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  1. Wow congrats on the success brother. So you listen to 4 mp3s at once and everything was able to be heard by the subconscious? How exactly do you do mixes maybe I can make one?
  2. Thanks for getting back Skye I appreciate it. I had sent you a private message earlier so when you get a chance check it out. Im trying to do alot of changing this year and I think this is the way. So whatever I get in 256 voices try to get in the 4 voices if George has them, correct?
  3. One more thing too. I have some hypnosis mp3s as well and I was going to listen to those during the day and George's mp3s during the night. Would that be too much or would they cancel each other out in anyway? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone I'm back from my 2 month hiatus I'm going to get back into George's mp3's. I just looked at a person by the name of Skye of how to make things work and to be honest I've joined this since October and I haven't had much luck but I believe one of the reasons why is that I'm not doing enough visualizations and I'm not very comfortable at night. I ended up ordering some sleep headphones and I want to give this another try. Where would I find the the Vimeo vids? Which mp3 is everybody having more success with the 256 voices or four voices?
  5. Hello George and everyone that has a part of this form. I have been using George's products for a few months now and I haven't seen any changes. I've done everything that he told me to do and still no changes.I tried his new 256 voices and still no changes. I have visualized and what I wanted to happen as I dozed off to sleep still no changes. Is there a possibility that when I'm sleeping and listening to these audios that there's a disconnection between my subconscious and I? I find it very strange that everyone else is having good results from the audios but not myself. I used to listen to the audios faithfully every night from October till the ending of December but now I'm slowly starting to lose faith and determination in using the audios. I'm not saying the audios are bad because I'm getting a lot of great sleep while I'm listening to them but I'm not getting any results from what I'm listening to and it's starting to get a little frustrating I will admit. Any ideas?
  6. Are all videos the 256 v or just certain ones?
  7. I've been doing this for almost 2 months now and to be honest I haven't seen any results. A lot of other people on here have seen results in usually is 2 to 4 weeks depending on how frequently they listen to mp3s. I'm not bashing or talking bad about the mp3 because they're actually really good for meditation but as for me personally it hasn't worked at all. I say give it a trying because everybody reacts differently to it.
  8. Hey George I was just wanted ask is your new subliminals different to what I and others have requested?
  9. I want to be a great music producer. I want to be able to learn things quick about making music and beats from scratch. I want to be the best and have the best beats and production. What do you say George can you make this request happen for me?
  10. hey George I had an idea for a request. I have a few of your mp3's that I want to listen to but I'm taking one day by day. Is it possible that you can make a overall social mp3 that covers all social hurdles. Here the mp3 is that I listen to maybe you can mix them up and put them all into one huge mp3 if possible but they tackle everything. Girls seduce you, self-esteem, magnetic popularity, gorgeous man, charisma magnetism, creative mind, and, quick witted.
  11. hey January. Interesting thing is I'm using the same video for women seduces me. I have been using it almost about 3 weeks now and I haven't seen any difference. What exactly did you do before or after or even while you were listening to your mp3. I usually to them while I'm sleeping and I listen to about 8 of them. Any tips? Joyce says that I should visualize my intentions while listening to the fist minute of the mp3 and let everything take the wheel. Congrats on your success results though.
  12. good evening everyone. I had another question to ask more lesssome guidance on a topic. I see that one of the videos to do with rap God. I have always been interested in producing music but just never knew where to start. I don't see any music production videos but I do know that also have to have pretty good memory to memorize everything and make the beat how I want to be. Are there videos to make my memory better as well as let me be able to master anything? also a friend of mine invited me to do my possible business venture on YouTube where we will create a little comedy sketches but I'm not the best comedian with thinking things up. Is this something where I can be more humorous or have more creativity of some sort to make ends meet? Your advice would be great.
  13. Ok I got you. Thanks for your reply. I have listen to one of the free tools a few times and I caught myself asleep as well. I have such busy days that I dont have time to listen to it at night all the time but if I can be mobile while listening then that would be great.
  14. Thanks for responding. So this means I can do any activities or just particular ones?
  15. Good day everyone. I'm pretty new to this and I had a general question to ask. Is it possible that I can listen to these mp3's while doing other activities and still have the same results or do I have to be in a relaxed state? For example, I can listen to a full playlist of maybe 5 or 6 MP3s while cleaning up the house, watching TV, and even playing video games something that needs my undivided attention but I will be listening through my headphones though.
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