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  1. (Copied from my reply on Light's journal and I may add a bit) With the dating thing and the action, I have a question for you. BTW, I asked this guy (I've attracted free coaching, how cool! and my coach set this as one of my tasks, after we talked about it. To ask this guy who 18 months ago said "Go & talk to guys you fancy and I will give you tips on your approach and how to improve and what you do well." The coach said ASK him if he would still do that for you - cos back then not ONLY was I too shy to take him up on that but also I took a one year man break (stupid, stupid idea but oh well it seemed like a good idea at the time!) I asked the guy and he said he'd be happy to do that for me. :-) HOWEVER How the HELL do we stop letting our egos??? get in the way, fear of rejection, pain of rejection? I'm not used to doing the "cold approach" (plus there is f all info out there on women on HOW to, except for the Matthew Hussey stuff and I DON'T want to go up to a guy and give him a LINE! Coach guy and I agree that if I want to meet OFFline guys rather than the way too horny online ones who just wanna bonk, I may need to learn to cold approach and keep doing it. Especially when I live in a city when the men (not just with me but with women in general they are too scared to approach women most times.) How does one deal with the knockbacks? I guess that's what I'm really asking? I agree about the wardrobe!!! but that's hard when money is thin on the ground. Though when I got some money recently I DID include a new outfit for dates and social events (it's classy but also shows off my curves :-) ) And the scary thing also is, the coach said less jeans and sports shoes and more dresses - not for guys but to get you out of your comfort zone. Cos it's lack of body confidence, it is. I agree there. One time there was a heatwave, back in 2013? And I felt like I HAD to wear miniskirts when out but as a rule no way, not anymore! How do I cold approach over and over again, and not let rejections etc. let me get discouraged? Esp. when I'm quite a bit older and often feel like therefore I am running out of time to get a relationship (Like I've said, I'm a cougar, but in a romantic, rather than sexual way, so therefore I feel time pressures???) I want to add that I AM making progress in terms of being a bit more secure, I think. I met a guy last Saturday who I like a lot at this stage anyway but I seem to be more able to put it into perspective? I like him, I'd LOVE to see him again, I DO feel there is relationship potential there (if that is something he is open to.) I am OK with it overall if he is not. Or if I do not get to see him again. Whereas a few weeks ago, I'd probably send some needy and or snarky message if I didn't hear within a certain amount of time? A GREAT way to get guys interested - NOT! So I'm making progress, you know? But now I may need to uplevel and - yeah, take this to a whole new level bust open wide my comfort zone and start going up to guys at events that i find attractive (and that's rare that I even do, so when I fancy someone, it's hard NOT to put him on a pedestal? I actually think the online dating helps in that with all the looking I eventually DO see guys I find attractive so it's not AS rare?) (and no I CAN'T date or sleep with a guy I'm NOT attracted to, I've TRIED! and also I am NOT shy around guys I am NOT attracted to, going to singles events and chatting to guys who I don't fancy is quite easy for me, it's guys I feel attraction to that it's difficult?) and saying hi or whatever. And for me - esp. with ALL the conditioning I have had that if you do THAT men assume you are a slut and will NEVER like you!! (yes, that's really pretty much what they tell you!) how do I do this and deal with you know, the rejection from all the guys who I am NOT their type? And not let that deter me? I think somebody maybe even the guy I said about that i saw on the weekend gone I think HE said something about oh yeah that's right, about a guy might get a good response from 1 in 10 women he approaches good as in SHE is interested back. I might have the same odds, you know. I don't know. And it's NOT like when I was selling Avon briefly or cookies once and I was like to myself heck I am getting closer and closer to my yes now, the stakes feel higher this time! Any tips? On how to be RESILIENT when cold approaching? And like I've said what I am WANTING ultimately is a boyfriend. I could have sex with a different good looking guy every week I'm literally not kidding there. I get the offers, even though I'm average. But that's NOT what I'm wanting. I wanna get more dates ATM it's one a month. And I want a boyfriend damn it! So it feels like bigger stakes and more to lose than if I was just looking for bed buddies? But even though a lot of dating advice says for women to approach first is "unfeminine" and that guys will NOT respect me if I am the one who approaches first, to HELL with it, I wanna try this anyway and I wanna get GREAT at this. You know, like how salespeople are, but with dating prospects?? It might also be amazing long-term for building up my social confidence and networking skills. Any tips?? Tons of guys might be gay or married or taken or just not interested in my type (curvy, White brunette MILF-y apparently) I wanna enjoy the approach and not get too hung up on results. I want the goal to BE approaching them (even though ultimately I want a good outcome.) but....HOW??!!!!
  2. Athena

    Jerry Journal

    Was reading back through your journal a bit. Sorry to hear you were sick before! but so glad you are back on your feet and it sounds like you are doing well and some really good things happening for you, doors opening for you. Happy New Year, Jerry! (Although you'll probably see this late Feb. or something.)
  3. Athena

    Approach Anxiety - Coming Soon

    Can you please please please consider doing one for women to approach men cos the men here do NOT approach women (they are pretty reserved) I'd love to have the guts to approach a cute guy when I see one and actually TALK to him!
  4. Athena

    Light's LIfestyle Part II

    Yes, thank you, Light. Insightful! And Jerry is right, you are very intelligent and it shows.
  5. Athena

    Manifest Women - Coming Soon

    " Women always think about sex Women wonder how it would be to have sex with you when they look at you Women try to imagine you naked and it arouse them You can feel women arousal in their voice when they talk with you When you look at women, they feel sexual tension rising... Women are always minutes away from having an uncontrollable urge to have sex with you" I'd love to have a romance and dating and girlfriend version of that: Men always think about dating and relationships Men wonder how it would be to have a relationship with you when they look at you Men try to imagine you on a date with them and as their girlfriend and it arouse them You can feel men's emotional and physical attraction in their voice when they talk with you When you look at men, they feel sexual and romantic tension rising... Men are always minutes away from having an uncontrollable urge to ask you out Men are always minutes away from having a uncontrollable urge to ask you to be their girlfriend. Tee hee! ;-)
  6. I've heard about the hypno daddy demons video. and about Mind Power! i wonder, though, if the demons one is a request? Anyway, George Hutton's subs I have no doubts about and I always have found and do find him helpful, professional and I like his subs! Good points about the silent subs! Thanks .
  7. Athena

    Laura's journal

    Reading this inspires me to listen more. I DO have the Manifest Men product, is that what is being referred to? I haven't done much with it yet. But I listened to the Ideal Man Generator and I did see more handsome guys around. I've been thinking today, I actually want to learn how to approach guys and initiate conversations. Not just sit back, look pretty, eyef--k them and HOPE they come over!! So I'd love to learn how to do that in a way that doesn't emasculate men or get them thinking you cheap hussy! Anyway, I'm gonna check out the program again, what you have said is really really inspiring me to make the time to listen more. And maybe re-read. Also, I can't remember IS there a bit on approaching men, like a subliminal in there on it? Either way, gonna have another listen and look.
  8. Thank you! I got it just now (amazon.co.uk one as I live in the UK) I don't sell anything but I dunno this just sounds GOOD! And it's by YOU, so!! Great price.
  9. When does that one come out?
  10. Nobody else has answered YET so I'm gonna add my OPINION....I THINK there are Theta versions of a lot of them and I THINK Theta is more likely to put you to sleep, anything with Theta or Alpha. I can fall asleep to other ones too now, but it took a few days, maybe a week MAXIMUM to be able to train myself to that. And then I fell asleep listening. Now I can fall asleep listening to tracks, if I choose. But Theta or Alpha- based ones - - alpha as in Alpha brainwaves not Alpha topic - - - might help. I wonder if...you could also start with a track whether Alpha/Theta or not ON attracting sleep. Start falling asleep to THAT and then later, throw in different topics, or have others queued up to follow it.
  11. Oh how fantastic. I really want to learn this skill!
  12. http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-9-adhd-relief/ I found this by clicking on blogs, search blogs. You then click "Click here to show." That's a starting point for you. Hugs.
  13. To start with.... I had a quick search for you, the place to look is in "Blogs" and search blogs. And I found this: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 Then you click on "Click here to show" There is an ADHD one there. See my reply, ignore this one. The reply below is a reliable link to it, this is not.
  14. Hiya. Semi-tech-y question here. I had an iphone 6s and I upgraded to another 6s but with double the memory and it's ios 10. Sooo, I'm wanting to put some of the subliminals onto my phone and listen as I am drifting off to sleep and as I am sleeping, like I used to and just wondering if anyone has any apps to recommend that are good for that? So I could listen without needing to be online. Alternatively is there anyone who listens on their laptop? I worry my laptop might fall off the bed! And I'd need a longer chord but I could get one. Sooo, ideas?? Thanks in advance :-)
  15. Athena

    Manifest Women - Coming Soon

    "Athena, that is very interesting insight. Yes this is what they teach women but imho, this is a HUGE mistake. I know no man that wouldn't like a girl even more (wow I just reread and that looks like a weird double negation. I hope it is clear...) after having first night sex with an awesome girl. In fact, I think that in order to have a passionate relation, it NEEDS to start passionately. Upholding sex for months, I think this is unnatural and usually leads to disappointment as the woman doing it has artificially increased her value but the balloon will burst any moment. In contrast, a HIGH QUALITY woman that is confident about all the values she is offering will make it more easier to be authentic and let her feelings talk." Thank you, lano1106!
  16. Athena

    Instant Alpha Hypnosis experience

    Hmm I must try this Instant Alpha Hypnosis (is it gender-neutral?? If not I can explore the Alpha Woman ones more.) It sounds way cool.
  17. Athena

    Instant Alpha Hypnosis experience

    LOL, we're not creatures! (And some of us are actually really lovely :-) )
  18. Athena

    Manifest Women - Coming Soon

    And P.S. Yeah, that's what I want from the Attract Men program too, which so far I am really liking! And like I said, I'm seeing more handsome men (IMHO) around in daily life than I used to and I certainly think the program is a factor! Is that - kinda like Light and the others said - attracting a men and even a relationship when I'm ready is this thing that not this huge sacrifice of time and money but something that happens as a natural bi-product. You hit the nail on the head!
  19. Athena

    Manifest Women - Coming Soon

    Would you like to know what part of the reason is???? Women are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slut shaming against "having sex too soon." A TON of dating books and people online say that if we have sex "too soon" then we will NEVER be seen as girlfriend material but if we want X amount of time to have sex, then we WILL be seen as girlfriend material, or rather we MIGHT, but if we have sex let's say if we have sex within the first three dates - but there are even books out there telling us to wait 2-3 months to have sex with a guy!! - then the man will only EVER see us in a sexual way and NEVER EVER EVVER in a romantic way and he will skip off into the sunset with the woman who waits to have sex with him. That is I believe a HUGE HUGE HUGE reason why women try not to come across as "too sexual" And it doesn't mean that we are NOT sexual, some of us have a big sex drive ;-) but society and a lot of dating materials, even a lot of people online, are so busy slut-shaming us, that sometimes we are quite scared to have sex "too soon." What I want is that I can attract men no matter HOW "soon" or "late" I have sex with him, that's it's not even a factor. Or that if I have sex with him, it only ADDS to the attraction heh heh. There's also this perception that men put women into two boxes, women for sex and women for love. And sometimes we don't WANT to be shoved into the sex only box. Cos it feels like, if we ARE, then we're seen as less "high value" than the women in the "girlfriend material" box. Now you know. And sometimes when she won't have sex with you, it's because she actually really likes you and is super attracted to you and doesn't want to lose you at the early stages. (And yes, sometimes it's cos she DOESN'T like you like that or other reasons, of course. But sometimes it's that not wanting to stuff it up by "having sex too soon" issue. :-)
  20. Athena

    Athena's Awesomeness Journal

    Thanks you guys! I've got another little update and like I said, I'm not going to post every little thing! But it's such a change compared to how things were and I think the program at least CONTRIBUTED to what happened. It's a little thing, but I went from basically NOTHING to this so... OK so for at least a month, NOTHING has happened with off-line guys, except that about a month ago or more me and a guy I considered cute made eye contact and smiled at each other on the train. But apart from THAT I literally can't remember the time something happened with an off-line guy, it's been THAT dire! ANYWAY, so yesterday, I was in this shop and there is a cashier guy who works there I noticed another time I was there and thought oh he's kinda cute. Well, I was in the shop, getting a few groceries and not thinking about that guy or ANY guy, just about to scan my products and the first thing didn't scan. Within a second or less, I hadn't looked around like I needed help or anything, that kinda cute guy was at my side, and took my item to scan it FOR me. Like he must have literally RUSHED over to do that. But after THAT scanned successfully, he proceeded to scan all my OTHER items for me too! (And, it was at a self-service scanner, where you scan your OWN things, not at a till, where they scan things FOR you). Then he asked if I needed a bag, but when he asked that and "are you sure?" he looked straight in my eyes and had this big smile! So, it was sort of like that was an excuse, scanning my stuff, and it was sort of like he was flirting with me? Unless he was just super bored and REALLLLY wanted something to do! And I wasn't looking anything extra amazing, I was just in work clothes etc and with my winter coat on! So, i know that's a bit of an odd one to share but when you have been having NOTHING happen with offline guys - or at least not with offline guys you find attractive, cos OK I HAVE had the odd occasion when a guy tried to hit on me in my neighbourhood, not often but it's happened and there is a karaoke bar I have to now avoid cos two friends BOTH tried to hit on me and were quite creepy the way they did it and annoying, but no guys I found even remotely attractive were doing anything and in fact I wasn't even SEEING guys offline I found attractive. I've also seen about two more plus this cashier guy around who I do since my last post.
  21. Athena's Awesomeness Journal: Sorry boys, I think it's HIGH time for a GIRL journal here ;-) I use quite a lot of the subs and I'll be exploring some of the paid programs I already own in more depth later & while I will also do some individual reviews too, I REALLY want to do my OWN journal here too. Hope you enjoy & get inspired. Regardless, "hello world" welcome to Athena's Awesomeness Journal. A quick content warning it MIGHT be R-rated or maybe just PG at times. Without further ado..... First entry! SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION: WHOOPS! I tried out the sexual transmutation sub for two weeks though initially I was going to do it for a month. Erm, yeah this is why the content warning came in: I got super horny! I did't notice much else but I decided to stop listening - I thought it would be a great one to try as I'm being celibate for a year (ends late April) but with those results I didn't want to fall off the wagon and have sex!!! but it might be a great one if anyone is going though a low sex drive (though for most of us it's HIGH!) Probably TMI to share that but it might be helpful to someone? Or not!?! Moving on!.... Link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/905-sex-transmutation/?hl=transmutation CAMERA LOVER AND ASSERTIVENESS: I'm not listening to the whole thing with either or I might get TOO much effect & I want to still be told I'm prettier in real life. But, esp. as I end my dating break in less than 2 months & will put this face online, my aim's a bit of a photogenic boost. One online guy in a chatroom said when he saw my photo: "you're really, really beautiful." I HAVE been called beautiful before :-) but never "really, really" - superlatives! So, maybe this sub is already working! http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-437-camera-lover/?showprivate=1 I'm not going to do the assertiveness one loads either cos as it is I can be very chatty at times, but I love the affirmations about increased social confidence and expressing my opinion etc. Not JUST for in my love life though definitely in that, I desire to increase my assertiveness. I loved the boundaries one I did before - I listened daily for about a month and I DID feel more confident to set boundaries in future. Great for dating and relationships too but also work and other areas! Assertiveness link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-271-assertiveness/?showprivate=1 (It's about being assertive socially.) Boundaries link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-221-strong-boundaries/?showprivate=1 I feel like it helps me feel more confident about for e.g. telling a guy if I'm on a date that I want to take things slow, but I'm STILL not sure WHAT'S a good answer if a guy matches with me and asks to hook up straight away, I do say no but I still feel awkward just thinking about that cos it feels like I'm rejecting him and I don't like to reject others. But I do it when I have to. DREAM LIFE: WOW I LOVE this one! I vaguely remember listening before for a bit and not seeing noticeable changes but I listened last night & it helped me feel more calm and positive about the future & it covers multiple areas. http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-492-dream-life/?showprivate=1 PATIENCE & FORGIVENESS AND MONEY: are two areas I might tackle soon as while I am patient with people, I'm sometimes very IMpatient with life and if things don't seem to manifest "fast enough". So, I could benefit from this! And or one on gratitude. Plus I want to find some really good ones for money, I've been having money drama this year though it might be starting to get resolved. And I need to forgive some people so I can truly have a fresh start.
  22. Athena

    help needed for charisma generator

    Also, with charisma gen, or anything, give it time. Sometimes I get results faster than others. But to reassure you, I DID get some results from charisma generator. I think, well, you have both products, GREAT, you have TWO sets of fantastic tools, go play. But, yes, take your time with. And enjoy :-)
  23. That's really cool and I think you DID manifest that. What you said also reminded me that there was this guy who just wanted sex but at one stage, he also proposed to me, once drunk and then about two days later, sober. To be honest, my thoughts were along the lines of jeez dude, I don't want to MARRY you, i JUST want a FREAKING DATE! I think your attitude is really good too, it's good to be PLAYFUL about this, maybe experimental too, it's a good, easy going and POWERFUL approach to take IMHO.
  24. Athena

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    You manifest a girl like the one in that photo, I'll take that gorgeous guy with her off her hands and out of your way.....deal??! Well, I think focusing too much on one thing like sex, money WHATEVER it is can sometimes cause other areas to suffer. But some people prefer to work on one thing at a time, and others to mix it up a little. Up to you, I guess. Anyway, I hope you find a way to break through. And I really hope this real estate deal pans out really well for you and soon! On the sex thing, there's also that whole thing on sexual transmutation too, if that's something you want to follow, that's another of many possible options.
  25. Athena

    Light's Lifestyle Journal

    Hey! How did a photo of the LONDON UK underground get in here ha ha ha