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  1. Was reading back through your journal a bit. Sorry to hear you were sick before! but so glad you are back on your feet and it sounds like you are doing well and some really good things happening for you, doors opening for you. Happy New Year, Jerry! (Although you'll probably see this late Feb. or something.)
  2. Can you please please please consider doing one for women to approach men cos the men here do NOT approach women (they are pretty reserved) I'd love to have the guts to approach a cute guy when I see one and actually TALK to him!
  3. Yes, thank you, Light. Insightful! And Jerry is right, you are very intelligent and it shows.
  4. " Women always think about sex Women wonder how it would be to have sex with you when they look at you Women try to imagine you naked and it arouse them You can feel women arousal in their voice when they talk with you When you look at women, they feel sexual tension rising... Women are always minutes away from having an uncontrollable urge to have sex with you" I'd love to have a romance and dating and girlfriend version of that: Men always think about dating and relationships Men wonder how it would be to have a relationship with you when they look at you Men try to imagine you on a date with them and as their girlfriend and it arouse them You can feel men's emotional and physical attraction in their voice when they talk with you When you look at men, they feel sexual and romantic tension rising... Men are always minutes away from having an uncontrollable urge to ask you out Men are always minutes away from having a uncontrollable urge to ask you to be their girlfriend. Tee hee! ;-)
  5. I've heard about the hypno daddy demons video. and about Mind Power! i wonder, though, if the demons one is a request? Anyway, George Hutton's subs I have no doubts about and I always have found and do find him helpful, professional and I like his subs! Good points about the silent subs! Thanks .
  6. Reading this inspires me to listen more. I DO have the Manifest Men product, is that what is being referred to? I haven't done much with it yet. But I listened to the Ideal Man Generator and I did see more handsome guys around. I've been thinking today, I actually want to learn how to approach guys and initiate conversations. Not just sit back, look pretty, eyef--k them and HOPE they come over!! So I'd love to learn how to do that in a way that doesn't emasculate men or get them thinking you cheap hussy! Anyway, I'm gonna check out the program again, what you have said is really really inspiring me to make the time to listen more. And maybe re-read. Also, I can't remember IS there a bit on approaching men, like a subliminal in there on it? Either way, gonna have another listen and look.
  7. Thank you! I got it just now (amazon.co.uk one as I live in the UK) I don't sell anything but I dunno this just sounds GOOD! And it's by YOU, so!! Great price.
  8. Nobody else has answered YET so I'm gonna add my OPINION....I THINK there are Theta versions of a lot of them and I THINK Theta is more likely to put you to sleep, anything with Theta or Alpha. I can fall asleep to other ones too now, but it took a few days, maybe a week MAXIMUM to be able to train myself to that. And then I fell asleep listening. Now I can fall asleep listening to tracks, if I choose. But Theta or Alpha- based ones - - alpha as in Alpha brainwaves not Alpha topic - - - might help. I wonder if...you could also start with a track whether Alpha/Theta or not ON attracting sleep. Start falling asleep to THAT and then later, throw in different topics, or have others queued up to follow it.
  9. Oh how fantastic. I really want to learn this skill!
  10. http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-9-adhd-relief/ I found this by clicking on blogs, search blogs. You then click "Click here to show." That's a starting point for you. Hugs.
  11. To start with.... I had a quick search for you, the place to look is in "Blogs" and search blogs. And I found this: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 Then you click on "Click here to show" There is an ADHD one there. See my reply, ignore this one. The reply below is a reliable link to it, this is not.
  12. "Athena, that is very interesting insight. Yes this is what they teach women but imho, this is a HUGE mistake. I know no man that wouldn't like a girl even more (wow I just reread and that looks like a weird double negation. I hope it is clear...) after having first night sex with an awesome girl. In fact, I think that in order to have a passionate relation, it NEEDS to start passionately. Upholding sex for months, I think this is unnatural and usually leads to disappointment as the woman doing it has artificially increased her value but the balloon will burst any moment. In contrast, a HIGH QUALITY woman that is confident about all the values she is offering will make it more easier to be authentic and let her feelings talk." Thank you, lano1106!
  13. Hiya. Semi-tech-y question here. I had an iphone 6s and I upgraded to another 6s but with double the memory and it's ios 10. Sooo, I'm wanting to put some of the subliminals onto my phone and listen as I am drifting off to sleep and as I am sleeping, like I used to and just wondering if anyone has any apps to recommend that are good for that? So I could listen without needing to be online. Alternatively is there anyone who listens on their laptop? I worry my laptop might fall off the bed! And I'd need a longer chord but I could get one. Sooo, ideas?? Thanks in advance :-)
  14. Hmm I must try this Instant Alpha Hypnosis (is it gender-neutral?? If not I can explore the Alpha Woman ones more.) It sounds way cool.
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