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  1. Hi folks need some input here pls. I;m going to be advertising some of my services in shop windows via ad cards. I have noticed many cards in such shop windows and I want mine to stand out and catch peoples eyes so they zoom in on it. Most cards are just plain white and all look the same. If I make my card lets say... a tinge red would this be okay or might this colour be a turn off at a subconscious level? Any feedback on this plus any colour schemes would be appreciated. Cheers. P.s George I would value your feedback too mate - after all you are a guru!
  2. Thanks for your feedback Jerry, much appreciated mate!
  3. Hi Jerry love the page. The reasons I like it are as follows... 1. It is clean not too much detail clutter/info overload. One of the worst things on sites are places where webmasters pack too much info in - in order to impress visitors. This kind of info overload leads to overwhelm especially to ppl who are new to the products / methods you are promoting. If you wish to become all technical and come across as a guru lead them in slowly talk in a simple language they expand and then when you have them expand on the themes etc. 2. Like the colour scheme. Black and white text eye catching stands out delivers the message what your site is about in simple terms. Below is a clean cut black text on white background - it feels fresh and is easy on the eye. The text spacing is good, in small blocks and spaced. This makes it easy to read and digest quickly. What I'm not sure about... Jerry is that a Google ad I see in the right hand column??? Your site is about selling affiliate products I think - but you seem to have Google ads on it? Yeah I get it, you earn via clicks too, but aren't those clicks sending your visitors to competitors sites? Yes, I know this dilemma having had my own websites in the past, so I know where you are coming from on this. Now a little help from you please. I am setting up a website of my own very soon. How do I integrate an email grabber on there to take emails off of clients? Which is the best / cheapest or free program that I can use to help get emails in exchange for me giving out an ebook. I'm a little clueless about this part Jerry so your input would be valued mate! Hope the above helps.
  4. Excellent point negu you are right there man. Yes, there are things that the news could be useful for. I myself have not read the tabloids or watched the news for over a year now - but you know news, especially the real bad stuff has a habit of getting to you regardless. There are folks at work that rattle on about it so you are aware of what is being broadcast whether you want to be or not.
  5. don't watch tv!!! Seriously switch on some of the programmes turn the volume down and watch the nasty negative aggressive faces the characters are making at each other. The best examples are Brit soaps especially eastenders and emmerdale! They are pure McDonald's junk for the mind. Then look out into society and observe how many people are copying what they have seen on tv and especially these mind rot programs. Bottom line be very careful about what you are allowing into your mind! If you use George's programs for positive change and flood your mind with downbeat junk tv and movies it's like taking one step forward and two back. P.s avoid especially tabloids and the news. Oh but I've got to be informed I hear ppl say. Yes, but most of the news is propoganda and lies to make you think feel and view the world in a way that benefits others agendas. Who needs it anyway. Cheers :-)
  6. Yeah Spencer when I'm at work I'm like a big chatterbox now - previously I was a little quiet but normal. Just feel like I have a lot more to say these days, and am enjoying more trivial stuff and banter at work which helps pass the day. I will be trying other programs in the future - but will stick with this one until end of November. After that I will do top ups every week or so.
  7. George how about a product that contains the following... 1. Super relaxation in any situation coupled with... 2. Super self confidence and... 3. Approval free / impervious to opinions of other / independent of criticism Cheers
  8. Cheers for that Athena. As for guys liking gals with confidence I suppose it's a balance not too much as it's pushy and not too little, the happy medium - well in my opinion that is. I also noticed today I was laughing and joking with the bosses - a bit weird coz normally the dynamics between us are more on formal side.
  9. Hi all here are some of my fexperiences using the Fearless product for just over 2 weeks now. Now this is early days and I'm slightly embaressed to say I didn't go after any goal in particular - I just read the pdfs and listened to all the sessions on a daily basis. 1. I feel more relaxed 2. I feel less nervous around strangers 3. People approach me a lot more 4. If someone says something about me in a negative way I don't care - there is a distinct disconnect with what they say and the way my emotions perceive it. Basically I don't give a shit and their negativity falls on deaf ears. 5. A guy jumped the line in the bakery today and I just felt relaxed rather than it being a personal insult to me and feeling irritated. In fact he got bollocked off two women who were in there and ended up having to make a sheepish apology lol 6. More women tend to smile at me these days(strangers) I intend to keep using the program and next month include limitless in with it too.
  10. redhat

    Reframing things

    Know the film with Adam Sandler - but not seen it yet :-( I read about this technique in a book, but it told me to think of someone with a clowns nose or like a bum. I tried that way but it didn't really help. However, although this sounds weird the above really connected with me and now all I can see is this grey haired dude dancing around in Kylie's gold hot pants lol. I suppose ppl are different and you have to employ the representation that resonates with you the most in order to make this technique really effective.
  11. My supervisor at work is a real prat pardon my French. The guy blows hot and cold and is very negative I get through the day by not really engaging him too deeply. However, a silly chat with one of my co workers - and some silly back and forth banter about him has resulted in me seeing this guy in a different light now. Previously when he showed up in his car we'd all be trying to think of things to say as this guy sits there and says virtually zero - and an air of awkward silence descends. Well every time I see him now I have a huge grin on my face I can't help it! He even looks at me and asks what's up? I tell him I'm happy. Okay I picture him dancing around on a dance floor grey hair an all with a pair of Kylie minogues gold very short hot pants on whilst singing I'm spinning around lol. In my mind He looks like a totally ridiculous stupid man that carries no weight. I think this is called re framing and it does work - the trick is getting the right representation that works for you.
  12. Looking directly into your eyes as they say something. The person probably thinks this is the correct honesty protocol to follow if someone is telling the truth. This has become popular and every man and his dog knows this thanks to stuff like outdated body language book and the media. (you'll fool em if you lie and look into their eyes when talking). When lying tension builds up in the body and other things happen such as nervous displacement actions, looking away could be one. In fact too much direct eye contact can look odd and suspicious if it is faked in order to appear like a person is telling the truth. Also look for other in congruent signs or cluster body language micro facial expressions shift in conversation patterns etc. However, having said that the above is not set in stone and there could be other reasons for this type of behavior such as planning a surprise party for you etc. Well you get the picture. Tread cautiously and keep an open mind - but be aware!
  13. Would it be possible to listen to the subliminal sessions whilst sleeping? If so what kind of earplugs would you need? Is this a workable idea or simply wishful thinking?
  14. Ever wondered if someone is lying to you or making things up? Or are you simply interested in how the brain works? Check this out. Watch and simply download the vid to your computer andthen watch it on a daily basis - and you'll automatically be able to tell if someone is being straight with you. Interesting insight into how the mind works.
  15. P.s just bought the fearless product so at the moment I'll be concentrating on that.
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