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  1. I have to appear for test in march but these days i do not want to study i get distracted easily , i find it boring, whenever i sit for studing at that time only i am not at all interested in studing. infact i dont want to work hard any video for encouraging me to start studing and working hard . is there any way i can use (as in this video) to install/remember /lean and /understand study material as in below video. youtube. com/watch?v=XsQqbc4pZtQ please help
  2. very bad that is part of membership that is no longer available.
  3. thanks so much for your help but I do not have permission for that page. so contacted admin for the same. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart.
  4. is there any video which helps in adhd, increases attention, and creates interests in reading and writing? thanks a million ton in advance
  5. any video on vimeo for mid brain activation
  6. where is the link for high value high status video?
  7. is there any video for alert mind ... to stop mind wandering? to stop distraction? to observer mind to hear all sounds and see every detail consciously and remember all of that? to be present in the moment
  8. thanks to you one more confusion here have I posted it in wrong section or should i post it in video request that would have been appropriate section. I have been searching, this thread under video request. and found it here.
  9. Hi George, Firstly you are wonderful person and thankyou for everything you have given and are giving. God Bless you. May I Request? Though I am not a paid member here. I want it for my kid let it be for both boy and girls so that everyone can use it if they want to I want 1 video only so that he .. 1) is a good student 2) is friendly and charming 3) complete work in school and do not day dream or chat in class and do not get distracted 4) take care of his belongings 5) don't get angry and do not abuse 6) love book reading and enjoy it 7) love, like writing 8) stop watching excess t.v. 9) and control mind wandering is it possible in one video or I am asking too much? will be grateful if you can also provide list of affirmations, so that I can make him read those too. Thankyou.
  10. I was thinking of the same thing but 6 videos parallel was the sound clear?
  11. hey guys please post your experience and what does mixing videos means? paying simultaneous on different track or in a series one after another?
  12. thanks 200 I meant many will stick to one category combine all of them on a different track and listen them thanks
  13. Hi, always a different school of thought exists. I am not an expert but new in this game I understand one thing affirmations we believe subconsciously will work, will work. and affirmations we believe won't work will not work and most importantly affirmations changes our belief system.. problem with us human is we want to win EVERYTHING , and that also INSTANTLY words do have power subconsciously, every time we can not accept quick results but believe me words do something ... inside ... example := with closed eye imagine a yellow lemon in your palm, feel its skin , texture, smell it, cut it, and squeeze it in your mouth all in your imagination as if you are doing now. does this trick your mind ? if this works, every word works..., negative or positive. choice is ours where we want to go. one more example, when we meet someone and he/she tells us that we are looking tired ( it's not a reality) we will ignore it. for once and when we listen same statement from others, we will start believing it and we start feeling tired. George is authority in this and he can only educate us. how we can make all affirmations work and give results .. i think we should accept positive outcome of affirmations and be thankful for it. best wishes
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