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  1. When you think of relationships, you might only think of the romantic variety. However, there are many beneficial business relationships that nurture our finances as well. For instance, some people are really good at finding good business opportunities to finance while others are the idea people. How do I attract positive, helpful money people into my life, such as those people who have finances and are looking for good ideas? Any techniques for attracting money would be useful.
  2. The whole point of an affirmation is to sound and be positive; to encourage and uplift the spirit rather than judging it. However, for some subjects such as weight loss, it's hard not to get judgmental on the self, especially when it comes to not binging on favorite foods. What are some ways that I can positively word a positive affirmation about weight loss without it sounding judgmental to my mind or heart?
  3. I am having trouble sleeping lately and would appreciate some of your best affirmations for getting a more restful night's sleep. Now, I get only about three to four hours sleep (after struggling to sleep for a few hours) and then wake up suddenly with my mind racing. I'm currently worried about some family life situations so maybe this is contributing to my insomnia and lack of good sleep. I just want to be able to rest well so that I can face the situation head on with clear mind. Some help on this matter would be appreciated.
  4. Not everyone who uses affirmations is a religious person. But, do these affirmations work if you don't consider yourself to be spiritual? Do you need to be tuned into the spiritual side of your existence to get benefit from positive affirmations?
  5. Lately, I've been searching for positive affirmations online. I would like to adopt some affirmations and make them my own. However, many of the affirmations that I see online are written in the third person, so I have to rewrite them just to make them applicable to myself. All this tailoring is necessary as I'm the only person who knows the specific situation that I'm in. Still, I wonder if third person affirmations are effective. Maybe these amount to no more than just inspirational quotes. What do you think about that?
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