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  1. Sometimes, we get into personal habits that allow us to automatically go about our day. These habits can be good as suggested before, such as when you are automating the dull parts of your life, whether making dinner or driving home from work. But, for some things such as attending to the details of your life and work, you should be fully awake and engaged, present in the moment. When you are spending time with your family, you must be living in that moment as it is precious and there is no way to get that moment back if you sleepwalk through it. As for any notion that a person could be h
  2. EFT can be a very powerful tool to empower children in harnessing their own developing emotions. Often a child will experience stages of hyper activity that cannot be calmed with just words. By equipping your child with proper EFT techniques (such as soothing affirmations and tapping of acupressure points while deep breathing), you are teaching them important emotion management skills that will help them stay in control even in frightful or uncertain situations. You may want to demonstrate how to perform the tapping on a doll or teddy bear or involve siblings to be EFT buddies.
  3. It might depend on which coach you choose for your EFT training. No one can absolutely guarantee that you won't regress. However, they might be able to work with you over time to help you release negative feelings that would otherwise block your progress forward.
  4. You might be reading positive quotes rather than affirmations. Sometimes, you will see a quote on a meme and this is supposed to give you encouragement but doesn't do much in the way of being an affirmation. Before something can serve you as an affirmation you should personalize it to your own life and situation to address your own needs.
  5. Some things will never be possible. For instance, I'm 5'1" tall and will never be taller, no matter how much wishful thinking I have. However, I can always gain or lose five pounds based on my lifestyle and food choices. I can take better care of myself when I am feeling fully rested. All these things are within my control. It's not wishful thinking to think that I have control over what goes into my mouth; when I sleep or even where I work as I'm the one making the choices about my education. None of this is beyond my control
  6. Part of your need to focus on others has to do with not wanting to disappoint or be rejected. You should value yourself more and work to build your own positive self image so that you are not exhausted by trying to meet so many demands. If you are not well cared for, then how can you be expected to care for others? Take time to say positive daily affirmations that bolster your self worth. Remember that many others are depending on you, so you need to be in peak form. This does not simply involve doing more for others but staying healthy so that others can rely on you in an emergency.
  7. You should focus on self loving rather than loathing statements such as: I love my body I always make the best food choices for my body My food choices nourish my body, mind and spirit so that I have energy for my day I breathe in happiness Just keep your words positive and light and focus on happy sentiments rather than judgmental criticisms of your personal eating or exercise habits. Over time, you will notice a happy change in your eating habits that comes about naturally and without much effort as your brain begins to refocus to conform to your expectations.
  8. These work for me and you might want to give them a try. My positive affirmations for better, more restful sleep. I am releasing my stress and breathing calmly now I am feeling at peace with my day and my mind is resting I deserve to feel this peaceful (all this said while lying down with eyes closed in a meditative state) I feel relaxed and at peace My muscles are perfectly relaxed I release the tensions of my day and allow my mind to rest (especially important if I've had a stressful event during the day that won't leave my mind alone)
  9. Before you can make positive change in your life, you will need to define your expectations. That's just part of the growth process. If you cannot say, 'I want to have more energy!' or "I deserve happiness in my marriage!", then how are you expected to achieve it? Knowing your own mind and heart and acknowledging your needs is an important way to move forward to happiness.
  10. Chasing lost causes is my biggest distraction and feeling guilty over things I do not control. Sometimes, it's easy to fall into the self pity trap, especially when it comes to failed friendships or relationships. This can be a big distraction as it takes time away from living and puts the emphasis on looking in the rear view mirror.
  11. I don't mind doing an occasional favor for a friend or family member so long as they reciprocate the favor when I need help. And, you can easily see which person in your life is willing to help pay you back on favors when you are really in need. If you find someone who is just a user and always wants favors but never gives any, then this is the kind of person to avoid helping out as they are only in it for selfish purposes.@Windows10Geek.com
  12. Here's an NLP presupposition that would greatly assist many in the world and teach tolerance. We don't all believe or think the same way, but when you try to see the other person's point of view and agree they have the right to believe/think as they do (assuming it's not harmful to other humans or living creatures), then we make great strides toward our own growth. Being able to coexist in the world with others of varied religions, cultures and beliefs is essential in our faster than light, internet age where people from all over can meet and congregate in online forums and offline c
  13. Carl Jung once said: One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. And, this might be interpreted to mean that your dark side will insist on making itself known even loved until you provide the acceptance needed. At that point, you will have the option to stay with the dark habits or move on to more productive life choices. When you admit and embrace your dark habits and bring them to light, you allow yourself to see the bad parts that are holding you back. After all, negative habits such as procrastination, commitment pho
  14. Can you give me advice on what body language that I should be using to let a guy know that I'm interested? I don't consider myself to be a very aggressive person when it comes to dating and sometimes waiting for the guy to get the idea that I like him is very tiresome. I feel very shy about saying this. Should I be trying to show a certain body language or is this manipulative?
  15. So many people are afraid of negative feedback and view critisism as failure rather than as the learning opportunity that it really is. When you see, any type of feedback, (not just positive feedback which feeds the ego but does nothing to help it grow), then you will truly be free to flourish to your true full potential. A very popular NLP presupposition reads like this. So why do you think feedback is such a powerful NLP presupposition, something we should be observant and ask for? Skylar Lake @Ebblr.com Linux tutorials and tips
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