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  1. I am a successful boot camp entrepreneur I easily make 15,000 a month in income from my boot camp I always attract hundreds of paying women to my boot camps I easily turn my ideas and insights into money making revenue I consistently sell 500 a day in fitness revenue my fitness boot camp makes me several streams of income I am now attracting eager and enthusiastic women who want to lose weight to my boot camp Every time I press send to an email blast, I make several thousands of dollars My fitness products and services are naturally profitable I easily create products and services that women want I easily attract 20 women in my fitness classes each day of the week Women happily pay me for my products and services Women are eager to purchase my services Women talk about and post how amazing their workout was on facebook all the time My clients can't wait to give me before and after testimonials of their progress I naturally get my clients fast weight loss results I'm always on the lookout for new fitness marketing ideas I am always on the lookout for untapped markets I easily attract untapped markets I naturally leverage untapped markets I easily build a successful fitness businesses I make $500 a day from the touch of a button I easily and naturally make profitable businesses from home Clients are happy and excited to refer their friends and family to my boot camps I easily stay focused and motivated on making $450,000 by 2019 I am well known and respected local fitness expert and celebrity I am a resilient entrepreneur I make money in any economy I have several income streams Women trust me with their health I have a high retention rate I have a waiting list of women eager who want to pay for my boot camp I understand what women want I have systems and processes in place to handle a high demand of new clients I can handle success I can handle wealth I can handle prosperity I can handle hundreds of new clients I can handle objections easily
  2. I trust women I trust women with my feelings I trust women with my sexuality I attract sexy women I attract loyal women I attract romantic women I attract devoted women I attract women who take care of me I attract women who trust me I attract playful women I attract women who fall in love with me easily I attract women who support me I attract women who are honest with me I attract women who are open I'm safe to express my sensuality I trust myself It's okay to be authentic I am centered in myself I love myself I open myself to love I allow myself to love I love having passionate sex with beautiful women Talking to beautiful women is easy I feel comfortable making love to beautiful women I feel safe trusting a girl I feel comfortable showing my affection to a girl You trust women You trust women with your feelings
  3. Hi I'd like a video on being challenging with women to increase attraction cocky funny, charming, playful, witty, bantering, high value, work for my attention, teasing thank you
  4. A video addressing subconscious and conscious congruency with attraction, business. I'm not sure what the commands might be, only that I'm noticing that my subconscious is already who I want to be, but my consicous trips up at times and reminds me that I'm not there yet. For example, I'm easily able to generate attraction with women but I will at times exhibit physical symptoms of not being congruent like sweating or stumbling on words or not being able to sustain the attration. It's almost like my subconsicous is two steps ahead of my conscious mind.
  5. A video addressing letting go of resistance to fame, success, money, relationships, and fear I receive and let go I let go of fear of success I let go of resistance to having wealth I deserve a healthy relationship I stop resisting money I allow more clients I deserve to have a successful business I stop pushing success away I release resistance to make more money etc...
  6. I've noticed that some of the videos have Why followed by the question. Is this a new take on the I, You commands? Maybe to encourage the subconscious to look for the answers as confirmation. Either way, I like it! Anyone with some feedback?
  7. Hey, I have about 15 videos in a playlist for various behaviours I'd like to change and I just press repeat on the playlist and they play in the background whenever I'm working from home (which is a lot.) I also have some of the same playlists on my iphone and listen to them on repeat again when I go to bed but at night I plug my earphones in. I try an give myself a mental break once and awhile and won't listen to any videos for a day or two. Kinda like a cheat meal when you're following a diet and then I feel much more refreshed and relaxed when I come back to listening to them again. Hope that answers your question.
  8. I like this suggestion. I've been pretty much doing it already just not logging results daily. Great suggestion to kick off pre-New Year's resolutions
  9. Yep same here. I think progress is continual so if you want to continue to be who you want to become you have to continually affirm the new behaviours and in our case keep listening. I've also noticed that once the new behaviour is ingrained, I only have to listen to the videos once and awhile like upkeep or maintenance.
  10. currently on rotation is bad boy seduction - girls seduce you - sexual seduction and for money it's been coaching genius - approval free and millionaire mind.
  11. I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced like an "empty" feeling? It seems to happen out of nowhere when I get some insight into something. Almost feels like, a slight depression and a shift and then it's like I never had the negative emotion, feeling or block. I feel almost like my conscious is lagging behind my subconscious when big changes occur and there's a neutral or depressive state before my conscious kicks in and starts the new behaviour. For example I've been experiencing major shifts in two main areas in my life. Romance and money. Well, it seems like I've turned into a super desirable "catch" practically overnight. It's kicked in so well that some of the women I've been meeting won't date me because they feel like I'm out of their league wholly paradox! Super weird to be on the other side. I've also had major blocks that prevented me from making more money. I had a breakthrough after listening to the adult video and realized that I had this fear of letting people down stemming from (unbeknownst to me at the time) pressure being the team captain and mvp of my basketball team at 16. I dislocated my shoulder right before city finals and felt like I let everyone down. Currently I run my own company, and couldn't get over a certain amount each month and finally after listening to that video and a couple of others for about two weeks, I finally made the most money I've ever made in any given month and still getting new clients. The thing is, I still feel disappointed like I can't be excited, even though I am. Almost like I can't allow myself to be happy about my success because something will happen or I'll "hurt" myself again. Can someone provide some insight. Thank you!
  12. I alternate the videos daily, but I listen to them whenever I can actually. Today I've listened to about six of them on repeat while working from home on my computer. No earphones. I use it like background noise, like the radio. So far I'd say I've probably been hearing them in the background for the better part of 5 hours. Then at night (I usually don't have time in the am's) I'll put my earphones in and listen to the mixed videos on repeat on very low. Most of the time I wake up around two to three hours of continuous listening and take it off to sleep in silence the rest of the night. I don't know which is more effective, but I want to say the falling asleep while listening to them. I wake up definitely feeling "different" I'm beginning to think it's because my conscious waking state can interfere and resist some of the suggestions.
  13. Januaryflower


    This is a great one!! Thank you for requesting.
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