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  1. One of the most powerful NLP tools you have is to create an associated state, where you look inward to examine your own feelings about a situation and connect yourself to your emotions, rather than disassociating yourself with the situation. To experience positive feelings for a situation you can associate by answering questions like • How do I feel in this situation? • How does this move me? • What is my passion? What are some other questions you need to ponder to help you create an associated state?
  2. Part of the pain of a break up is the feeling of worthlessness. If the other person whom you invested so much of your love/life/time into didn't consider you worthwhile, then maybe you are not. And, this might be the thought in your head that is causing you pain. What are some useful self affirmations that can help you regain your balance? Or what techniques can be used to regain a positive self image, including subliminal hypnosis or suggestion?
  3. Call it fatal attraction or whatever you want, but sometimes there are situations when the wrong person is attracted to you. And, who knows why this happens. Maybe they misunderstood your intentions or just feel especially attracted to your energy or personality. Are there any ways to make it so that only the right people are attracted to you?
  4. What are some common daily distractions that can sabotage a hypnosis session? The first thing that comes to mind would be a ringing cell phone. This could easily jar you out of a meditative state. What are some other things you should be be wary of?
  5. I've often wondered why it's important to be sleepy or half conscious for hypnosis to work. I can understand the notion of tapping into the sleeping mind so that it activates without inhibitions. However, if I'm very drowsy as I do my meditation or am in a hypnosis session, then am I not just as likely to fall asleep? Is it better to be alert? And, if so then does the subconscious mind still become engaged as a result of hypnosis?
  6. I have been trying to find out more about how to perform self hypnosis and read somewhere about a "Best Me Technique" which is a form of hyperempiria, or suggestion-enhanced experience. I don't have any details about this technique or how it's performed and would like to know if it's applicable in my situation or how it's done?
  7. I'm usually the last person on the list that gets cared for. When it comes to others, I have no problem dropping whatever I am doing to run off and take care of them. However, often I will skip meals and sleep and not care for myself. I don't know what this is related to as I don't think that I have ill feelings toward myself. I just feel overwhelmed with time burdens and put myself last as that is most convenient. Now, this is starting to wear on my health and sleep patterns. I would like some advice on how to correct this mode of thinking so that I can put my own well being first so th
  8. Is there a healthy way to maintain a mutually friendly, non-adversarial relationship with your ex boyfriend/spouse/partner? What if there was animosity in the relationship? If you were friends before the relationship began, than hopefully you could go back to that after the stress of the relationship is over. Or, are all relationships that end destined to split apart friendships?
  9. Here are some questions you should be asking of your romantic partner to ensure they are happy. Am I being a good spouse (partner) to you? This one might seem very basic, however it's important to get feedback on the other person's experience. You might think that you are being a good spouse or life partner, while they view their own needs as being unmet. Think of this as the feedback you would get on the job from your employer. What are the ways you most experience or feel love from me or from what I do for you? This reality check will help you understand from your partner's point of
  10. What role do presumptions and assumptions play in affirmations? An assumption or presumption is basically the same as both times you are assuming a 'fact' or idea is true even without proof. Essentially, a positive affirmation requires that leap of faith where you say something and speak it into being even without knowing ahead of time that it's even humanly possibly. For instance, affirmations based on weight loss are often more of wishful thinking. So how do you stay grounded in reality when writing your affirmations without dashing your hopes of positive outcome?
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