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  1. Was reading back through your journal a bit. Sorry to hear you were sick before! but so glad you are back on your feet and it sounds like you are doing well and some really good things happening for you, doors opening for you. Happy New Year, Jerry! (Although you'll probably see this late Feb. or something.)
  2. Can you please please please consider doing one for women to approach men cos the men here do NOT approach women (they are pretty reserved) I'd love to have the guts to approach a cute guy when I see one and actually TALK to him!
  3. I've heard about the hypno daddy demons video. and about Mind Power! i wonder, though, if the demons one is a request? Anyway, George Hutton's subs I have no doubts about and I always have found and do find him helpful, professional and I like his subs! Good points about the silent subs! Thanks .
  4. " Basically I've been doing super amazing in a wide range of areas....."Overall, I am doing much better, and more consistently so" So pleased to hear this - great news :-) :-)
  5. She wanted YOU but you pushed her away so she had to pick some other dude, but it was YOU she REALLY wanted and he was like the second choice, the consolation prize (in the dream.) That's my thoughts on it, anyway!
  6. Thank you! I know a big part of why I find this so hard. There is this assumption out there that attraction can be LEARNED for men, but for WOMEN we have to be naturally beautiful enough, and i never feel that I am, plus we keep getting told that (a) well there are so many beautiful models and film and porn stars it's easy to compare to but also there is this whole "beauty doesn't last" thing. And yet women are CONSTANTLY being told that we have to be beautiful enough, which feels disempowering also as skill sets can be learned at any age, but we kept getting told beauty fades with ag
  7. I have an online journal on Penzu. It's totally for me, I don't actually share it with anyone. Sometimes I will put things from it here or vice versa or elsewhere but some of it is just for me. I find it really helpful to see what things DO help me and sometimes it's just good to get my feelings out. Other times it's like a celebration of my progress. I have my journal split into many areas. But I think,no I know, that I want to journal in it more consistently and also I'm pushing myself into getting into pen and paper processes more. Used to love writing things but i had a job where i
  8. This is fantastic and so helpful. Yeah it's gonna have to be slowly as work seems to take over my life and I rarely get to work with men, though I did wonder if one of the other teachers was kinda flirting with me the other day! I love love love what you said, George about at the beginning momentum is more important than results. I am quite smiley and DO smile at guys (sometimes they look afraid when I do though or sometimes I catch guys staring at me on the train and when I look up and see them staring at me they look nervous and look away!) But for me it's that step of introducin
  9. (Copied from my reply on Light's journal and I may add a bit) With the dating thing and the action, I have a question for you. BTW, I asked this guy (I've attracted free coaching, how cool! and my coach set this as one of my tasks, after we talked about it. To ask this guy who 18 months ago said "Go & talk to guys you fancy and I will give you tips on your approach and how to improve and what you do well." The coach said ASK him if he would still do that for you - cos back then not ONLY was I too shy to take him up on that but also I took a one year man break (stupid, stupid idea but
  10. I love what you said about the healing and the reiki and NLP. It encourages me a bit to keep going with the NLP learning (I do love it, it's just making sure i make time to learn. 6 pages of Bandler for me this week! And yes, I wanna learn reiki too. I've been on the receiving end before and literally felt heat from the hands. I loved reading your journal so far, Jerry and I really enjoy the journals feature here a lot and reading how people are going, sharing the journey! I think Terrence Stamp is an awesome actor (that's him in the photo, right?) so it's great to see a photo of h
  11. I mean, hey I DEFINITELY have my OWN lessons to learn and things to work on BELIEVE me. But we'll get there, you know?
  12. I think as well with sex attracting things that I hate to say this, I'm sorry! and it's just my experience but sometimes I've wanted sex and been SO wanting it that I've pushed it away myself, I may have said this before? And then I got like oh sod it I'll just focus on other stuff and then the obstacles that were there some of them disappeared. Although I've got to this point where for various reasons I'M not ready to break my self-imposed celibacy with them. But I went through a stage of oh my gosh, you could have written an American Pie type movie about my sex life. As in, girl REALLY w
  13. LOL you two and George and BOTH kinda like Supermen. Or maybe George is like Ultraman. ha ha ha.
  14. "I know the techniques to dominate people now, but holy shit I am looking for something real and not turning you into my slave! I obv. don't wanna manipulate, or dominate, or any of that." I wouldn't knowing more about that LOL - master, TEACH ME!! I'm actually kinda serious. If these things can be done on men, I think we should talk! Or even if they are things that can be used outside of the love sex thing & would work outside the USA. Things that could be used by a woman too. I'm still learning a few things, but my gosh I am SO CURIOUS if what you know are things that I could use
  15. Anyway, I digress. I'm taking a break from focusing so much on all that stuff anyway and focusing on other areas more but again I just wanted to give you a different perspective there. New subject - hot dayam, ma man! Your results with some of the money subs are so good, really encouraging me there! I just read George's thing about subconscious and conscious (on here, your journal) and checkers and chess and it is JUST what I needed to hear right now! I am SOOOOO gonna be trying some of those money subs!
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