes. Most people then told me I should look for leeadership positon, I stopped using it and the effect slightly decreased. But I don't think they know this at a conscious level,mabye they feel something tho.Our maybe we just filter out reality and we pay more attention to these things,our maybe dear quantum field and or morphic field does it magic.
  4. That is an exellent request,can't wait to have this in my collection. My subconscious will love this. Will listen to this along with limitless,girls seduce you while I sleep.
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