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  1. How do i reframe with sleight of mouth the following.ITs to expensive, im to busy, i don`t have the time, i have a boyfriend. THe hirearchy of criteria, Don`t you think that you could get a lot more value for paying a higher price Don`t you think that making some time for this or that will make you a lot happier Don`t you think that if you give more time you`ll have more time? The last one i have no ideea. THe consequence pattern iF YOU DOn`t pay more you`re probably not gonna have much out of it Thinking that you are to busy is self fufilling profecy wich will tend to repeate it
  2. Can hypnosis help you if youre lazy and without motivation?You now you have do to something to earn some money but you don`t do it you keep prostponing it even though you have all reasons to do it like you need the money do go on a trip or something like that.
  3. Hello, Is it true that you can get in any level of politcs if you know NLP really good? Thank you
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